Monday, April 9, 2012

Beware the wolf who bites back

The Minnesota House of Representatives has passed a bill that would allow wolf hunting and trapping in Minnesota. A state Senate bill also has been approved in its originating committee, apparently has widespread support and full Senate approval is expected. According to news reports, farmers and hunting groups favor the plan while animal rights and conservation groups oppose it. If the bill clears the legislative process, its final stop would be on the desk of Gov. Mark Dayton, who could either sign it into law or veto it. Now, look at the handsome fellow in the photograph. How do you think he would look with his leg -- broken and bloody -- in a trap, or with his head half blown off by a bullet from a high-powered rifle? The adorable fellow shown here smiling at you is cousin Arcady. He really is a sweet guy when you get to know him. Do you really want wolf hunting and absolutely barbaric trapping in Minnesota?

An interlude from the "ages of man"

My mind is not ready for Part 2 of 2 regarding the "ages of man," but my fingers cannot stay away from the keyboard. I often think everything I am resides within my fingers: They type, they hold pens and pencils, they pull triggers, they grip the hand of another or squeeze the body of another, they feed me .... well, you get the picture. Maybe. But, what I actually am saying is that my memory, my intelligence, reside in my fingers. They can spell words and know things my mind has forgotten. Anyway ....

My fingers always are ready. This is not the case with my mind. My mind, for a variety of reasons, is in some manner of time warp at the moment.

Mind/Manner/Moment .... hmmmm. There is a song there, or a poem .... Maybe-e-e-e.

We will add another "M" to the list, this one for Minnesota. The liberal, progressive governor of Minnesota probably will permit the renewal of hunting and trapping wolves in Minnesota. I thought liberals/progressives were supposed to be the environmentalists among us, and conservatives, like me, were the ones who wish to destroy the natural world for the sake of building another shopping mall and mega-parking lot.

Guess again, folks. These questions always revolve more around monetary greed and personal advantages than they do around political philosophies.

Apparently, the bill is sailing through the legislative process with widespread support. It appears to me most members of both political parties in Minnesota are witless fools. Well, I guess that really is no surprise. Anyway, I am "mad as hell" about this hunting/trapping plan, to borrow a line from a film, and I hope enough other people will be angry enough to contact the governor and tell him to kill the bill that would kill the wolves.

For the record, I once was a very prolific, avid, efficient hunter. I quit for a couple of reasons, not the least of which was that it became too easy. Why do anything that is easy? (If a human being is not bright enough to successfully hunt a poor, dumb deer or duck, then I hope he is not employed in any position which requires more intelligence and skill than is needed for digging ditches.) And, to be honest, killing anything when it is not necessary literally began to sicken me. It comes down to a matter of determining when necessary is necessary.

I am not quite anti-hunting yet or anti-meat eating yet, but it would not surprise me if I reach those points someday. I can tolerate hunting as long as the hunter eats what he shoots. I doubt many would be willing to eat roast wolf for their Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

By the way, hunting and gun ownership are two very separate issues for me. I might march in an anti-wolf hunting demonstration or in any anti-hunting demonstration, but I live with a belief in the philosophy of Thomas Jefferson regarding firearms: "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not."


Anonymous said...

yes.the we grow older we see how grusom it know i had this lamb steak for easter dinner.but it was hard to matter how good it tasted.i was thinking of the animal all the time.i could feel its pain for nothing.just giving me a dinner,so i could eat a little then trough away to the tray.

i think there is to much food in the world.(at least in our part of the world)people get fater and fater.they do not longer value a good before..when we did the hunting in old the indians did.they always said a prayer before killing and eating.thanking the animal.

i think iam going to stop eating meat.not totally. but much more do i like (me and my body)..a lighte food..everytime i eat meat..i get very tired and want to sleep..

No.i was not going away.just finishing a crush i had for several you think it is possible to fall in love in one..only online??

wow..i did..but know i have come to my senses..and is very happy ..i did found out thing and thang..i think..the only way to value a man or woman in love to meat them in real..dont you agree??

Well the weather is still sun and snow here.Looking forward to go to cypuz again this summer.otherwise i do not much.But read alot.Just finishing the book.."Quernica!by David you know my father came from that i know every step of the book.he was also one of the child that were moved to england during the yes it was a great book its time for coffe and later a walk by the woods,

Beautiful music Fram..and as always a great post.

Bitch said...

Wow, Fram!
What a powerful post!
But, the killing is going on in the world.

Very nice music!!
Keep on writing!

Fram Actual said...

The religious aspect you mention is fascinating, Anita. Judeo-Christian tradition, for instance, has its followers give thanks to god for providing them with food; Native Americans thank the animal they are eating for providing them with nourishment. Very different belief systems.

In answer to your question, sure, I think it is possible to fall in love with someone online, without ever meeting, and only communicating online and, possibly, through telephone conversations, as well. But, I also think that feeling of love might vanish if an actual meeting does take place and "real life" dating activities begin to occur. Feelings and emotions are not always easily controlled.

I was curious about the book you mentioned, so I did a bit of research. I suppose it forms another link to your family history, in a sense, and to your interest in World War II.

Thank you, for your visit and your comment, Anita.

Fram Actual said...

It really is amazing, is it not, Monika, how so many people care so little about the lives of animals, much less about the lives of other people? It is a disease of the human race for which there is no cure, I think.

I am glad you liked the music. I think the guitar work in the middle of "Can'tcha Say / Still in Love" is the most beautiful and elegant of its kind ever produced since the dawn of rock and roll. I am listening to it on a CD at this very moment.

Thank you, for your visit and your comment, Monika.

Anonymous said...

hi bad boy..!!you must not think we dont read your blog!!

it is just that .mee..dont always have something to say ok!

and am busy reading books and looking at old movies!and working!

the photo painting is great Fram!!

Fram Actual said...

You just caught a glimpse of my arrogance rising to the surface, Anita, as it periodically does. I have done this before a time or two or three with an individual post, and even shut off comments for several posts in a row. So, in a sense, this is nothing new.

But, in another sense, I will be making some changes to my blog beginning tomorrow.

Thanks, Anita, for coming by and writing your note to me.

Anonymous said...

of course Fram!
you are the greatest among the greatest!but i think people are busy with theitr own egoes and what they do..but i dont know..i am just a simple human myself!

you know fram..i have lost fate in love..i dont think i will experience that again..may be it is sad..but makes me dwell into my own litttle world..

looking forward to see what changes your gonna do..hope i can be able to write to you from time to time..and your always welcome to sleep on the sofa at my little home..if you sometime (in your life )come to visit europa.. doesn matter if you think you are is better to know what lives inside a person..than people that is boring dull and tells nothing about themselves.

Anonymous said...

Nothing last forever Fram!

Fram Actual said...

Well, Anita, as I sometimes say, I am not certain I have experienced actual love, but the word has different meanings to different people and varying degrees of depth. I think in my own case, I often "love" an ideal which probably does not even exist.

One of these days, I will contact my cousin in Stockholm and obtain the address of the cousin who lives on an island near Bergen so I have it. Should I make it to the far north = Norway, you can be sure I will search you out and have you show me your city and all its museums/paintings.

There is a line between self-confidence and arrogance that sometimes is difficult to distinguish. I am certain I wander on both sides of the line, just as I do on both sides of any river or path upon which I travel.

Yes, you are right. Nothing lasts forever. I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

thank you are so very wise.
do that reasearch.i know we will day.see you soon.have to sleep after nightwork.

Anonymous said...

agree with your latest post..tell me if you find interesting dicussion places.
nice painting.nice music.
good to read americans live an normal life too..
here we are only concerned about the penalty of the massmurder.anders breivik.
insane.or not insane?.this is imporetant for how long he will stay in prison.if declared not insane he will be in prison for rest of life.if insane.out in one two years.clever man that breivik.just saying .goodnight!

Bitch said...

Hi Fram!

Closing your blog for comments is like taping our mouth..
Maybe you wont find an answer any way for your kind of questions (?)

I liked the way of your description of your neighbors character..

The music is a bit like country Rock and Roll (not for me)..

I agree what you are writing about the comments.. Too much politeness
from all of us bloggers..

Hugs from me!!!!!

Fram Actual said...

In regard to "interesting discussion places," Anita, I really was not thinking in terms of the internet. I have known people over the years whose company I enjoyed, and I was thinking about looking up some of them, and possibly also rekindling some contacts with what I would call "survivalist" groups. Plus, simply circulating more with the immediate outside world. For instance, I still have not been to the Russian bar/restaurant down the road a bit.

The majority of Americans live "normal" lives, I suppose. That is what I find to be boring and tedious. I guess the last thing I would like written on my tombstone is that I was "normal." That is my complaint about my present existence: I live in the midst of people who might be pleasant and easy to get along with, but, for the most part, they live boring, dull lives and I want no part of such lives.

Thank you, for coming around, Anita. I am glad you liked the post, the painting and the music.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Monika, it actually is unlikely I will find the answers for the kind of questions I ask. But, although there might not be answers, there are opinions and beliefs which could be offered to create discussion.

In regard to the song, others have described this as sort of a country or rockabilly piece, but I think of it more as a love poem than as a song, and a wonderful expression of the feelings of one person for another. Perhaps, the song even is a definition of love.

So often, I think, the singer's voice or singing style reflect how a song is viewed. An obvious example, I would say, can be demonstrated in the song "Pretty Woman." Roy Orbison wrote it and recorded it. A few decades later, Van Halen performed it. The two versions are as different in style and sound as night and day. Now, whichever of those two versions a person who had never heard the song before heard first probably would define the nature of the song in that person's mind.

By definition, to criticize something is to point out both the good and the bad. Most bloggers are not critics, but simply friends. To me, a real friend is also a real critic. This topic would have made an interesting post.

Thank you, Monika, for your words and your hugs.

Something special ....