Saturday, April 13, 2013

A (sort of) vision of two handguns

No matter what anti-gun, elitist fear-mongers would tell you, American gunners come in all shapes and sizes and colors and sexes and ages. Here is another from among the circle of people who are part of my immediate world. She is firing a Browning Challenger pistol. Notice the safety glasses, the hearing protectors, the absolutely perfect grip for holding a handgun when firing it in a controlled situation. This is the type of handgun which is used mostly for target shooting. There is an "old" saying which goes like this: "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." Essentially, it is true. A thousand laws preventing ownership of guns will only keep them from honest citizens. Outlaws -- criminals by definition -- do not obey laws and will obtain guns no matter how many laws are on the books. And, these same laws may well leave honest citizens disarmed and unprotected against criminals. And, unlike many anti-gunners, I do speak from real-life occupational and personal experience.

A follow-up about a wartime pistol

Some few of you might recall that I placed a post here on February 24 about a pistol and its accompanying holster. I was seeking, inquiring and searching for information about the man who carried it during World War II. The pistol was a Browning Model 1922, and bore hallmarks of the German military.

Among the words I wrote then were these: "If no one does (contact me with information), then I will look for another branch in the road ..... Let us see if the steps continue, if the story evolves. Or not."

If you wish more background information than that, you can always read or re-read the post.

It was no surprise to me that I had no responses to the post, so I took "another branch in the road" and walked it by myself. The result was this: I have identified the original "owner" of the pistol. I know he was in the German Luftwaffe. I know his name, when and where he was born, and when and where he died. I know a few other things as well, but the only other one I will mention is this. He died in March 1945, less than six weeks before the war ended.

There is a saying to the effect that no one wants to be the last soldier killed in a war.
Whether it makes sense or not, it bothers me a great deal that the man who carried this pistol was among the last in that war. There are many things that bother me which I find it best to keep to myself except when in the company of close friends and six drinks (or more) have loosened tongues. I once collected handguns used by famous fictional characters in novels. It is not so easy to own a pistol carried by an actual man killed in a war.

World War II might seem like ancient history to many, but, to me, who has had ancestors in every American war since the Civil War and who has slept in many places which once-upon-a-time were battlefields during the Plains Indian Wars, it is only the blink of an eye in the past -- just a glance over my shoulder in the distance.
That is the way it will be with this story other than to say that I hope to visit the cemetery where this man rests in the not too distant future, just as I visited both Allied and Axis cemeteries at Normandy a few years ago. It is a measure of trying to understand why we are what we are .... from both the inside and the outside.

Do you think that would make me happy, he asks, with a smile on his lips?


Daliana Pacuraru said... and their guns...

Where is your spring, Fram?
Where are all our friends, here?

I wish you all my best from Romania!

Fram Actual said...

You startled me, Daliana. It has been so long since there has been a comment on my page that I thought it was my imagination when I saw your words here.

Well, as for Spring, seasons are only man-made dates on a calendar, so, I guess, I do have Spring. As for actual Spring weather, as is written in Ecclesiastes, "Men go and come, but Earth abides," and it appears Earth prefers a Winter wonderland over Spring flowers in my world.

As for friends, you know my thoughts in that regard. For the most part, they "go and come," too. It is a fascinating phenomenon.

Thank you, for your presence and your words.

ANITA said...

Any body home here?

Fram Actual said...

Two points, Anita:

First, you ask a question to which, most likely, there is no correct answer.

Second, Fram Actual remains in hibernation. Almost two feet of snow fell just to the south of him three or four days ago, and even more to the north.

Nice to see you again.

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