Friday, December 23, 2011

Religion becomes art & art becomes religion, while Christmas music is what you imagine it

Jacopo Palma, better known to the world as Palma Vecchio or Jacopo Negretti, was an Italian painter who did a number of interpretations regarding the life of Jesus Christ. Many of them were variations depicting the birth of Christ, one of them, fascinatingly enough, including Mary Magdalene among the onlookers. (Mary of Magdala .... present at birth and at death and at resurrection and, some would say, at the Last Supper. What could be more alluring in the sense of religious mysticism?) Beyond these religious elements, the influence of Titian and Bellini are present in his paintings. This piece, entitled "Adoration of the Shepherds with a Doonor," was painted between 1523-25. Today, it is on display at the Louvre in Paris and, once upon a time, my eyes possessed it there. Religion can be art and art can be religion.

The advantages of being a free thinker

The best thing about believing in nothing or no one is that there is absolutely no reason to be annoyed, upset or angry about what someone else might happen to believe or to profess. Unless, of course, that someone is the zealot, fanatic or do-gooder type who insists that everyone else believe what he believes.

Another way of putting this is to begin by saying I have been pretty much of a life-long agnostic who runs along the border of atheism. There are two types of people who make me want to throttle them whenever I encounter them.

One type is the atheist who cannot or will tolerate a manger scene in front of city hall; or the member of a non-Christian religion who insists there cannot be a Christmas program in the neighborhood elementary school; or the spineless department store manager, who forbids his staff from greeting customers with a "Merry Christmas" as they carry out their shopping and tells them that they must use the generic "Happy Holidays" salutation instead.

The other type is the man who attends church weekly, if not daily, and who frowns and walks away from me when I reply, "No, I only attend church for weddings and funerals;" or the evangelical who notes with a contemptuous smirk that I am destined for hell because I do not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ; or the simple-Simon, indoctrinated fool who is incapable of understanding that mercy, compassion and kindness are not exclusive to religion.

If you are one of the aforementioned types, to you I say, "Bah, humbug. Take a hike to the Ninth Circle."

To the rest of the world, I say, "Merry Christmas, and may whatever you believe give you strength and confidence."

Now, back into my cave for me. I need to sharpen my spear and to repair my club ....


Wind said...

Hello Fram! How are you?
Everybody is busy with Christmas preparations, right?
Well, I am not!
First of all because I believe that
Christmas is an intimate feast for the soul, mind and body... a return to self ...second , because I have nothing to do with shopping and things like that...even the church will be crowded by people who want to redeem their sins of one year in one day...

You know, this post has a deep meaning...a strong impact on me...
You talked about the birth of Christ showing a great composition....then
about free will and free mind...about Caravaggio and his light, about Beethoven...
And you thought it is not enough for a human post also Monet and this magnificent Bach with his deadly addagio....Mamma mia, Fram!Then again, women faces with Bach's Sarabande and finally I couldn't follow you...too much for one day...ha ha
Amazing how you could put together in a perfect harmony such names, masterpieces , music, words and feelings...
I will come back....

Anonymous said...

Happy christmas dear fram..!a wonderful post!
Greetings from bergen norway :-)

Wind said...

A Chrismas Romanian Carol for you : May your health be strong
And you life long:
As an apple tree
As a pear stately
As a rose bush fair
Blossoming beyond compare:
Strong as a granite rock
Quick as an arrow’s shock
Hard as an iron bar
Tougher than steel by far,
Over summer, over spring,
May your health be great
A New Year with happiness
And in everything success.

Well,sorry my translation... take care and be happy!

Peggy said...

Thank you Fram for such a wonderful Christmas gift. These are just a fabulous collection of matched music and art pieces as can be found, I am sure. I sat here just now and listened and viewed each one with great pleasure.

Hope you are doing well.

Merry Christmas,

Anonymous said...

nice song Fram...

Anonymous said...

nice sonng 2..yes you are a free bird!!

Anonymous said...

..this is beautiful..!!!!what a song!!))

Something special ....