Monday, January 23, 2012

Few words: Looking out the window

It is not unusual for me to mention that the view from the windows of the place in which I dwell is very important to me. Here, in this house, in a general sense, the view is mundane and boring. People who live in suburbia generally are mundane and boring, and their homes and small lawns and inane activities reflect it. But, that is another story. One element of the view from the windows of this particular location is a predictable stream of aircraft, such as this one, departing from the north and heading south and east. Depending upon cloud cover, these departures usually are visible from the living room windows as I sit before my computers and television. At night, lying on my love seat bed and looking through a window, I often will watch the lights of aircraft arriving on their approach from the south. These sights stir the imagination, if not the spirit, and provide a measure of equilibrium. I wonder about the destination of this aircraft. Perhaps, it is bound for Kashmir.

Who makes tomorrow?

It had not been my intention to write more than the words which accompanied my photograph of the aircraft in flight, but after having looked at a number of photographs of the street demonstrations which have been going on in Romania the past several days and earlier in places like the United States and Greece and Britain, I decided to add a few thoughts.

I feel badly about what is happening in Romania and many other countries. I think most people do not understand that what is happening in the world today is the result of leadership decisions made not today, but yesterday .... last year .... a decade ago.

War is a constant element of mankind, and not all fighting is with rifles in fields. Much of it takes place in corporation board rooms, union halls and government offices. Even in republics such as America, fate is determined in elections by people who usually cast their ballots for the prettiest face, or for the promises of the easiest life and the greatest rewards.

I have said before and, undoubtedly, I will say again, more often than not those who rise to power in political parties generally are the most selfish among us and have the greatest thirst for personal power and wealth. They often are the worst and the morally weakest of us -- not the best. It is foolish for men and women to put blind trust in governments and politicians, yet most do just that time after time.

As for young Americans, most of those truly dedicated to freedom and equality are or have been fighting in the actual death zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Although why any of them do this in the current climate which exists in America is beyond me. The weakest and the laziest and the most foolish of young Americans, I think, are blind followers in what they see as a Utopian socialism movement. In actuality, these "occupy" movements are nothing more than organized attempts to bring down the old and to bring in a new hierarchy of greedy, selfish, wanna-be power brokers.

This is why I am like the Ancient Norseman, who when asked in what he believed, replied, "The strength of my own right arm." The only tomorrow with a measure of certainty is the one which you make for yourself, not one which some stranger promises to make for you. Why so many people fail to understand this absolute and fundamental principle of life is a mystery to me.


Anita said...

First i think it is very good photo you have put here.And also i like to know.whats your storie..i are you..what are the walls around you know a little bit more..i remember one place very was viewing inside out the winther blast..looked very cold and lonely.also the cup with alittle Coccinellidae in it..i dont know if i am wrong..but it potraits a very sweet photo of you if you understand,,

I love the blue sky..and i love to travel..makes me wanne travel right away looking at that photo..but isn it very much sound from the planes?..i mean can you sleep in all that noise?Parden me for my stupidity Fram..i dont know much about politics..but i know we have weak leaders in the world right now.What shall the young ones look up to??who to admire??Ohh lord what will become of us..i hope something new willarise in not soo long time..i mean not a saviour of the world..but something more to lift us up!!..i looked at a program here lately..a nature progam of the end of the uiverse, galxyes and milky ways and so on..,,so pessimistic..i cant belive..nothing of it..

i really dont know..about the world any more..but i am more into doing my own things rather then satisfyy others.that i dont know nothing about.and if there is nothing after this life..well then there is nothing.But i know i have done a good job.Raising my son alone.And if there is no love.No sex.Well i shall overcome that to.
I think it is a very nice post from you Fram.Iam glad to hear from you.Dont stay away too long.

Fram Actual said...

I have moved since the photographs you mention were taken, Anita. Until two weeks ago, I was experiencing a mild winter, but it has since been very, very cold and produced a bit of snow. And, winter is but one-half done.

The airport -- Minneapolis-St. Paul International -- changes flight paths constantly in relation to residential neighborhoods. I will hear the aircraft for a few hours one day, and then no more for a few days, unless, of course, it is summer and I am outside.

In a few sentences, the message I was attempting to give is this: People whose amabition is so great to seek political office generally have little interest in anyone else in comparison to their self-interest. Add to that, they generally want to impose what they think is "right" and "wrong" on everyone else. Add to that, freedom and equality are at opposite ends of the spectrum. To impose one is to deny the other.

Finally, I would scream this if I could: Do not place your faith, your hopes, your dreams, your future on another person, least of all on a politician. These people are the most two-faced humans on earth. I have known many as a journalist, and I worked for one as a press secretary, so I know what I am talking about in this case.

Accept responsibility for your own life, your own wins and your own losses. Do not rely on a corporation or a union or a government to take care of you. Take care of yourself.

As for staying away too long, another post, with "fewer words," will arrive shortly.

Something special ....