Monday, June 6, 2011

Thinking, planning, listening ....

A riddle: What do a photograph of a storm cloud over a harbour, a twenty-two-year-old sort of love song by a British rock band called "Bad Company," a song proclaiming freedom by a Russian rock band and still another song about the "Wind of Change" by a German rock band performed during a concert in Poland have in common?


Kaya said...

Wow!!!!! Welcome back to the world of blogs, Fram!!!!

That is a great title. Thinking, planning and listening...

I think I do recently only thinking and listening.

This is absolutely beautiful photograph of a storm cloud. Sky is quiet dramatic. i wouldn't want to be in this place with the sky like that.

And I love Scorpions a lot. They are my favorites. This song Wind of Change is very good, really good.

And of course my favorite Kipelov. He is free and i am not.....

I am looking for more posts, Fram.

Derek said...

LOVE this song! And your blog! Check out mine, I'm currently following you :P

Fram Actual said...

No, Kaya, this is not a "real" return -- only a visit to a place where I once lived. I do have a habit, though, of returning to my former haunts, so this place might undergo renovation in the not-to-distant future.

The photograph is from a scenic overlook approaching Duluth, Minnesota, from the south. The water in the foreground is the St. Louis River, once the domain of fur traders and explorers. In the distance is The Lake of the Sioux, as the French knew it; Lake Superior as we now know it. A few moments after this photograph was taken, the clouds unleashed an absolute torrent of rain that might still be going on today. I left and drove out of it.

Yes, I have stolen your Russian band and have sent a link to it to friends in Michigan and the Dakotas and Montana.

None of us are free, Kaya. It is just that some of us pretend we are and act like we are and dare the rest of the world to try to take our illusion away from us.

The posts will be slow to come, but, thank you, for liking them.

Fram Actual said...

First, I like your shades, Derek. They remind me of me.

Next, I am glad to hear you like this sort of music. It will last longer than any of us will.

Finally, I will stop by your blog during my tomorrow. See you then. In the meanwhile, thanks, for the visit and the comment.

Anonymous said...

Nice.when i look at the photo my soul a different landscape my place has become.where is the indians?the tippies..ahh what has become of the world..

awsome video the first one..bad company..i have favouritet it at my u tube station...

i dont know about the riddle..but it must be something you have in your mind.

thanx for nice post..see you around..dejau viu!!))

Fram Actual said...

Oh, there still are Native Americans here and there around The Lake, Anita, mostly Ojibway on the Minnesota side. They pushed the Sioux out, who had pushed out earlier, unknown cultures which had arrived after the last ice age. Nothing lasts forever.

I have seen no posts from Cyprus. It appears I am not the only one in hiding.

Yes, all these bands are great ones and enjoyable to hear.

Deja vu, again and again and again ....

Kaya said...

Not a real return??????..... It sounds sad when you say about this blog that it was once the place where you "lived". Of course, it can mean many different things and we will never know what they are. Ahh, let it be as it is....

By the way I enjoy your selection of music. I listened again Scorpions and Kipelov. They set my mood for this day perfectly.

Fram Actual said...

What I was thinking when I wrote that this blog was a place where I once "lived," Kaya, was that coming to the blog was part of my near-daily routine to see who might have visited me and who had put up a new post of their own. Now, I have not been writing here and have not even been here to see what is new among other bloggers for several days at a time.

I have changed, so it has changed for me.

If I return to this sea of blogs on a regular basis, I think I will adopt a new venue rather than return to the old.

Do you have any suggestions how I might obtain a CD or a DVD of your Russian rockers -- one which includes this song?

Kaya said...

Fram, I know that you have changed. I know that it didn't come to you easy. Everybody who read your last several posts would understand it.

Some day I will do the same. I will take a long, long break from my blogs and try to clear my mind and return back to see with a different eyes where I was and where I go. Some day.... I will have a courage to do that. I am thinking about it every day.

I think you can find a CD or a DVD of this Russian rock singer on Amazon. Try first Amazon. They have everything, almost everything.

Fram Actual said...

Our individual lives are nothing more than a series of experiments. Some succeed. Some fail. All ultimately fail in the sense that death eventually will interrupt even an experiment which might be a success in all regards.

I recall having a drink with a man who was smiling and saying he had never felt better or been happier in his life. His work was going fine, his marriage was successful, his child was doing great in school. I knew him well enough to understand that he was being genuine and sincere. Less than forty-eight hours later, he was dead from a massive heart attack. I guess the moral is never become too healthy or too happy or wait too long before running after a rainbow.

Sometimes the obvious escapes me. I found your rock singer both on Amazon and on e-Bay and, since I am more accustomed to "playing" on e-Bay, ordered a CD there. Thank you, for the advice, Kaya.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.activity on your blog again!??nice...heheh

yeah..i have to look for those indians..

Cypruz.Tell ya the truth.Iam sooo tired of the almot makes me puke staing on to that was my last post for a while..iam leaving the 27 juni with the plane from here at 12.40..and staying for 3 weeks.would you like to join me??i tell you..we could have alot of fun..driving around visiting those old monuments of the ancient cypruz..

I dont know if i ever will come back to that blog..Iam soo tired of exhibition of myself..wanne be in peace ,silence if you understand me..But however..winther is terrible for me..and i may be write with a few friends then..

i lost 10 kilos not staying on the net!!Cant belive i was on FB twiter ect is a foolish place..all of it just egoism egoism..

Have you found your self a woman yet??i have not found a man..and have given up those plans is just a foolish thing..better be last that is forever,,may be..Better be..not extremly happy,not extremly sad..just in the middle of the road!!

well have a nice time with your friends.and i go out in the nature(I found a new secret wood..very beautiful!!the lake is juuust soo sit and meditate just over beauty of it..the prettiness of how a bird can the skyes change..the sound of water and and much more!!

Fram Actual said...

Here I thought you already were in Cyprus, Anita, and instead you simply are avoiding the sea of blogs.

Thanks, for the suggestion that I accompany you, but there will be no vacation for me this summer. I am tied up with some business that must be seen through to the finish.

Some day, I would like to visit the island, though, and to walk in the footsteps of the Templars. In some ways, they were the Marine Corps of their times.

I sort of agree with you about thinking more in terms of friendships than in terms of a permanent, fulltime companion. Actually, I am not looking for one special woman in my life at the moment, but, if I walk around a corner someday and bump into "her," I will not run away.

I also agree with you that winter -- which usually means hibernation for me -- is the best time to roam the internet. By the way, in a few days I will be hibernating from my blog for a while again. I need to concentrate on other things and other places.

As always, thank you, for visiting with me, Anita.

Kaya said...

Hi Fram,

You wrote that some people succeeded and some failed. I don't know about you but I really don't know how to deal with success. I think I am better at failure. It makes me stronger. Yesterday, I thought about what you said about the death. It's a failure, isn't it? Never thought this way.

This is a sad story about a man who died from heart attack. When I read or hear stories like this I think that there is a message in them. I know what you wanted to say by telling this story and I agree with you.

I found once an interesting thought in a blog. Don't wait and things will come to you. But you have to be sincere about it. I mean not cheat on you saying that you don't wait and still waiting. Just don't wait..... What do you think about this?

I wanted to share with you this thought. Nothing special but it touched me.

We had again heavy rain during last nigh and I thought about this odd weather. Our mountain rivers are overflowing. That is very unusual. A little scary...

Fram Actual said...

I am not sure I made myself clear, Kaya. I was not trying to say that some people succeed and some fail, but, rather, that each of our endeavors in life is an experiment in which we sometimes succeed and we sometimes fail. For instance, each job we take is an experiment. Each relationship we enter is an experiment. Each vacation we take is an experiment.

I am not certain where I would go after making that point, other than to state the obvious: There is nothing fair about life, and how we meet our successes and our failures is central to ourselves and to the people who are part of our lives.

As for your thought, "Don't wait and things will come to you," I think there is a certain amount of truth in that philosophy. It sort of reminds me of the poker player's mantra: You gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.

Besides being experiments, the actions we take often are gambles, and the outcomes never can be predicted with absolute accuracy. Personally, in most regards I am cautious. I do not leap from the precipice without having researched what lies below as thoroughly as possible.

So often, decisions, I think, must be categorized. For instance, I generally am a risk taker physically, but very guarded and conservative emotionally.

Rain, rain, go to Arizona and Texas where you are needed. The Missouri and other rivers from Montana through the Dakotas and Nebraska and beyond are higher than in recorded history, and the snow melt is yet to come in the northern Rockies. The only thing a raging river above flood stage is good for is running in a canoe. Otherwise, build and stay on high ground.

Kaya said...

Good morning Fram,

How was your Saturday? My Saturday was good in a sense that I was around many people. Listened to the Greek music, watched people dancing Greek dances, later joined them to dance and didn't care do I dance ok and not. My community is a Greek community. I know it's odd but we share one religion; Orthodox. Sometimes I think that I am living in a Greek America.

I am not sure that you are planning to return to the blog's world. It seems that you lost interest. Am I right? To tell you that I like your writing is to tell nothing. I think I like the way you think and the way how you express yourself. It's different. It touches you. I think that from all personal blogs I read yours is the most interesting because behind your words and thought there is a real person who isn't afraid to tell what he thinks and feels. Yes, sometimes your opinions are quiet strong and shocking but that is what makes your writing not boring. And I think you are honest in your writing. No pretense whatsoever.

I wanted to say it to you long time ago but I couldn't find a good moment. Of course, not sure that this is a good moment also.

Have a nice Sunday!!!!

Fram Actual said...

How was my Saturday? she asks.

It was so long ago, I already have forgotten. Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it definitely was not as exciting or as interesting as was your day, Kaya.

I do not think there have been enough Greeks to form a community anywhere I have lived. I am more used to ethnic events and celebrations centering around northern European cultures. In fact, when I think of Greek dancing, my mind is forced to drift until it arrives at the old film, "Zorba, the Greek." Did you smash any plates?

By coincidence, I did some reading recently regarding the historical schisms which resulted in the division of the "one church" and the creation of the Orthodox element.

As for my blog. My departure comes from two reasons. As you said, a loss of interest is part of it. More importantly, I think, is that I have had business to attend to which occupies more time than I have been used to giving and I have other areas of interest into which I want to devote more time and energy and "creative" thought.

Thank you, for your compliments about my way of writing and my manner of expressing my thoughts and feelings. Perhaps, these things are the way they are for two reasons. I think no person is either better or less than myself, and, in terms of humanity, is equal to myself. Consequently, I try to give openness and honesty in what I write here because it is what I expect in return.

The second reason is because I am without a companion, so I have no person standing next to me with whom I can discuss the thoughts that flow through my mind. A voice needs an outlet. This place often has been mine.

I suppose I could say more, but that is enough for now. And, I am going to disappear for a while again. I came back to the blogs and have been here for a week. Now, I need to leave and to do other things and to think about other things again for a while.

Finally, I generally believe that any moment is a good moment for speaking one's mind. Therefore, thank you, for speaking your mind, Kaya.

So, Sunday and I take temporary leave ....

Kaya said...

Hi Fram,

Thank you very much for your kind and very nice words in your comments. They mean a lot to me.

I remember the movie Greek Zorba. It's a great movie and a very interesting character. No, I didn't smash any plates. By the way they were paper plates.

It's interesting to know what you think about Orthodoxy in general.

About writing. Why not to post something short and share with us what you are thinking and listening to again? And perhaps a little of poetry. Ok, I have to say that I am selfish. That is what I want and not you.

Tomorrow my day off and I am going hiking. Do you have hiking trails where you live? Do you have mountains? Do you like hike? I like hike with friends or without. It will be my third hike this spring. This time I am going by myself and I love it.

About your title which I like a lot. I have to learn from you how to make short titles which can say a lot. There is only three words in your title and they hook your attention immediately. "Thinking" and you say to yourself, "Interesting, what he is thinking about?" "Planning" you immediately think when did you last plan something important. And finally " listening".... And that is it you hooked completely.

Very best from me to you and your Polish Teddy Bear.

By the way how is doing?

Fram Actual said...

So, Kaya returns with more thoughts and a few questions. All right. Here goes:

I guess at this point in time, I would have no opinion about any form of religion. My curiosity in relationship to the Orthodox Church did not center round what it is, but, rather, about how or why it came to be and upon some of the stages of its evolution. In a sentence, I wanted to know a bit more about it in a historical context. Therefore, I have no thoughts to offer regarding its significance.

"Walking over" to hiking, there are many, many hiking trails in Minnesota. Some, I think, even range up to a couple of hundred miles. Some are also biking trails. There are no mountains here. As for me, no, I am not much of a hiker. I have walked significant distances while in the Marine Corps and as a hunter, but have never been a hiker per se. I prefer water travel.

Next: My personal history includes writing headlines for newspaper stories, so the habit of trying to write an "attention grabber" probably blends into my style of composing titles for my posts.

And, as for your suggestion about occasional posts with a taste of poetry or a touch of music, I have done that in the past and, most likely, will do it again in the future.

However, White Bear and I have other projects in motion at the moment, so our time is pretty much occupied and focused on those endeavors, as well as on resolving some personal problems in our lives. Our attention needs to be concentrated on a single path at the moment. So, you will see less of us for a while again after today. We might re-appear around June 25 -- but, if we do, once again it will be only briefly.

Good luck, with your photographic efforts, Kaya. The Bear and The Wolf will peek in on them at times.

Something special ....