Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We are past, present & future

Where to begin?
The temperature is minus eight Fahrenheit (minus twenty-two Celsius) and the snow in the backyard is six inches deep. The sky is overcast; no stars to be seen.
I stood outside in this tonight as 2013 became history and 2014 was born. I was listening to music. I will not say which music. My last drink of the old year and my first drink of the new year was Benedictine. I still can taste it on my lips. Nectar of the gods.
A minute before midnight, a series of gunshots could be heard to the east. The distinct sound of a handgun. A minute after midnight, the voice of a man could be heard in the distance shouting, "Happy New Year." Twice. A minute later the sound, but not the sight, of skyrockets bursting began to the southwest.
Where to end?
Probably, by paraphrasing journalist Jimmy Breslin, who, when he was a young man, had a reputation of being a heavy drinker and was asked what his plans were for New Year's Eve. I cannot recall the exact quote, but his reply was to this effect: "I will be staying at home. We professionals leave one night a year for the amateurs."
Maybe, in 2014, I will start behaving like my own manner of professional again. Make of that what you will.
So, to continue resolutions for the New Year:
To exercise twice a day at least five days a week. It is time to get back into fighting shape. Winter might as well serve some useful purpose. (We shall see how long this one lasts.)
To cut down on my whining. Essentially, I am a lucky guy, and I should act like one.
But, by the same token, never to forget the past nor to allow it to slip away. We must be (should be) realists about our lives, about both the good and the bad which impact us. Things we did and what learned during 2013 and years past are part of what will shape us in 2014, whether we wish them to or not.

Notice, there are no photographs, no art, no paintings here. This post was not planned. While I was standing outside, I decided to write down what it was like for me tonight, and, later, further decided to post some of those feelings. And, beyond that, I believe the music speaks for itself.

I think there will be more resolutions in a few days .... to be continued, again .... Happy New Year ....

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