Sunday, January 1, 2012

May 2012 be mellow & calm & serene

These two post cards were mailed one century ago, on December 27, 1911, as greetings to signify the approaching New Year: 1912. It seems like only yesterday.

A wish for serenity

Perhaps your memory is better than mine, but I have a difficult time remembering what I was doing on some of the New Year's Eves and the New Year's Days in my more distant past. For instance, I barely can recall this night and this day in 1911--1912. That is the year I received these cards, the one on the left from my brother and the one on my right from my sister.

What, you do not believe me? You do not think that I actually received these cards a century ago? Or, possibly, you do not think that I have a brother and a sister? Well, that is your prerogative, but time is real and it drifts and it wanders and sometimes it forms an eddy. All one needs to do is to unleash his perception of today (reality) and he can travel to anywhere and to anyplace that has ever existed at any time.

Of course, it is more enjoyable to have company on these journeys, so close your eyes, play the Deep Purple song and catch hold of the guitar or the organ notes as they float by .... resisting the urge to begin dancing to them except in your mind .... drawing them ever so far inside of you until you feel them flowing with your blood.

If you allow yourself to be truly free from your today, you quickly will find yourself looking outward from within and gliding with me into a moment of serenity -- which, I hope, will be yours to catch hold of throughout the coming year whenever the world seems threatening or overwhelming. I do not like to travel alone, and would be much happier if you would walk alongside of me.

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