Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No words, no music .... just a Monday view


ANITA said...

Nice house and nice car:))))


Greetings Norway!

Fram Actual said...

Surprise .... two of them, actually. One for me in the form of a comment from you, Anita. It has been some time since your last. And, one for you in that I added a second photograph since you were here. I am not sure why I did add another, but now I have one looking at the house from the street and the one you saw, looking at the house from the neighbor's front yard.

After more than three months of waiting since the storm damaged the house, a crew finally arrived to reshingle the roof and the "barn" in the back yard. The garage door is new, too. I sort of like it.

Hopefully, before too long, new steel siding will be on the house, as well. The house will look no different really from what it does now, but the exterior will be new.

I followed your link and watched five of "your favorites." There, I saw birds which were totally unknown me, which, I guess, was still another surprise for me.

Thank you, Anita, for coming to visit me.

A Cuban In London said...

Sometimes those are the best posts! :-)

Greetings from London.

Gert Jan Hermus said...

It looks like you're busy rebuilding or redecorating your home. I am curious about the results ;-)

Greetings to you from the Netherlands,

ANITA said...

Do you live there all alone?

Fram Actual said...

Hmmmm .... I am uncertain if you are a critic or a comic today, CiL.

Either way, thank you, for the visit, and rest assured I will take your words under advisement and render a verdict in due course.

Fram Actual said...

There would be no work in progress had it not been for storm damage in August, Gert Jan. I decided to toss several thousand dollars into repairs and renovation, hoping it will bring me a profit in the future.

I am putting new shingles and new steel siding, soffits and fascia on the house, getting a new garage door, and replacing the roof and other features on a screened patio in the back. And, my barn in the back yard has gotten new shingles and will be repainted. In reality, the house will look no different on the outside from its appearance now, but it will be completely new.

Thank you, for checking up on me.

Fram Actual said...

By myself? All alone?

Well, sort of, but it depends upon if you count Ashley, the gardener; Denise, the chauffer; Roxie, the housekeeper; Sandy, the cook; and Tinkerbelle, my personal secretary.

Of course, I live alone, Anita. How else would a playboy live?

I am glad to see you here again.

ANITA said...

Hah hah :-) :-) :-) :-)

Something special ....