Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fewer words: Looking from the balcony

This might be big water, but it definitely is not the former love of my life -- Lake Superior. No ice, no snow, too gentle. I am curious to discover if anyone recognizes this view of this water, this beach, this building, this balcony -- so, I will leave comments open for a day or two, but might not respond with more than a general "yes" or "no" answer to anyone who might care to venture an opinion about the location. It has all the earmarks of a tourist site (Does it not?), but looks to be rather barren at the time the photograph was taken. The photo actually was shot about two months ago, toward the end of November. And, no, it is not Kashmir. (Teasing.) By the way, the only reason I have a photo and the songs today is to use them as an excuse to mark the date of my once-upon-a-time enlistment with the U.S. Marine Corps. January 24 is branded into my psyche. Semper Fidelis, until the end of time. So, then, the anniversary has been duly noted for still another year.

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