Monday, November 4, 2013

No words, no music .... just weekend views


Fram Actual said...

Well, maybe just a few words in the form of an opening comment about the changing "face" of the house. The first photograph was taken mid-morning on Saturday and the second photograph was taken not long after sunrise on Sunday.

There would have been a third photograph had not the wrong siding been delivered. I had to stop a five-man crew from working and send them home about 9:30 a.m. on Sunday after I noticed the error. I do not know yet who to blame -- the contractor or the building materials supplier -- but, this will cost me further delays. How long a delay, I will not find out until some time on Monday (I hope).

Whether to laugh or to cry or to loudly curse, that is the question in this particular matter. In any event, the road I have been on the past few years is a mystery to me. I have a tendency to believe there is a reason for everything that happens to us. And, I can see no logic or pattern to my life at the moment. The real question is whether things that happen to us which seem contrary to our outward plans are caused by internal wishes/desires/thoughts or by external forces. Who or what controls our destinies?

So, the face of the house changes. Does mine change with it? Is it reflecting me or am I reflecting it? Or .... what ??

ANITA said...

Goodmorning Fram:)Its a nice house and I like it when its white.Destiny.I dont know but I belive people you meet .is there for a reason bad or good.Its you choice what you do with life although all the possibillities is there for you.You can choose to travel.You can choose to be home .You choose. Mr.
Remember u only live once.What would you think was the most important for you?Fram.We can talk about this forever but still not knowing anything about our desteny.I wish you a happy weekend.We are down with a bad flu here in Bergen.Nice post:))Greetings!

its_me_in_montana said...

Personally, I would have sworn. One simple SOB, and I'm pretty much over the anger. Then I can focus on a solution. Works best if it is in the moment. So, I'm thinking it is a little late for you to swear.

I did think the brown siding with black trim was a bit "dark", even for Fram. Hope you get the right siding soon. Would love to see pics.

It's sunny and cold here in my part of Montana. No real snow yet, just a dusting. Have a good day Fram.

Fram Actual said...

Everything you say is true, Anita. We have free will and the power of choice. No matter what road we find ourselves walking along, we have the ability to leave it and to turn in another direction when we come to a crossroad. But, we also have responsibilities and obligations, and if we leave a certain road before the time is right, it might weigh on our conscience, it might come back to haunt us.

In most respects, I have absolutely zero patience, but, for whatever inexplicable reason, I do have it when I am hunting and I also have a conscience which torments me relentlessly.

Life and decision-making is a risk. Sometimes, we risk losing because we wait too in making a decision. That is part of the process which goes hand-in-hand with free will.

Thank you, for giving me a breath of fresh air this evening and for awakening my mind.

Fram Actual said...

I suspect I am in the process of losing my marbles entirely, Boni, and this house business is just one more ingredient an invisible chef has stirred into the mix to ensure I am unable to escape this period of my life with my sanity. Civilization is infuriating, and I think individuals who are used car salesmen, building contractors and politicians usually are the worst of the worst in terms of integrity. If this does not make sense, it is because nothing else does, either, for me, at the moment.

The "brown" photograph shows the house with "backing," the material which goes on first in the exterior wall of a residence. The other photograph shows the "wrap," the next step in the process. The third photograph, which would have shown the actual new siding, is missing because the wrong siding was delivered. The actual new siding will be white, if the width I selected ever arrives to be installed. Right now, I have no idea when the third photograph will appear.

Among my favorite memories of Montana is one of a bar in Wolf Point which absolutely always had a poker game going on in a back room. Whenever you leave a comment for me, it brings back thoughts of my own time in Montana.

Thank you, for stopping by to see me.

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