Thursday, July 7, 2011

To dream or not to dream

I was outside working. Honestly. It has been a busy few weeks for me. Then, I made the mistake of walking by White Bear who was up to his usual antics -- lounging about, reading, watching Wild West films, sitting under the shade of our own magical "guardian tree," drinking my liquors and wearing my watches. Well, what can I say? The little rascal told me to take his photograph again. "No one has seen me for weeks!" he exclaimed. "I am sure they miss me. Go get 'our' camera." So, here he is, White Bear, on the evening of July 6, 2011. He picked the music for this post, too. He said although we have used this song with its utterly fantastic guitar work in the past in a live, onstage version, he thought it would blend in with our mood and would fit in with this post and our next one, which are related, although it might not seem that way to a casual observer.

 Reoccuring dreams .... one more time

Reoccuring dreams are fascinating, to me, and I sometimes write about mine. Right now is another "sometime."

In my most recent, I am driving my Suburban along a lakeshore. There are familiar landmarks here and there, but, essentially, it seems like a place unknown to me. There are homes along much of the shoreline, but as I round a ninety-degree curve, I arrive at an open area several yards in length. I pull in and park, facing the lake. As I shut off the engine and look out over the lake, I glance in the rear-view mirror and see a blue, pickup truck come round the bend and continue on down the road. There, the dream fades away.

I had this same dream a number of times when, abruptly, several nights ago, the blue, pickup truck turns in beside me and parks. The dream ends. A few nights later, the same thing occurred, but, this time, rather than park next to me, the blue pickup continues on and cautiously proceeds over and down a steep but passable incline, and continues a short distance to the actual waterline of the lake. Here, endeth the dream -- slowly and calmly.

Then, last night, the blue, pickup truck stops to the side and the front of me, blocking my view of the lake. I spend a few moments debating whether or not I should get out of my Suburban and confront the driver of the blue pickup about his rudeness.

You know me. (You do, do you not?) There is no reason for self-debate. I would confront the devil himself if he blocked my view of a lake. I exit my Suburban and walk to the driver's side of the blue, pickup truck. The window is up. All I see is a reflection in the glass as I rap on it. The window stays up. I rap again. Nothing happens. I lean down and move next to the glass so I can see beyond the reflection and into the blue pickup. It is empty. No one is inside of it; no one had been driving it.

This startled me very, very much. I awoke with a literal leap into the air -- shuddering, sweating, wondering where I was at and why no one was with me.


Anonymous said...

nice cosy little red house and the little bear..where is it??the internet allouds me only for a few minites here so i can not read it all..seems soo relaxing perfect home and greeen grass on the country..hope you enjoy jourself!!!

Kaya said...

Of course to dream. Always to dream. This is a very nice post, Fram,

Loving you little White Bear. He seems so cosy in this canvas chair. And he picked a great music. He has a good taste.

This is a nice place where you live Fram. This place is so green and fresh. And I like this huge old tree, it gives a special touch to this nice place.


Anonymous said...

it is crazy with the gun and the drinks fram....but i love the music!!!

Fram Actual said...

The "nice cosy little red house" in reality is a nice, little, red barn in the back yard of the house in which I now live, Anita. It serves as a storage building for odds and ends, such as yard tools.

This is a quiet, suburban neighborhood, but downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul are only about ten or twelve miles away, and it takes little more than ten minutes to drive from here to Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

Enjoyment is beside the point. I am here for a while in any case. But, thank you, for the wish.

Crazy?? You say crazy? You must remember, I have been in the Marine Corps, and White Bear is evolving into a Wild West gunslinger.

Yes, about the song. As I often say, I think Boston is the greatest band of the rock and roll era, and this is my second favorite song by/from Boston.

Hope you are having fun on your vacation.

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Kaya. If you have any interpretation/analysis about this dream, I would be interested in hearing it.

Yes, I envy White Bear. He is multi-talented, multi-faceted, as handsome as a film star, a gifted athlete and has a brilliant mind. One of these days, I am afraid he will stumble across a pot of gold (he is amazingly lucky, too), and will wave goodbye to me as he sets out to explore the world.

And the tree. It is fantastic, I think. I never have seen another quite like it. I wish the background was more appropriate to its beauty, instead of mere neighborhood, suburban yards. I might try to take a photograph of it sometime. What the tree needs is a photographer with excellent skills to do it justice.

The house is an ordinary, commonplace, suburban structure, but it is nice in most respects and will serve me for as long as I need to use it.

Hope your day is going fine for you.

Kaya said...

I learned two days ago that Minneapolis and Saint Paul are the two biggest cities in Minnesota and that is why they are called the Twin Cities. I didn't know it.

For the big city this is a very nice suburban area where you live.

And your White Bear is just fantastic!!!!!! He has so many amazing qualities. I think I like him more and more..... And I hope that he would never ever wave goodbye to you and leave to explore the world.

About the dreams. I wish I could interpret them but....

Have a nice evening, Fram!

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Kaya. For most practical purposes, the Twin Cities are across the Mississippi River from each other. When the entire population of what is called the seven-county, metropolitan area is included, there are about three and one-half million people living here.

White Bear is an adventurous guy, so one cannot predict what he will do next, but I think we will remain close together.

I cannot resist looking for meaning and symbolism and associations in my dreams. Most of them, I think, are related to events which I am either thinking about or actually experiencing. Dreams are fascinating.

Yes, the evening has been very nice. Thank you.

Wind said...

The sun is trying to rise ....the sky have some sort of pink and orange mixed with blue in it....
The air is somehow colder only for few seconds...
From the lake ( next to my house is a park with a lake)came the morning cries of seagulls.
I think that everybody is sleeping , it is 6 am.
How to make this moment stay forever?
I can't!
The day will start, the car will be there on the street...
It is Friday.
My best regards to you from Romania!

Fram Actual said...

Well, my evening just became even nicer with a visit from Wind. Thank you, for your early-morning (for you) flight to write me a note as my evening turns into night.

You are a poet as well as a photographer and an artist, I see. I guess I knew that already from reading your posts, but it is enjoyable to see your expressions of inner self meeting the outer world here on my page.

Come back later, and listen to the song I am posting tonight. It speaks of yesterdays and tomorrows, and the impossibilities of freezing a single moment of time forever.

In the meanwhile, I hope your Friday will be everything you wish it to be, Wind.

Something special ....