Monday, August 13, 2012

View while walking down the aisle

When one walks through the doors and enters a gun shop which he has not visited for a couple of decades (living here and there and elsewhere and everywhere during the interim), one is not exactly sure what he will find there. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I found on such an occasion last week. Those who know me here on this blog are aware that I am in love with firearms the way some men are in love with automobiles or fishing gear, and that I not only enjoy owning them and firing them, but I like to work on them and to modify them and to repair them. I went to this particular gun shop looking for parts for an antique shotgun I recently purchased. You can only imagine what a feast for my eyes this sight offered to me. Yes, this is one aisle I walked down with a great deal of pleasure and no trepidation.


EstelleAnita said...

nice fram..i think i almost can smell the good smell of the guns...

i envy you!!we dont have nothing like that in my country.

about comments and so on..i needed to be alone..i soon open up again ..when the sky is clear and no worries around..

see you..

Fram Actual said...

There is a fundamental difference in the philosophy of gun ownership in America from most other countries, Anita, but even here the rules, regulations, laws and red tape have increased dramatically during my life time.

That said, I do not think the regulations will get much more rigid anytime soon because so many units of government make endless dollars from taxes and fees involving the sale and ownership of firearms, ammunition, licenses and related equipment.

To bar the sale and ownership of guns, governmental units would be shooting themselves in the foot, figuratively speaking, because the first commandment of bureaucracy is to find new ways to raise and to add taxes and fees.

Yes, the scent of firearms and gun powder is the fragrance of freedom. It is invigorating.

Wind said...

I hate guns...sorry Fram!
I have in my mind fresh memories about Romanian revolution. It was a terrorist act against normal people.
Ceausescu our dictator was shot then (I would have preferred to be judged instead being killed). Eh , anyway, in Bucharest, next to my house, the people fought against an invisible enemy, they have been killed, shot, mutilated.....
I remember that clearly.
I hid in the basement for a week, but I remember the sound of the guns and the smell of the death....
I don't like guns because of that!

Fram Actual said...

Your viewpoint is perfectly logical and understandable, Wind, and I am sure there are many more men and women who feel the way you feel about firearms than those who feel the way I feel. It is heartbreaking that Romanians had to experience a violent revolution and that you, personally, had to live through the turmoil and destruction that you witnessed.

I would not try to convince you to feel or to think otherwise, but I will say one thing: In essence, guns are nothing more than tools. Many are used for hunting; many are used for recreational target shooting; many are used for criminal activity; many are used for law enforcement; many are used for military or paramilitary operations. It is the people who use firearms who make the choices how they are used or misused. The good or the evil is in men, not in guns. It is for that reason I am glad that I own a few.

EstelleAnita said...

Hei wind!!iam glad u show a sign from yourself..i was begiining to worrie..3 weeks since you did something and so on..on your blog..

about must b e an awful experience you had have all my sympathy..i really really can feel that horror scene..uffff..

about me and guns..i have alittle experience with it..only shooting a little..but i was told to stay away of that things since it had an immediatly strong selfconfidence in the gun is controling me and not see..?any way..we are not used with guns in my country..even the police dont have if you want a gun there is alot of stress to getting it..and maintain it.. a had a lot of trouble with my acount since itz going on to google+ no..after some hours i deleted the whole old account came back..

well so iz life here..nothing much more to say..gonne go to work es la work sleep eat and shit..not much love..dont have time,,to one interest me.only friends..see you along fram and wind!good weekend§

Wind said...

Hello Anita, Fram!
I am here...watching you...he he

Well just a little lack of inspiration, Anita! I don't like to post only to have activity on my blog.
I know that blogs are made only to exchange comments, but for me is much more than that.It is a journal of my feelings and even it is public I am not very interested to be seen by a lot of people. Thank you for your worries, Anita. Thank you very much!

Well, are you?
When I was little my favorite character was Winettou. So, my grandfather gave me a bow and a gun made by himself. Did I mention that my grandfather fought in the World War 2 in 1944? In Russia.

Have a good day, Fram & Anita!
See you soon!

Fram Actual said...

I have not studied the recent history of the Scandinavian countries, Anita, so they are a bit of a mystery to me. All I know is that while I would like to visit Norway, I could not live there: To few firearms and too many fish on the dinner plate.

Specifically about guns, bad things happen no matter how deep the anti-firearms sentiment and how strict the anti-gun laws. A vivid example is the massacre of nearly one hundred people in Norway only a year ago.

While this is not the time for a debate about guns, I am most glad you entered into the discussion.

Fram Actual said...

Well, Wind, you have brought to me a world I did not know existed: That of "Winnetou" and "Old Shatterhand."

And, by coincidence, a horse named "Wind." You have made me curious, and now I will not be content until I have done a bit more research and read a book or two about these characters.

By the way, I always have wanted a "drilling" -- a double-barrel rifle -- but never could justify the high cost.

I seem to recall you have mentioned that your grandfather fought in World War II, but never in any real detail. I would have loved to have heard some of his stories. To have been in Russia in 1944 would have been to be on the most dangerous ground on earth. I really do think most men of that generation were made of steel, while most men of the last two generations are made of plastic.

By the way, I still have two bows, but I have not shot them for several years. It might be time to buy a few bales of hay and put them up next to the red barn out back.

EstelleAnita said...

Hei Wind!you are very interesting!.I had to google that book of Karl Mey.I have never heard of it..but i will try to find some more about it.This is what i like..friends sthat gives one inspiration..soo your grand father fought in the second world war?you have many big things in your self wow man!think of sitting down and listen to all those true stories from the past..i love it..!

Yes..of course i react when someone i am used to see is not there for have a beautiful blog..very good photoes.but as i does not live by photoes alone..he must have other things too..

i agree with is not to post multiply posts..just to get is personal ...when i think of what i have post lately..its from my subcontios..i mean when judith beheaded holofernes by Caravaggio..i sure was metaphoring something common in my life..had to do something that was badfor me for things to come may not understand this..i know it is has to be a proffesor in Psyke hahahaahahha

ok i hope you find inspiratin soon!!have a very good saturday!!

EstelleAnita said...

Goodmorning Fram.

Living in both good and bad..i could tell you inside information you would not belive about my country and how they treat people..

too much fish on the plate??hahahhaha

you are like my son!!he HATES Fish!!ohh nooo not again he says..all those i have always to remove every single bone fronm the fish..

i love fish..but also like a good hamburger..nom nom!!

22.july .Can you belive Anders Bering lives as a king in his prison????boy man!!he can have internet all that he wants!i think the norwegian judge are to kind..and we are very interesting what the penalty will be for him..

rigt now the cheaf of the police department has to go and many more because of the happinings that day 22.july..they reacted too slow..and the happening could be they send all the police to summer holiday!!where was and are the police???they are not in the streets..they gave 22 millons to the nknow who got the money??Not the working police but the know..the paper people..(sorry bad english)

i say the polictics of norway is a bunch of ADEL people..kings and queens!!!things must change but we have nothing to replace themm..all the young upcoming politicans was killed you Bering.

ok..enough of that.i have finished my work for the weekend and have free to monday.Slept badly.Awake thousand times..And it raining raing rainging!

gonne clean my house and begin knitting again.Very boring you say???heheheh..well so is life.most days are boring.

seee you soon good friend :)

Fram Actual said...

One of the absolutes in the field of theoretical physics, Anita, is that I would starve to death in short order if fish were the only thing in/on the earth to eat.

As for a boring life, it is the ultimate destiny for everyone who is not self-delusional.

EstelleAnita said...



you have such great answers!!!hahahha

ohh my god!!in a few simple words you express yourself good.
ok..i need more of that coffe to wake up..

ehh..are you soon posting something new?
a very good sunday hug over the big oseanna :)

Fram Actual said...

Well, thank you, for the compliment, Anita.

At this exact moment, I am not sure when I will post again. I am not very "talkative" these days -- a brooding Norwegian, you know.

EstelleAnita said...

hahahahha!!your like me!!!!!

i dnt want to talk to nobody!!like greta garbo in Iwanne be alone!!

ok..what a foggy bad weather we have wonder we are depressive people..and friday comes the doom of anders brevig..wonder what he will get of a punishment..probably nothing...

well see you soon..i have to work nights and tomorrow..but itz good !


EstelleAnita said...

Boo hoooo!!!!!

noen hjemme?????

★MaRiBeL★ said...

●Feliz Fin De Semana●

EstelleAnita said...


EstelleAnita said...

think you hv been away to long now..busy with lady stuff??ai ai ai..i dreamt about you yesterday.thaz why i thought of you..very nice dream..gave me good feeling today!
hope everyting iz good with you!!

u know what happened to me.. got serious virus problems on my computer..those workms and trojanz..ohhmmy god they deleted everthing on my computer..But thank god too microsoft support..all iz good now..and i got a firwall and northon free anti virus ..good..also have changed to google+ that new site..well i had to cause google is closing up more google from september this year..
so now.we have endless fog and rain..but you know what?I kind of like it.i like when the cold winds is kissing my face.refreshing!!

well..hope you say something soon..i mean it takes you 5 miutes to say hello..i am fine!!to all your friends .

yeapp..see if you have not lost your shine!!

a big hug to you wherever u r!))

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