Wednesday, July 25, 2012

View from a windshield at 84 mph

This ain't the German autobahn or a Montana country road, and I have heard they drive faster there. But, I am not so sure they pull a boat three or four or five times larger than the vehicle that is pulling it when they race down the road. I was slipping and sliding around eight-five miles-per-hour (mph) along the highway a few days ago when I passed this boat and the pick-up truck pulling it. Its speed would have been between seventy-five and eighty. I do not think I would care to pull a boat like that -- its name was Cindy Lou, incidentally -- at a speed like that. But, I am beginning to miss my Mustangs and my Audi and to think I need a faster car than my typically suburbanite Mercury Sable. By the way, for New Yorkers and Los Angeles-types, this is an interstate highway in Minnesota, maybe thirty miles from the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. Do you get it? Next, the songs below feature Jon Lord, who played with a couple of bands, but is mostly known for his years with Deep Purple. Lord died last week at the age of seventy-one. If you missed out on Deep Purple and Lord because of your youthful age or your anti-rock snobbery, I feel sorry for you. But, then again, I can relate to that because I can barely handle country western, refuse to listen to rap or hip hop, and think most bands popular during the last decade should be banned from performing in public. To each, his or her own. Rock on! (But, without the cowboy hats, please.)


Bitch said...

Jon Lord, the classically trained pianist who co-founded the British hard rock group Deep Purple, has died at 71.
Wonderful piano music.
I could hear from Lord’s playing his classical education!
I did not know the artist.
It made me sad with your tribute to read, that he died.
I mean that the age of 71 is young today, isn’t it?

kitt@ro... said...

the majority of people... not be reputed for the clarity of mind, dear my friend!!! either has to do with driving them, either with confrontation a disease...

Anonymous said...

nice post Fram.I like the photo.

Fram Actual said...

Some of the most fantastic, superb musicians who walked the earth during the last quarter of the Twentieth Century were members of rock and roll bands, but, quite often, the general public and even fans of the particular band were unaware of the vast range of their musical talents. Jon Lord was among those fantastic, superb musicians.

And, Ritchie Blackmore, the Deep Purple lead guitar man who is prominent in the last song among the four posted here, is another such maestro.

So many of these guys wanted to illustrate the bond between rock and classical music in some of their songs.

Is the age of 71 young today? Hmmmm. If I ever reach it, Monika, I will let you know. Most of the men in my family die much younger -- my father at age 52, for instance.

Fram Actual said...

To be a little bit paranoid is good. To be a little bit fearless is good. To have a strong measure of self-confidence is good. But, yes, some people like to demonstrate their toughness, bravery or supposed skills/talents to the point of foolhardiness and recklessness.

Possibly, Kitt@ro, these fellows knew what they were doing the way they were towing this boat, but, I guarantee you, I was driving at ninety and still climbing when I passed them. No way did I want to be driving behind them.

Fram Actual said...

Well, thank you, Anita.

The photograph is an illustration in my mind. I am, or, at least have been, a journalist from time to time. Stories should have an illustration, usually in the form of a photograph, from my point of view and from what I was taught when I entered the business.

There are purely picture stories as well, and there are single photographs which tell their own stories -- a picture is worth a thousand words, as someone once said. This one may not be worth a thousand words, but it does tell a story.

Anonymous said...

yes.more of these please.
i love your senence.."The photograph is an illustration in my mind"
thank you :)

Fram Actual said...

I think it is easy to please you, Anita.

I will have to do more driving along the highways and the byways.

Anonymous said...

you see why i like that photo.and the high ways are just like here,,in fact that photo could had been here.

i should like to go on a boat trip! feel the wind in hair!sun!Happiness!!!!!!

Good weekend my friend!!


Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita. I have often thought that one of the reasons so many Norwegians and Swedes came to settle in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas is because there are many areas where the land resembles their homelands. Although, I might add, most contemporary Minnesotans are descended from Germans.

Well, I have about given up on the idea of buying a boat this year for me. Three-fifths of "FramSummer" is gone, and I am starting to think about changing cars again and, maybe, looking for the "right" boat next spring.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you..may be next year!but i miss boats and surfing around..I been thinking..those nesting days..we did alot of those spite of lack of money and may be not soo much happines in the relationship..(may be the family time was the best time?i dont know,)We ofen went to the am only watching others and dream about it

But so is may be i go to the cinema..Batman is a fav of my son..but me i rather watch Kontiki..later i go to watch some contempary art exhibition..and may be i show some of that..if i includes sexuality..(i mean sex is an important thing ..without it we go mad..but however..we never talk about is hidden among curtains..may be thats why soo much sex idioty is around..we never talk about sex.Well i se if i dare..someone might be affended .and i dont want that..besides there are many strange things looking at blogs--one shall be careful in what one write about..

Thanx for reply to my the only one..i give you a bucket of roses(you probably dont like that..haha haha..)A good drink and music!
see you soon.

Magdalena said...

Hi Fram,

I came to leave you something sweet from the virtual music cafe I recently visit often :-)

Muppet Show "Mahna Mahna"


I hope it will make you smile :-)

Bye, bye.

Fram Actual said...

Well, I have never lived by a sea, Anita, but I have lived by a lake or two or three, and swam and fished and boated every evening after work and on weekends -- and walked the ice in winter. It is a good way to live.

If you are referring to Thor Heryerdahl and his raft, Kon-Tiki, I congratulate you on your knowledge and your taste. He was a man among men, and, after Kon-Tiki, his Tigris project and his search for Odin are the things that make men dream and recall that myth and legend are based on facts. Tell your son to forget little-kid stuff like Batman, and to look to real men -- in this case, to a Norwegian man -- who actually lived a life of adventure in his search for knowledge.

As for sex -- easy-come, easy-go. Stay with Kon-Tiki.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Mag, you made me smile. You made me laugh with your links.

It has been some time -- too long -- since you have been here, and I have missed your presence.

If there is anything you need -- whistle, holler or send a smoke signal -- and, I will be there. You are a beautiful and a wonderful woman, and a friend for life. I hope you know that and believe that.

Anonymous said...

Goodmorning!!thanx for advice!!

u have right.kontiki was my main prodject in school.may be i do it again.story about him.

I saw The Reef yestrday..boy what a thrilling true story...knockout.for me..

thanx for reply..i was thinking about deleting blogs again..Wallander movie..DE Fordømte..scared me to hell some days ago..were a man was watching people on blogs and facebook..and killed them..So i will be careful in what i publish..from now the overvieuw..the statisick..boy what strange things is coming to visit me..Scary!!

ok..have a good sunday!!xxx

Smareis said...

Olá Fram,

Gostei imenso da postagem!
A imagem é maravilhosa.Gosto do bastante do estilo de rock.
Eu acho que uma pessoa de 71 anos ainda é bastante jovem.
Grande abraço amiogo!

Ótima semana!

Fram Actual said...

I think I will skip "The Reef." Sharks make me nervous, even those on the silver screen.

I never have seen a shark when I have been in the water, but I have run across dead ones on beaches and seen them swimming along the sides of ships. Frankly, I think sharks and tigers are the most fearsome creatures on the earth.

Yes, I would imagine it is perfectly possible a killer could become fixated on the writer of a blog or with an individual on Facebook. I guess that is another reason to be guarded about one's identity, although I suspect the odds of being struck by lightning are greater than the chances of being "selected" by a serial killer based on one's social networking activities.

See you around, Anita.

Fram Actual said...

I have another image from the trip, as well, one of an accident about twenty miles further along the interstate. I had to hit the brakes hard to avoid it and was holding my breath expecting someone to rear-end me. I wonder how the truck and the boat would have fared had they encountered the accident under the same circumstances that I did.

Jon Lord was a versatile and gifted musician who could have as easily belonged to an orchestra as to a rock band. I am glad he chose Deep Purple.

I guess an individual's health has much to do with whether or not he/she is still young at age 71.

Thank you, Smareis, for your words here.

Anonymous said...

heiii.what is wrong??who are you fooling around with??It must be somebody that hurt your feet??

wo..but a very nice did you do that hah hah hah..i must have it too..

i think you are writing with someone and its pissing you it??hahahahahhahaha

well.You can never change a person if he she do not want it themselves..why should we change???

acept or hit the road to a new house is my opinion..

ok..thanx for comment on my place..yes..out of poorness sometimes comes great things..and sometimes not..


Anonymous said...

that movie is a good one!!!!!

Fram Actual said...

Not only Howard disappeared himself, but the post disappeared itself. My blog must be located on the edge of Neverland, Anita.

Sorry, but I wrote what I wrote of the post you are referring to in the middle of the night and published it. It was incomplete, and I planned to finish it the next evening. When I looked at it today and thought about it, I decided to delete it. I "erased" last night.

I have mentioned the film, "Don't Come Knocking," in an earlier post. I think in terms of storytelling and acting, it is a great movie. And, I love the "Howard" song.

Here are a few footnotes about the actors: Sam Shepard co-wrote the story. Jessica Lange is originally from Minnesota. She and Shepard were a couple for nearly thirty years, and had a house on the St. Croix River just north of where I am. It is quite the house.

Anonymous said...

thas a very very pretty house!!!!!!!

it deserves a beautiful couple!!!

thanx Fram!!

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita. It is even beyond beautiful. It is spectacular.

Something special ....