Wednesday, August 10, 2011

View from the patio

To sit outdoors throughout a day is very different than to sit indoors. Even if you catch glimpses of the same sights, feeling the heat of the sun and breathing the scent of flowers or freshly cut grass carried along on a soothing, gentle breeze creates a world that can never be duplicated within the four walls of a building. With a break in the heat and the humidity, this is what I saw in a continuous stream during my afternoon hours. Thousands of people, coming and going .... coming from where, going to where?

What if I were to tell you ....

What if I were to tell you that I am not real?

What if I were to tell you that I am an eighty-year-old grandmother of seven?

What if I were to tell you I am a seventeen-year-old boy who lives in Canada?

What if I were to tell you I am an alien who was stranded on Earth when my spacecraft crashed into Lake Superior?

What if I were to tell you I am Fram the First, who lived a thousand years ago and cannot escape this realm of mortals because of a curse placed upon me by Skuld, who was both a Norn and a Valkyrie?

What if I were to tell you I am a prison inmate sentenced to life behind bars without the possibility of parole? (That one made your heart skip a beat, did it not?)

What if I were to tell you I am White Bear and Fram is a figment of my imagination?

What if I were to tell you I am your next door neighbor and I am standing out in my yard waving to you right now?

What if I were to tell you everything you have read about me in my posts is a true and honest depiction of the man I believe myself to be? Take it (me) or leave it (me), this is me.

So, which of these segments do you believe .... or do you believe something else entirely? Maybe, my name actually is Dr. Victor Frankenstein and .... well, let us move on to an entirely different topic.

Someone wrote this to me today:

Maybe I don't even exist, maybe , in a mysterious way
I have already vanished...
It is a virtual space, a place where our personalities
are defined only by the words we say...
We are words...
This internet thing helps us hiding behind
words showing whatever we think we are.
The image you project in your mind about me
maybe it's what you want me to be.
This imaginary world is complicated.
We are only words, mixed with our inner feelings, expectations
a lot of wishes and with our great, never-ending, secret Dream.

Wonderful words, thoughts beautifully expressed, are they not? I am jealous.

My reply was a remark to this effect: "You are more than words because it is your nature to express yourself through art, and art cannot vanish, therefore, you cannot vanish."

As for me, I said to the writer of the note: "I am invisible because I do leave only words which can be erased. Add to that, I have no great, never-ending, secret Dream. Instead, I have an emptiness inside of me. I wander aimlessly, hoping to find a place/person to fill it."

And, this is true. This is reality, and I think there really is nothing to do about it other than to continue wandering -- even if it goes on forever.


Anonymous said...

You write good.

I think the last one of "you" is you...not the Frankenstein hehehhe but all of this is real YOU.

and the photo is very nice.Specially the airplane that is taken off to???????

that photo says more than a thousand words.It screams.Travelling!!and at the same time.Quietness.Aperson is viewing it all from the place he she is.

About the other things,to be or not be real.I think the best is to be honest and natural.that is the only way to be..Than no trouble will occur .no lies ect ect.

well as i sad in the other good morning coofee FRIELE is waiting for me..also a long hike in the green see you..and is very fun and nice too see all the beautiful people you attract with your post in this blog.

May you have a blessed day.


Fram Actual said...

Anita says: "It is very fun and nice too see all the beautiful people you attract with your post in this blog."

Fram says: "Hmmmmm .... apparently they are more invisible than I am, Anita. Well, at least I have you to count on for always stopping by for a visit."

Yes, I like my photograph of the aircraft and the symbolism of coming here and going to who knows where that it implies. Although I absolutely despise all the ridiculous red tape involved with air travel today, I have to admit I am somewhat anxious to be off and running again.

Truth and honesty in the blogs. I wonder how much of what appears is the truth and how much of it is hyperbole or even outright lies. Probably, a lot of the former and not so much of the latter.

Actually, though, you were wrong about me. I am an alien who crash landed my interstellar craft in Lake Superior. At least, some days I feel like that must be the case.

So, thank you, good and faithful Anita for coming around today.

Kaya said...

What if I were to tell you that.... I think in our virtual world it doesn't really matter if we were.... Or it matters? I really don't know. You are Fram and you write very well, you are also lately got wonderful inspiration from someone or something. That is what really matters. I wish this inspiration will stay with you for a long, long time.

And if you were a prison inmate sentenced to life behind bars It's also doesn't matter. Ok, it's just thoughts aloud and some answers on "if I were.."

We are our thoughts, our intentions, our dreams and desires. I know that our imagination can create absolutely false world. But this world can be wonderful. Is it so bad even for a while to live in this world? Even if later you will be knocked down by reality.

I "lost" a few my virtual blogger friends. They just not anymore continue to post on their blogs. I feel sad but at the same time I think that they enriched my life with some interesting experience.

Ok, I am going to finish here, Fram the First. I think it was written by Fram the Fist.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Kaya, I think it does matter -- not who we are or what we are, but if we actually are who and what we say we are. That is important, I think.

As for recently acquired inspiration, that might be today's reality and, if it is, I am certain it is just for the moment. The question is, how long will the moment last?

I enjoy playing and teasing and writing silly things at times, but mostly I am very serious about what I write. I think I bend reality, but I do not think I break it. Someone told me not too long ago that I was serious even when I was joking, and that is true. When it gets right down to it, I think I am incapable of being any other way.

Whatever .... as I mentioned in a comment recently on the blog of a photographer in Utah, one person's fantasy is another person's realty. It could be you noticed that comment? It is absolutely true, you know. And, I have proved it to other people more than once in my life.

By the way, Kaya, I know what you mean about losing some virtual blogger friends. There once was a girl from Vilnius who wrote about things like her father, her teenage crushes, her journey through Warsaw to obtain a visa to come to America. She vanished from the sea of blogs, too, and I feel sad about not being able to read more of her amazing adventures.

As for who wrote my post, I have been diving in Lake Superior during the past week trying to recover my lost interstellar spacecraft, so it could not have been me. Perhaps, it was White Bear or, as you suggest, Fram the First. Someone always must keep an eye on those guys.

Wind said...

I think that as soon as we are here on this virtual world, in the middle of nowhere, we take this risk. To meet people
with different identity than say they have. So, Fram or White Bear or Mr. Alien or Whatever eighty year old grandmother must be
I enjoy coming here and I will take the chance or the risk to stay (virtually) on your patio.
And I don't think that our imagination create a false world, Kaya...maybe a ideal world,
maybe a dreamland, maybe a world filled up with that Great Dream. Imagination is our free way and (in my opinion) reality is a space where we have to manage things whether we like it or not. Sometimes - and not very often - maybe we are lucky enough to chose our path.Good or bad,
we have to chose and after, to solve the problems or to enjoy the path .
Anyway, here , on internet , blogging or whatever you call this activity, I found a world full of loneliness .
But wonderful. Special people , but lonely, coming , going.. seeking for whatever they can not find elsewhere...
maybe their soulmate, maybe a perfect friendship, maybe a different reality....and yes, here we are only what we say we are, what we believe we are, only words and it depends on each and anyone to be fair with this.
...and words can not be erased no matter how much you want this.
Excuse my english.
My best regards from Romania, Fram or Bear or Alien!
Too much words , isn't it?

Kaya said...

Hi everybody,

Wind, an ideal world doesn't exist and that is why it might be considered easy as a false world. ( a false world in our imagination).

Yes, once upon a time I decided to say my own story as truthful as I could, Fram and I didn't have a courage to go to the end with this story. No regrets whatsoever about my posts. Yes, to be honest I miss your comments on my Russian blog. And I will miss them. It was the best part of all adventure with my story. This girl who went through all her troubles and difficulties is gone.

When I read about that one person fantasy is another person reality I agreed immediately. That is true but... I can fantasize about many things and some of them can come true. It is like sending to Universe a message about your desires and wishes or something like this. That is like pursuing your dream or fantasy and finally getting close to it. Of course you have to be realistic and sensible and....

Ohh, it's getting too long.

Anita, you made me dream about vacation or fantasize. I also want to escape from my job and go to the nice and beautiful place and have a long and relaxing vacation.

I wish everybody a nice and pleasant day. And creative.

Fram Actual said...

I have been thinking about your comment very seriously, Wind. Does that surprise you? Yes, I am teasing again ....

I think you are very wise. That, I decided some time ago. But, I also think you are very practical. That, I have suspected for some time, but am now becoming sure.

With these words, I am beginning to draw the conclusion that you are one of those people who finds ways to solve your problems because you enjoy much of your chosen path. In the least, I think you enjoy your present life enough so that the problems you encounter are not so great as to make you attempt to change your life dramatically.

I do not disagree with anything you wrote. And, there is not a person who comes here now or has come in the past who I would not like to meet, face-to-face, and get to know them on an even more personal level. Who knows where such a meeting might lead?

Speaking for myself, though, I want to say it has never been loneliness which brought me here or keeps me here. It has been what you allude to: Maybe, for me, a bit less than a soul mate, but more than a perfect friendship. I have thought of my time here as a search for some manner of Holy Grail in the form of a woman. I am like Percival and, later, Galahad, except my grail is in the persona of an earthly angel.

Of course, my earthly angel is a subjective creature; whether fantasy or reality, it is impossible to know. But, if a person (such as I) is to spend his time searching for something, tell me, if you are able, something more worthwhile to search for than an earthly angel.

Your English is fine, Wind. And, you have not written too many words. I appreciate and enjoy each and every one of them.

Fram Actual said...

Whether or not an "ideal world" exists rests with whomever is writing its definition, I think, Kaya.

For me, it goes back to my "happiness is momentary" precept. There have been periods when "my world" has seemed ideal: A content marriage, good health, challenging work, plenty of money, a few good friends, self-satisfaction. Toss into that mix a home like my once-upon-a-time Sanctuary/Refuge where the rest of the world can be locked out, and, hence, a perfect, ideal, Garden of Eden world. But, of course, such a world is only temporary.

Well, if the "girl who went through all her troubles and difficulties" should ever continue her tale, make certain you send me the rest of her story.

Life is a gamble, a lottery. If a person is willing to risk everything, he possibly will win everything. In such a manner is (almost?) every fantasy a possible (even probable?) reality. Some examples on a minor scale: I have gotten a job for which nearly a thousand people applied. I have won the heart of a girl who every man who saw her fell in love with instantly. I have lived where everyone else around me has died.

For the person who is willing to risk absolutely everything, including life itself, there always is the possibility his dream, his fantasy, his vision will become reality. But, to sort of repeat myself, even every reality is only temporary.

And, no, to you, too, Kaya. You did not write too much. I appreciate and enjoy your words.

Something special ....