Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pathways of a wandering mind

Just in case the land sinks into the seas followed by the oceans drawn up into the heavens tomorrow (the Mayan calendar, you might recall), I decided the last photograph on my page before this catastrophic event would be one of what I love best (well, sort of best) -- woodlands and water -- during the season I prefer. This photo was taken last July several minutes after sunset. Just to taunt and to tease, it was not taken in Minnesota, I might add. In fact, it was not even taken in the United States. Hmmmm .... still another mystery for you to contemplate. Although the technical quality of the photo is, of course, dismal, the view conveys my image of the Earth as it would be if the Garden of Eden actually did exist today. And, if you think it is easy, try your own hand at taking a photo in a boat moving at high speed in open water well after dusk.

Our days -- yesterday, today & tomorrow

Your new day is about to begin; my old day is about to end.

Are we any different or any better off or any worse off than we were a few hours ago? Well, I do not think that I am, anyway.

A bill came from my attorney, so I am a few dollars poorer, but not really any different.

I have been thinking about you, wondering about you. And, as you certainly must know, I also have been thinking about myself and wondering about myself.

I think that I have lived a while and have learned much and seen much and experienced much, but tomorrow a piece might fall off from an aircraft, crash through my roof and smash me like a bug. Is it an unexpected end we wait for rather than to hold hands today?

When I walk across my yard, I wonder how many bugs and ants or other forms of life I might have stepped upon and killed. Silly? Idiotic? Ridiculous? Some people believe life is not random. Some people believe this Judeo-Christian doctrine: "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." (Genesis 1:26, King James version.)

Uffff .... Just stand clear from me with any plans of "dominion."

Life is random, death is random; life is, I believe, futile, except for our emotions and our feelings and our defiance toward it. There have been times I have stood in the midst of a storm -- those made by Nature and those made by man -- and screamed in defiance into it. Yes, I really have. (He said with a smile and a sense that the world was mad.) I have never felt better about living than I did in those moments when the end could have been, but was not.

I am rambling. I am not sure if this is a note to you or simply my fingers moving across a keyboard. As I have written before, every bit of knowledge I possess resides in my fingers -- not in my mind, my head, my brain. Every part of my body knows more about me and about the world around me than do my mind, my head, my brain. My mind, my head, my brain form a road which leads nowhere.

The name of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wandered through my reality a few days ago. My favorite quote from the master is this: "A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days."

My interpretation of those words is this: Beware the Wolf in Winter.

You said something?

I wonder who I am
I wonder where I am
I wonder who I have been
I wonder where I am going
I wonder who I will be
I wonder why I am
I wonder why I wonder
To wonder
Becomes boring after a while.


ANITA said...

its very beautiful Fram :)Al together :)))

Bitch said...

Great words and the MUSIC is fabulous!!!

GOING DOWN and after all why not (endlich)!!!

Fram Actual said...

Well, thank you, Anita. I am glad you came to visit me and I am glad you liked my post.

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Monika. Bruce Springsteen has some great songs, and I think this is one of his best. And, of course, my words are always great!

ANITA said...

…………*./ | \ .*
………, • '*♥* ' • ,
……. '*• ♫♫♫•*'
….. ' *, • '♫ ' • ,* '
….' * • ♫*♥*♫• * '
… * , • Feliz' • , * '
…* ' •♫♫*♥*♫♫ • ' * '
' ' • . Navidad . • ' ' '
' ' • ♫♫♫*♥*♫♫♫• * ' '

ANITA said...

Happy christmas Fram the Great!!If you dont do any post!!wish you all good!!Alots of warm thoughts to you and your family:)

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Anita.

I hope Santa Claus brings you and your son the gifts of your dreams, and that the two of you have a very Merry Christmas.

Dmitry Voevodin said...

Поздравляю с Рождеством Христовым! В этот светлый праздник хочу пожелать мира и спокойствия в вашем доме, добра, взаимопонимания, достатка, любви, счастья, душевного равновесия, успехов во всех начинаниях, побольше радости, крепкого здоровья и всех благ! Пусть оправдываются все ожидания и сбудутся самые заветные мечты!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wind said...

I stay here in front of my Christmas tree waiting for Santa to come, for celebrating the Birth of the Hope, reading your post...
I wander why you have no books published? Why you are not a big writer with all the libraries in the world full of your titles...I wonder...
Wonderful magical words, Fram...but you know that! I will be back!

Fram Actual said...

That is a magnificent Christmas salutation, Dmitry. I do not think I can match it, so I will say thank you, Merry Christmas, and may health and prosperity be companions for you and for those in your life who you love and treasure during the coming new year.

Fram Actual said...

Oh, Daliana. Your words are the ones which seem magical to my psyche, but the images they create are like clouds growing ever more distant as I travel along a path toward the end of the Earth.

I think the simplest answer is that I do not have patience, I do not have discipline, I do not have luck in this sense, and, probably, I do not have the talent. Perhaps, even arrogance is a meaningful word in this matter, although it might seem illogical. Perhaps, too, life was too exciting for a number of years to stop long enough to put words on paper, and there seems no reason to do it now. Thank you, though, for the good thoughts.

Bitch said...

Dear Fram!
I hope, that you have some wonderful days filled with joy!!
These days we are all recalling our memories when we were children..

Thinking of you, dear friend!!

Kaya said...


I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I wish you that this new coming year would be the best year for you ever.

I wish that this year would be a year of health, happiness and prosperity for you.


Wind said...

Merry Christmas, Fram!
Say ' Hello' to Santa from Romania!

Fram Actual said...

Yes, it is true, Monika. This is the time of the year when our thoughts most linger on our childhoods and on Christmases past. There are some Christmas events from my boyhood which are so clear in my mind that they seem to have happened just yesterday. Perhaps, they still are happening somewhere in time.

To you, I send my Christmas greetings and my wishes that your days be filled with happiness and joy.

Fram Actual said...

Well, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, as well, Kaya.

Thank you, for your wish of the best year ever for me. And, I think a year of health, happiness and prosperity would indeed go a long way toward making that wish become reality. I send this same incantation from me to you so the coming year will be special for both of us.

Fram Actual said...

Merry Christmas, Wind. I hope Christmas Day was delightful for you.

I have to confess that I am drinking a Tom and Jerry with Santa Claus at this very moment. He is running a bit behind schedule this year, and needed a bit of magic elixir to strengthen his resolve. Of course, his last stop has been with me for a number of years now. It seems he always needs a bit of magic elixir when his mission has been completed and he is making the dash for home. The reindeer know the way, so it works out well. He returns your greeting with a wave and a smile.

Something special ....