Friday, August 3, 2012

View through a looking glass

Do Wind and Wave ever meet, ever merge, or do they always rush on past each other with no direction of their own, driven only by the forces of Nature to control and to guide them? It appears Claude Debussy had a musical answer to the question. Hmmmm. Moving right along, what do we have here? Another mystery photograph, it would seem, taken only a few days ago of an unknown woman on an unknown beach by an unknown sea. Is she waving? Or, is she beckoning? To borrow a few lines from the lyrics of the song, "Beyond the Sea:"

Somewhere beyond the sea,
Somewhere, waiting for me,
My lover stands on golden sands ....

It's far beyond a star,
It's near beyond the moon,
I know beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon.

We'll meet beyond the shore,
We'll kiss just as before.
Happy we'll be beyond the sea ....


Bitch said...

Dear Wind!
Did I ever thank you for your so serious comments?
So thank you!!
To your question... I think that wind and waves are going side by side.
Without the wind, there is no wave. Isn't it?
Your photograph with a woman waving is very beautiful and atmospheric.
Standing alone in the water and waving to nobody, or (we cannot see)..Did you took it?

Claude Debussy yes but..
I love "Clair de lune"!

Well, my dear, wish you a nice weekend. Whatever you are doing...

Hugs !!!!!!

Fram Actual said...

Fram Actual said...
Yes, I believe you have said "thank you" a time or two, Monika. But, it is always nice to hear the words, and I will return them to you: Thank you, for your comments here, which are always interesting and enjoyable to read.

Yes, I agree with you that Wind and Waves are companions, and equal in power and importance.

As for the photograph, that is a mysery photograph, and always will be so. (At least, that is my assumption at this point in time.)

"Clair de Lune" certainly is a beautiful work and better known than "La mer -- Dialogue between wind and waves," but the endless sea better fits my mood and my temperament on most days. It also fit the theme of the photograph best for this post.

Wind said...

Hey, Fram....
I know that you are a writer, a wolf,
a poet, a seaman, a knight, a Bachelor of Arts....and sometimes it is difficult to follow your thoughts.

The sea is The Sea...and it's waves invite us to feel and to see the mood of The Wind...As waves grow in height, the wind pushes them along faster and higher. Waves can become unexpectedly strong and destructive.But where is the Moon? And it's silver path...riding passions wet and full
splashing waves of heightened thrill moving from night into the day from crescent to lunar full?(it is a poem Fram...isn't it?)

Well...that she waving? she beckoning? Hmmmm...I don't know...Let me think....

Fram Actual said...

Hmmmm, as I have become prone to say over and over again. These things you mention are all in the past, Wind, as I, myself, am part of the past.

There is a phenomenon I noticed on Lake Superior. I might be canoeing on a windless day with the water dead calm and The Lake glass smooth. Abruptly, there would be ripples, then waves, then rolling water and, within a matter of minutes, five- or six-foot waves would be rising and falling. The air still might be breathless, without the immediate presence of wind. What was happening?

Well, the waves were created by a storm -- by a very strong wind -- hours ago and hundreds of miles away, on the other side of The Lake. "The Wind" had created "The Waves," then turned them lose or set them free or banished them. The Waves were part of the past, although they still existed in the present.

So, a poem or a riddle? Hmmmm, I wonder.

I need to think more about The Moon.

Oh, yes. The girl in the photograph. She is simply waving to someone who is the remnant of a storm from her past, but who still exists in her present.

TheChicGeek said...

Actually she is holding onto a string. Maybe she is drunk and needs support to stand :-)
maybe she was practicing her high-wire act and has fallen onto the shore :(

At any rate, the sea looks very calm with not a breeze in sight, and, of course being part mermaid myself, I do adore the song :-)
Splish-splash off I go into the magical sea.
Wishing you a Happy Day, Fram :-)
Big smile, hugs, kisses and best wishes to Fram the Mystery Man!

Fram Actual said...

The tide comes in, the tide goes out, and one never knows what the tide may leave behind.

Well, I am glad it left you behind today, Kelly. You can be a beachcomber here for a while, at least until you become restless and decide it might be time to go native and roam the isles of Hawaii once again.

As for the young lady in the photograph, one can never tell what she might do next or where she might go next, so your guess is as good as any.

Yes, the song. I like the original Bobby Darin version, but I am afraid I must choose Frank Sinatra's rendition as my favorite. I wonder how Sinatra would have done with a rock and roll band.

Thank you, for the smile, the hugs, the kisses and the wishes, Kelly, and may you have many happy days to come.

Kelly J. Call said...

I was teasing with my comment. And yes, one never knows where the wind will blow :-)

As for Sinatra, anything he put his voice to was pure magic and I'm sure rock and roll would be no different for him. That would have been something to see. Too cool for school as they say :-)

Big Hug :-)

Kelly J. Call said...

Ooops, posted under the wrong
There goes my cover :-)

Wind said...

Far, far away there is someone or something that deserves a sign from can see in the photo...
Maybe is the Sea, is a man, or only the hope (or The Hope)....
What bothers me most is the rope that sits between the girl and her freedom.... although she does not seems disturbed by any obstacle.
Let me think more....
Ok, Fram....I wish you a great day...
My best regards from Romania!

Fram Actual said...

She goes away as The Chic Geek and reappears as Kelly J. Call. The transformation seems rather formal, as if I should now refer to you as Ms. Call when I address you.

So, you were teasing, were you, Kelly? I always thought you were completely serious about everything. Just like I always thought anyone sailing west from California would fall off the end of the earth. Tell me. Is that true? About the end of the earth, I mean?

One of these months, I fully expect to see you back sailing on the sea of blogs. Actually, I am surprised you are not already back.

Fram Actual said...

A couple of thoughts regarding your observations, Wind.

To begin, this girl, this woman, is about as free as anyone in the world. Nothing binds her, ties her down or constricts her movements. Perhaps, even, the rope is a guardian against outside, unfriendly forces coming from the sea and reaching her.

Next, I believe you are right in the sense that she is giving a sign for someone. She is saying, I am here, where I wish to be, and all is well.

Finally, if we were to publish a photograph of her taken today, the water would look colder, deeper, harsher, as the setting changes from southern seas to northern oceans.

Nothing like a bit of mystery, is there?

EstelleAnita said...

Nice post Fram.And photo. .Free and happy that photo is.Tthanx for sharing.


Fram Actual said...

Well, thank you, Anita. I have been wondering where you have been hiding. I have stopped by some of your posts, and tried to leave a comment at two of them a few days ago, but, apparently, you have put them under a "team members only" sort of restriction.

Yes, free and happy are good words to describe the photograph.

Something special ....