Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Not a post, but sort of an ending

Open a box from your seldom-visited storage unit, and what do you find? Why, memories, of course. Four sets of swim fins, in this instance. Two pair of these U.S.Divers/Aqua Lung fins have tasted the waters of the Pacific Ocean, as well as a few bordering seas, lakes and rivers. Another pair has known Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, as well as a few less significant lakes and rivers. The fourth and final pair -- from where do these companions come; what waters have they explored? Well, not all questions are meant to be answered. A bit of mystery makes life more interesting, does it not? Oh, yes -- the music -- no mystery there. The song is part of a sunrise portrait painted for eternity within the depths of my memory of awaking on a July morning from the heat of the sun on my face as I slept on a stretch of near-white sand forming a seemingly endless Lake Superior beach. (I believe that might be the longest sentence I ever have written.) I was quickly on my feet, running up the beach. I wanted music to match my adrenalin of the moment. My Suburban of those days had six speakers within it, and the sounds of "Sunrise" and "July Morning" from Uriah Heep began rocking through the air. I sat there for a long time, on that sandy beach, staring out over The Lake to end all lakes and the woodlands bordering it. Time did not exist there. It could have been a million years ago. I could have been the only man living upon the earth. And, yes. One pair of those fins is part of that memory. About midnight the night before, I had used them to swim out and out and further out into The Lake beneath the radiance of a full moon. I should write more about that lonely swim sometime .... hmmm. There were two full moons in July that year, and I swam in The Lake beneath both of them. It was my last summer of living by The Lake -- possibly, my last summer of actually living. Rock on ....


Performed by Uriah Heep / Bernie Shaw, vocalist
Composed by Jarvis Cocker, Stephen Mackey, Nick Banks, Candida Doyle, Mark Webber & Peter Mansell

Sunrise, and the new day's breaking through.
The morning of another day without you.
And as the hours roll by
no one's there to see me cry
except the sunrise,
the sunrise and you.

Tired eyes drift across the shore.
Looking for love and nothing more.
But as the sea rolls by
no one's there to see me cry
except the sunrise,
the sunrise and you.

Sunrise, bless my eyes.
Catch my soul,
make me whole again.

Sunrise, new day heed my song.
I'm tired of fighting and fooling around.
But from now until who knows when?
My sword will be my friend.
And I'll love you...love you for all of my time.

Sunrise, bless my eyes.
Catch my soul,
make me whole again.


seirios said...

There are moments in our lives so deeply lived, that touch the magic ...
I loved your own!!!

kisses from a hot Athens

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Seirios, and the moments most easily come when glorious Nature plays a role in the event and there is music to heighten the emotions.

I am sure many people would have preferred the sounds of Bach, Brahms or Beethoven on such a morning with its mystical sunrise, but I am glad I was born into the Age of Rock, with its sounds of guitars and, so often, poetic lyrics.

I am glad you enjoyed sharing my moment, and, thank you, for sharing your kisses with me.

Wind said...

Yes, I have a problem with Mr. Time, too...There are moments when I need Mr.Time to be still, like when the Sun rise...These moments fill my heart
with joy, power and mistery...
I am in Greece now, on an island....
a magical place where legends about gods sorrounds me... Sometimes, memories of my past life come out, places I have never been before seems familiar...
I wish you my best, Fram...
I will wait the sunrise every morning for you...

Fram Actual said...

Since I am a denizen of the darkness by nature, sunrises are rare for me to witness and almost non-existent for me in terms of memorable ones. A number of beautiful ones, yes, but this sunrise might be the only one which lives on in my mind as truly magical and mystical. As I search my mind, I can think of no other to match it.

I will reach Greece someday, I think, and, maybe, discover some of the feelings you are experiencing now -- memories of places and faces from a former existence in a distant past.

Life is transitory, so why not transitional?

Yes, Daliana, perhaps some morning you will see me emerging from the darkness as the sunrise brings the past into the present. And, surely this would be on a magical island in an ancient sea where reality and memory blend into one.

Anonymous said...

oh boy!nice writings here!!

yoohoo..i have just return from a long long holiday..we are called the maroccooans now,,hahhahahahaha!!

terrible to come home to 10 degrees and rain again..after having almost 42 degrees every day!

well i see you do it good fram boy!!

i love your scubba dubba feets!!my son would had stolen them (lent)immidatly!

ok i have been up since 4 this morning and my eyes are almost in dreamaland already!!see you soon!


Anonymous said...

listen to this..god iam so in love with this music!!!


Fram Actual said...

Welcome back from the Mediterranean Sea to the "sea of blogs," Anita. Yes, I suppose you and your son returned to Norway with tans to surpass all tans. I hope your holiday was enjoyable and memorable.

As for the climatic change you have experienced, I actually think I would like a temperature around ten degrees for a few days. It has been too hot around here for me.

Led Zeppelin is among the greatest bands of its time, I think. I can understand why you have fallen under the spell of its music -- especially the guitar work of Jimmy Page.

Nice to see you back in the neighborhood again.

Smareis said...

Sua postagem é maravilhosa Fram.
Gostei imenso do seu relato.
Tem momentos na nossa vida que é muito especial, só nosso, e tudo vira magia.
Não conhecia essa música Sunrise, muito bonita. Gostei da interpretação. O vídeo é muito bonito.
Obrigada pela palavras inteligente a respeito do meu texto. Gostei muito da sua opinião.
Sua presença me deixa feliz.

Grande abraço!

Bitch said...

Very good writing as always.
I can see you swimming in the moonlight in this Lake..
Two full moons in July.
You should have taken a picture!

I hope, that you are doing fine?


Fram Actual said...

Thank you, for your kind words Smareis. I am glad you liked the post.

I have wondered if that July morning I tried to describe would have been different or as wondrous or as meaningful to me had I not been alone or if some of the ingredients had not been present. What if the heat of the sun on my face had not awakened me? What if I had not been familiar with the songs, "July Morning" and "Sunrise" and had them on a tape in a vehicle with a sound system which had the capability to send the music thundering across the landscape?

Yes, magic moments, like magic people, are few and far between.

I enjoy reading posts which make me think, not only about the words written there, but about the writer of the words. I am curious not only about opinions, but about the thought processes behind the opinions and the hows and the whys of their creation. Your blog gives me much to think about, Smareis, so I enjoy coming there, reading there and thinking about what is there.

Fram Actual said...

And, thank you, as well, Monika, for your kind words.

It may seem strange, but sometimes I see myself swimming in the cold, glistening water of The Lake beneath the full moon. It is like I am a bird flying above, looking down at myself, gradually flying higher until the swimming me is hardly visible, the beach with my fire far behind the swimming me, a passing ship far ahead of the swimming me and gradually becoming smaller as it goes its own way in the night.

That was a period in my life of working hard all day and partying hard all night, and there seemed no reason for me to record anything in a photographic sense. Besides, my best friend was a professional photographer: I wrote the stories, he provided the art.

Yes, essentially I am fine, thank you. I am involved in a family situation which demands time and energy, creates turmoil and seems to have no satisfactory solution. I suppose it will either kill me or make me stronger, as the cliché goes.

I hope all is fine for you, too.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with -family affairs.i know all about it dear friend..
ohh boy i am soo happy i am a free bird!!


Wind said...

Hello Fram!I am back from Greece!...or I am not...?
Oh, anyway I found you sad, with problems, with family issues to solve...How did Bernie Shaw said? -'But as the sea rolls by
no one's there to see me cry ...'

Hey, Fram! There are days and days...
as maybe I have said before....don't forget that there are a magic world beyond, or next to us, or parallel, or ahead or ....or in us... nothing can take this world from us....believe me. These magic, as you said keep us alive in the middle of the life storms.

Now, the sad news. Jon Lord of Deep Purple has died a few days ago...
I think it was one of the founding members of Deep Purple....I am sorry...

See you soon, Fram!

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita, I need luck or fate to intervene to set me free again. But, one of the biggest causes of stress and turmoil in my life came to an end today in the form of a letter in the mail. So, one element down, at least for the time being, and two to go.

So, you think you are a free bird, do you? What is your son's opinion of that matter? You just might be as tied down as I am.

Fram Actual said...

Oh, you are back from Greece, for sure, Daliana. I saw you driving down the street just a while ago. Hmmmm.

Well, I know for sure there is at least one person who is present in my life to see me when I cry, so that makes a difference. And, as I mentioned to Anita, the mail today carried with it news that I have one less significant obstacle to personal freedom to cope with for the present.

Perhaps, my problem is that I never have found a castle or a magic world in which to find shelter from the world. You may have seen old posts in which I mention my "Sanctuary/Refuge." I tried to create a fortress on a hilltop with a locked gate to keep the outside world at bay. It did not work. Even a fortress can be overwhelmed. Yes, perhaps, it is time for me to explore this again, but in a more cerebral manner rather than one of fences, chains and locks.

You bring me news, too. You were the one who let me know about Gary Moore last year. It was then I first had a sense of your kindness and consideration. Now, Jon Lord. Yes, life brings each of us to our knees from time to time, and puts us all beneath the earth eventually. Lord led a great life, though, and that is all anyone can hope for in this world.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha..yes y r right Fram..he ties me up..but it is free will!

what should i do without him?i miss him when he is gone...i mean when he stay overnigh with his chommies.(which he do soo much..he is never home..).

well when that time comes when he is out of cosy home..it will be a new life for me..and i dont know what it will be..only hope i am still free from sickness..and can travel..

What did you get in your mailbox????Happy surprise?!

I saw a good movie yesterday..Rescue down..true fight for freedom down in vietcong..
boy those blooodsucking things in the water..and what they got to eat in the prison camp..horror!!!

today i go to the woods and have a bit of running..se if i can loose a kilo or two..see you soon!

Fram Actual said...

Well, speaking from my experience as a son in similar circumstances, I would recommend you concentrate more on your son than on yourself the next five or six years, Anita. Do not take that as criticism, but everything a parent builds with a boy in the first twelve years can disappear in the next six. Anyway, that is my thought.

As for your film, I saw it on television a few years ago. I thought Christian Bale did a very poor job in the film. He seeemed to me to be out of his league in terms of ability to handle the role, completely miscast. I thought he did a much better job in "3:10 to Yuma." So, now you have my opinion on two topics tonight.

Something special ....