Saturday, September 10, 2011

The life of fire & ice

After a long, hard, strenuous week sitting in front of a television and a computer, eating various chips and drinking assorted beverages, an exhausted White Bear rested under the shade of a tree Friday afternoon, doing what else, but enjoying assorted beverages while playing with his newly acquired buddy, White Puppy. Since White Puppy has not had his photograph appear in a post, the little dickens commanded me to find the camera and to remedy this oversight on my part. So, the oversight is now remedied. With that, the little dictator ordered me to fetch some ice for his drinks, and I gave him a fiery glare. Hence, was born the notion of once again contrasting these two insurmountable and elemental forces of Nature: Fire and Ice.
To return or not, and why

The twists and turns of life are ironic. Last year, in September, I was pleased with my life (if not exactly happy or enthused about it). I had no responsibilities (which probably explain much of my mood back then), I was looking forward to a few events/activities and I was living by a lake watching autumn arrive. This year, these aspects of my life are one-hundred-eighty degrees in the other direction -- and, my mood right now reflects it.

I have a habit of returning to the same poets, the same writers, the same painters, the same musicians, the same battlefields, the same myths and legends, the same concepts of perfection and beauty, the same ideals of fairness and justice -- returning to everything except the same places, the same locations, the same memories drifting in time.

This is because, I believe, a poem or a song or a concept does not change, while a place does change and a memory does fade. I look for things which are constant while I constantly am in motion pursuing a dream which probably does not exist in reality. A paradox.

Someone asked me yesterday who I was. I have no idea, depending upon the concept behind the question. I know where I have been and what these experiences have molded me into, but I am not certain if that is who I am or, merely, a fabrication of random chance events formed by the paths I have walked and the people I have met. I am fire and I am ice. I am an constant unconstant. I am certain she wanted a more definitive and simple explanation (like maybe my actual name), but .... I also am illusive, if nothing else.

So, here again, we return to another constant in my repertoire of poetry:  Robert Frost and "Fire and Ice." Here again is Enya, with its own interpretation of fire and ice. Here again is Apocalyptica, not with fire and ice, but, any melancholy music will do today and the magic of the wolf is part of it if you listen closely. When I think about it, the graphics accompanying the piece, "Romance," are reminiscent of fire and ice.

While Frost writes about the end of life in his poem, another poem, an Old Norse epic -- the "Poetic Edda" -- has the creation of life beginning when a drop of water from the ice of Niflheim collides with a flame from the fire of Muspelheim and causes an explosion to create the universe and the Earth, with life upon it. The "big bang" theory has existed since before the dawn of recorded history. Imagine that -- if you are able.

Fire and Ice
by Robert Frost

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.


Kaya said...

Hi Fram,

I enlarged a picture to study the details. This is a happy hour for Teddy Bear and his friend White Puppy. Teddy Bear is definitely waiting to be served something delicious. And I think he is the boss here. Sunny and fun picture.

Yes, he looks like a little dictator. I mean Teddy Bear.

Well, you are fire and ice. Constant and unconstant. Plus illusive.

If I had a choice between fire and ice I would probably would choose to be fire. But I never could be fire and ice at the same time. And If I were fire I would lighten night with a beautiful spectrum of flames colors. It would be only for a few seconds and then I would go away and will be forgotten. And it might be catharsis then. I don't think it is possible if I were ice. No catharsis with ice.

I like Robert Frost. And the world will never come to the end if we will love, dream and will try to leave in peace. And will understand that the word "acceptance" is a very human word. It's not a pity; it's understanding.

This is a very beautiful monolog, Fram.

And I am fascinated by the second video and music.


Fram Actual said...

Yes, his highness does have a way about him, but since White Puppy arrived, he does not demand constant attention as he did previously. And, as you noticed, he does have a taste for vodka. Polish bears apparently picked up this hangover habit (whoops, I mean holdover habit) from Russian bears.

In a literal sense, I guess I prefer the world of ice over the world of fire. I have slept in ice caves, and find it preferable to sleeping in jungle and desert climes. I would rather freeze to death than burn to death. Hmmmm .... enough of that.

In a figurative sense, I think the most beautiful art comes from the south and fire, while the best writing comes from the north and ice.

In a poetic sense, I think Kaya's concept of lighting "the night with a beautiful spectrum of flames colors" is perfect. You are right, too. I cannot conceive of catharsis emanating from ice, although I want to think about it a while.

The music you like comes from a group of Finnish lads who are terrific musicians and have great imagination and creative talent. Somewhat unexpected coming from Finland. (Whoops, again.)

Wind said...

Fire and ice....
Not about that fire discovered
by hitting two stones ....but the concept of The Fire in us .

That fire that burns and purifies the soul to ash -
during creation, the sparkling of flames when I am in love,
the warmth and tenderness when I am safe with friends,
the destructive power of obssesions,
smoldering fire during searching for a dream and
instant ignition when I
found my path or companion or soul mate or a solution....
Or The Ice....
The neverending white and purity,
the rational coldness of decisions
when I have to choose, the stilness of waiting,
uncertainty that spring will come ...etc

What is better?
How to choose what is better to be?
Is like Yin and Yang, antagonistic and complementary.
Sometimes we are flames and sometimes
we are cold as ice...
In between is that glimpse of bliss
or catharsis (as Kaya said before).
But always the fire turned to ashes and the ice
into water.
So, Fram, be careful!

Wind said...

Oh, sorry...Mr. White Bear and
Mr. White Puppy!
I am sure that Anita would like to see you drinking Fram's brandy.
But she is not miss her, didn't you?
Anyway, I see a red rose...and one glass.

Have my best regards from Romania!

Fram Actual said...

You know, Wind, the next time I write something like this, I just might vary the thought a bit and call it Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

Be that as it may, I am trying to remember the last time I felt either of these things (fire or ice) within my own psyche. I have said at times that although some of the things I have done in my life might indicate otherwise, I do not believe I ever have felt hate within me. This, of course, begs the obvious question: If you (me) have never known hate, have you actually ever known love?

This question is part of the mystery of my life that I would like to solve before I run out of time and life has forever flown.

As for being careful, thank you, Wind, for your concern, but you might have heard Alexander Pope's oft-quoted line of poetry: "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." I have always liked to flip the coin of fate, and I think I have been around too long to change now. I will risk being burned by fire or given an icy stare along with a cold shoulder for the chance to win the rewards of living life.

As for the infamous scamp, White Bear, you must look closer. He has a glass on a tray in his lap. There is another glass and tray on the table, and it was not for White Puppy, who is too young for liquor, but sneaks some out of White Bear's glass now and then.

No, the master manipulator had hopes someone might stop by to visit him. I did not stay around to see if anyone actually joined him.

By the way, White Bear says he thinks Romanian teddy bears are cute.

Wind said...

Two glasses! It is better!
Speaking about Romanian teddy bears,
I have a collection of 300 teddy girls . What do you say about that,
Mr. Bear?

Anonymous said...

heyyyy wind..i must laugh about your comments..weeeeeeeee!!)))

very nice, very nice all of it!!

fram..very good post..i like the picture most..i am not so much into those readings by the time..i dont understand anything of it..but then i am just an ordiary working girl from the block..but i love the the rose fake??it looks fake..but nice..i like the old glasses..such things are just perfect romantic and nice..Hope you will do greta with your future lovings my friend..and must please take away that last is odd to look is not me any happy happy stay very happy allof you..big kisses from Norway and Katia:))

Fram Actual said...

I am sorry, Wind, but White Bear will be unavailable for a few days. I had to lock him in his room. I found him packing a suitcase this morning and telling me he was going to Romania to visit a young lady who has hundreds of teddy girls living with her.

I asked him if he had been invited to visit her and her teddy girls, and he said, "No, but I am sure she will fall in love with me when she sees me and invite me to stay with her a while."

Do you now see what a rascal he is? I hope you do not have such problems with your teddy girls. When he has calmed down, I will let him talk with you again.

In the meanwhile, I will tell White Bear all your teddy girls think he is adorable, if that is fine with you. That should settle him down so I can let him out of his room. I miss him.

Fram Actual said...

Katia? Every once and a while, someone slips and reveals their real name. Is that what we have here, Anita? Your actual name?

All right, I will delete your final "last treasure." I still think you should begin it again, or initiate a new blog.

Yes, Anita, it is a fake rose. Do you think I am the sort of guy who buys real roses unless he has a real woman present in his life to give them to?

And, the glasses and the pitcher .... they are not only old, but they are trimmed in actual gold. It is enjoyable to be decadent now and then.

Women may prefer diamonds, but men like gold, I think.

Kaya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kaya said...

Sorry, Fram. I deleted my previous comment. I discovered a new singer, Mark Tishman and wanted to share one of his songs with everybody but I think he might not be a singer you would like and others.


Fram Actual said...

Kaya, Kaya, Kaya ....

Do not ever worry about something like that on this blog. I know I will listen to him. The fact that you like his music and that you wish to share it with others is what matters.

Speaking for myself, you might recall I fell in love with your Russian rock singer, Kipelov, and his band. Whether or not I am as wild about this fellow makes little difference in the overall scheme of things. Neither the world nor we will change in any other respect.

Fram Actual said...

Here is a postscript, Kaya.

Only a day before your comment, a young lady asked my opinion about a singer she is enamored with and considers special. In my usual straight-up way, I said I "could take him or leave him," and put him in the same category as Elton John and Phil Collins. (Which certainly is not bad company, but I do not believe she liked my answer.)

I think I would place your Mark Tishman in this category, although I only listened to three of his songs and have heard literally dozens from the other singers I mentioned.

I also think their music is aimed more at a young crowd and at a female audience -- sort of the musical version of the "chick flick."

Whatever, I can often be heard to say that my taste in music is not very broad.

But, if you like a particular song or singer, I will be happy to listen.

Wind said...

Hey, Kaya...
Hello Fram!
Thank you for Mark Tishman!
I wish I could understand the words from his songs...but I am working on it.
I am listening right now...
Thank you, Kaya, but I could not find your post with Mark Tishman on your russian blog, either !

Anyway, thank you!
I really appreciate !

Hey Fram!
Any news from White Bear?

Kaya said...

Ohhh, my friends, I am touched to the bottom of my heart!

Fram, thanks a lot for your honest and open opinion. That is fine with me. Yes, this singer is mostly for women who like to dream..... I think that everybody who loves or long for love would like to this song.

Daliana, I removed Mark Tishman's song from my Russian Blog . Perhaps, I shouldn't do that but it's too late. I make sometimes quick decisions and regret later about it. I am thinking about a little poem I can send to you also. I was deeply touched by a poem you gave to me on my Visual Impact. That was a wonderful and precious gift I got. "Dreams within dreams...." That is so beautiful.

You really made me feel good, Fram and Daliana!!!!

I am sending many hugs and warm wishes to both of you.

Greetings from Utah.

Fram Actual said...

White Bear has been becoming increasingly independent, Wind. He spends a lot of time playing with White Puppy and taking him for walks. I think he still is pouting because I would not allow him to go to Romania, although he seems to accept the fact that he is going nowhere for a while.

Never-the-less, I am nothing if I am not cautious. I have hidden all the credit cards, debit cards and check books, and I examine the computers and cell phone every day to make certain he has not found a way to obtain an airline ticket. There is no telling what this conniving, little, mischief maker might decide to do next, so I must maintain my vigilance.

Fram Actual said...

You know, Kaya, I was thinking about the many variations/differences in comment styles. I recall you writing once that "friends should support friends," or words to that effect. People have different ways of doing that, and in my case, I think I do it best by being honest with my opinions and thoughts. I know of other people who will say only complimentary things whether they feel that way or not. That style sort of falls under the category of an old standard: If you cannot say something nice, say nothing at all.

There have been occasions in my life when a relationship or a career has been harmed because I chose to be honest with my opinion or thought. So far, though, that has not stopped me from "telling it the way I see it."

At least people know I am paying attention that way.

Kaya said...

It's my second attempt to create a thoughtful answer on your comment.

Ok, I am trying one more time.

My thoughts about honesty. I wish I could be more free here on your blog but I can't at this point. And to be subtle isn't my way to express myself. I really got a dilemma, Fram.

I think honesty has two sides of a coin. There are situations in life when you can't be honest or you can destroy somebody's life or your life.

Also honesty is the way to loose some friends.... Honesty is wonderful when you say what is on your mind but can we truly say what is on our minds. I am not sure about it.

About support. I truly believe that encouraging somebody do more for this person than honesty. I had a student in my class, a girl who was very good in math and so, so in writing literary compositions. I was always giving her credits for trying her best. Generous credits and it worked.... She became much better with her writing skills. I wasn't completely honest with myself and this girl but what really mattered that I never ever put her down. What do you think about this, Fram?

Of course, I do respect people who are honest. I know how to deal with them. It's easy than other way....

It's good place to be here. I mean your blog, Fram. I think that we are all here to understand ourselves better and I am not exclusion.

Fram Actual said...

"Life is a matter of choices and
decisions ...."

I wrote those words in an email a few hours ago, and I think they might apply here, as well, Kaya. We can choose to be honest all of the time or we can make decisions when it might be better to be a bit less than fully truthful.

The example you gave about your student offers a case where the system you used worked, but, because it was never tried, it is impossible to know if complete openness about her writing ability would not have been equally or more effective.

I know in education today, there is a tendency to give all participants in a race a medal, for instance, or to give no one a failing grade. Personally, I think such ideas are bad ideas because they do not teach students how to handle adversity and defeat.

All people might be equal under the law and in the eyes of god, but they are not all equal in talent or skills or abilities. I was not the fastest man on my high school football team, but I was acknowledged as the hardest hitter. I built on the ability I had rather than weep about the ability I did not have.

Part of my thinking about honesty stems from my journalism background. It might be impossible to believe today, given the deterioration of both newspaper and television journalism, but reporters once took pride in offering facts rather than rumor and speculation.

Facts, facts, facts once formed the mantra of journalists. I still have a difficult time thinking any other way. This meant that opinions, too, were based on facts and not on feelings, and that there should be a line between the two. I bend or break that rule at times, but I try to make it clear when I do deviate from it.

Anyway, Kaya, I am happy you like coming here and that it might be beneficial to you in a personal way.

Something special ....