Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A simple matter of priorities

If you do not recognize this fellow, you are beyond help ....

So, what else is new?

I suppose I could lie and write here that I took a hop, a skip and a jump way up north a few days ago to the shores of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and then had taken this photograph.

But, anyone who has read me here during the past two-plus years knows that I am not a fan of the politics or the policies of Barack Obama, and I would have to be paid to attend an event in which he was speaking. It would have been evident that I was lying.

(It is possible I might have voted for Hilary, though, had the circumstances been different.)

And, anyone who has read me here during the past two years might recall that I dropped out of the tedious world of journalism in May 2009, so I had absolutely no reason to put in an appearance there as a newsman. Once again, it would have been evident that I was lying.

(Who knows? I might decide to give journalism another whirl around the dance floor. After all, I have come from it and gone back to it a few times in the past. Mostly for money, not for love, I hope you understand.)

So, no. I was not present at the Obama event to take the photograph you see here today.

(Not too shabby a shot, though, hah? Excellent work, Tommy .... hmmmm .... Tommy? Yeh, well, ok ..... a professional is a professional is a professional -- from beginning to end.)

The fact of the matter, to talk like a politician talks, is that there remains one other surviving member of the Michigan version of the "wild bunch" in addition to me, and our photo today was taken by the other. He sent it to me to taunt me. He is a liberal, you see, while I am .... well .... sort of a conservative. By the way, the photo is copyrighted, so please, treat it appropriately.

Anyway, had I been in town when the President was there, undoubtedly, I would have spent the day in a canoe on The Lake rather than listening to his endless, empty chatter. It simply is a matter of selecting one's priorities. With that, we shall adjourn to the next item on the agenda.

Notes from the land of snow

My posts are becoming infrequent, intentionally, I might add, so that I spend more time working on other projects. Yes, this means establishing priorities. Sort of the here today, gone tomorrow concept. So, with that in mind, here are a couple of things I have mentioned in comments, but not in an actual post:

I will be staying in this townhouse in March and April and, probably, May. I received a message from the owner last week stating I could stay as long as I wished. He gave no explanation, and, simply, I do not care what the reason. My assumption is that this will make the next few months a bit easier for me.

Next, I am in the process of securing a house in suburban St. Paul. It is about twenty miles from the downtown Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I anticipate moving in toward the end of May, no later than June 1.

This house will become my "fire base," as it were, for the next year or two or three. I probably will rent out either the upstairs or the basement next autumn, depending on the circumstances, and use one or the other as a place to store my own personal possessions and to "camp out" when I am in and around Minnesota.

Sometime in the autumn, most like late September or early October, I will take to the road again, in a manner of speaking. If I remain in America during the Winter months, it will be in a location where the sun shines and the temperature is considerably warmer than it is here-abouts and ice only exists in refrigerators. I think I would look good with a year-round tan.

Anyway, that is the way life is shaping up for me at this moment. With hindsight, I should have left this region last November and returned in March to do the business required of me here, but, at least, I will have accomplished a few things by remaining here during this long, cold, snowy Winter. To this, we can add about a foot of snow just fallen during the past thirty-six hours. Uff da.

Finally, do you have an hour to spare? Whatever .... if you do not recognize this rock opera, you are beyond help ....


Anita said...

Hi!!..i think That St.Paul is beautiful..i googled the city and it has nmany nice buildings!!

Yesterday I was not soo much on the internet(It is becomoing a bit boring to me)But i like to email with friends like you soo here iam again!!:))

It is good you have stalked up a path.then you can relax a bit and think of other things to do..

today we have sun again and yes i will sit by the house and have some sun again today..reading more from the giants..Maybe i take a walk and take some pictures may be not..Iam not so much about to show off these days..i quess i have found some piece in my own..and relaxing with good bloggfriends like you:)

well se you later then maybe:))

Ps,,about Obama..I really dont know..arent he just being told what to say and do?But what happens in the middle east nowa days sure is interesting..war freedom war and what do they get?

do you really think it will be a democratic state in those Liberian and egypts land?I dont think so.It seems to me the people living there has a whole of differnet views about democracy and freedom than we have..but that Gaddafi must go..dont you think so?

ok see you later:))

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita, there are beautiful areas in St. Paul, but, again, I am more interested in new places and new experiences.

I went on a ship-board vacation a few years ago which included one-day stops at Tangier, Algiers and Tunis, but I have no real educational knowledge, experience or interest in the Middle East or the north of Africa. Translated, that means I have no solid foundation on which to offer an opinion about current events in the region other than to say I think the worst is yet to come. But, I think such is the case for people everywhere.

Thanks, for the visit. You seem to be my only "regular" these days.

Anita said...

Fram..you know people come and go and post on your site..sometimes many are posting sometimes only me..so is life and so is life on my blogg..sometimes i think people only are interesd in fun and not seroius things..but agaian so is life..

It is going to be a hell time down in Libya I quess..I just wonder how it will affect the world economy.

Ok..see you later..:)))

Pssst about experiences and new places..i think everyone should visit a new place at least one time in the year:))

Fram Actual said...

I guess I was only stating the obvious, Anita, and expressing a thought I frequent write in my posts: The sea of blogs is only a pathway to a doorway, not an actual doorway itself. I guess I was also saying thank you, for taking the time to visit me.

If I had to select a single word to describe myself, I think I would choose "serious." The only question to me is the definition of fun, and whether it involves learning or wasting time walking around in a circle.

Yes, to visit a new place every year would seem to be a good habit to develop. A good thought.

Anita said...

of course i take the time to write to you..you are the only one i spend my time on here on the blogs..and if you see in the statistic you can see how many times i have visited you..In the beginning and until now..I find you very peacefully and enjoyable to talk to....and that i think many more agree with me on..

Today we have this snow storm hurricane again..My god the winther never will let go..Iam sooo tired of winther..falling on the ice..the cold..not able to go out..ect ect..Next year I will not have it like this if it is possible.i should have the vacation for at least 2 months and go tto a warm place..i also want to visit minnesota.but the best time is in spring is it not?Because you have the same weather as we have mostly.

Well i have to look at the world news now and see you later:))

thanx for nice comment on my blog..The boats are very old and some places I did not allow to photograoh because of the security.Many people steal and wants to destroy those old things..dont know really why..It must be the enemy withim themselves that wants to destroy beutiful things

Fram Actual said...

You are very complimentary with your words, Anita. Thank you.

As for statistics, if you mean one of those counters which records how many individuals visit your blog and where they are located, I do not use one. The only gauges I use are the comments. From my point of view, if someone comes but does not comment, it means no more than to pass a person on a street and without uttering a "good day" or a "hey" or a "hi."

Whatever, I think it might be time for me to set up camp in a nicer climate. I agree with you. Too much snow and cold this year. As for Minnesota, in as much as I can tell, your Winter and Winter here seem to be pretty much the same. I think Autumn probably is the best season anywhere in the northern hemisphere, with Spring the next on the list of preferred seasons.

I do not believe in preservation for the sake of preservation, but that which has been taken care of for generations deserves continued care. In your last sentence, you wrote: "Many people steal and want to destroy those old things .... don't know really why .... It must be the enemy within themselves that wants to destroy beautiful things."

Your words really started my mind stirring when I read them. With the literal rioting that has been going on in Greece over economic issues and in Egypt or Libya over "so-called" freedom issues, it is clear to see, as some historians (and others) have observed, that the "veneer of civilization is very thin." Mob rule is not democracy.

Anyway, Anita, you really got me thinking about life, civilization and the future. And, now it is time to run some errands.

Anita said...

Thank you..sometimes good thing comes out of my mouth..nice!!))

(Also thinking of that king abdullah is shivering in his home.God the whole arabia is on fire!!)

Now we have storm here..but i am tired of winther soo i will upload more sunshie photoes just to stimulate my mind..See you later!!

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita. I think you are very intelligent and demonstrate a great deal of common sense.

Not only is the whole of Arabia on fire, but so is Europe and America, but in these places the flames still smolder beneath the surface, and are not visible to those who spend their days looking at themselves in the mirror and telling themselves how wonderful they are.

Just think, soon it will be March and Spring once more.

Fram Actual said...

P.S. I received an email from my buddy, Tommy. It said:

"Either you have a lousy blog, or nobody there knows the difference between a professional photograph and a snapshot. Just like the Packers and the Vikings. Professionals and amateurs."

Actually, I cut the last sentence from his email. It was sort of nasty.

Tommy is a professional photographer, and has the credentials and the credits and the checking account to demonstrate it. I guess I can understand why he is annoyed that there has been not a single word about his shot of Barack Obama, and I agree with him. It must be because the blog is lousy.

So, all right. Winding down. Two or three more posts which are in the works. Then ....

Anita said...

Hmmmm..your friend took that picture of Obama?Great..!!

As I told you before people only wants to see darling things smiles a dream away thing..They dont want reality..at least only a few likes it..i dont know why people are not interested in the world we are living in..You see if I take a picture of myself in a kind of nudety photo..i got many visitors..(Yeah man!!)

But if i post something i like and is burning for nobody cares at all..well so is life..May be it is bec we are tired of the shit thats goes on in the world,,People want happy things to see in their free time..I think!!:))

The weather still is bad with rain, grey skies and depressing.

Have to go to the library now and work again this night :))See you later

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita. The subject of the first half of the post was that President Barack Obama was in Marquette, Michigan, and that my friend, Tommy, who is a professional photographer, took some shots and sent me one because he knows I am a political conservative and do not agree with Obama about much of anything.

Anyway .... I think your analysis regarding the blogs is largely correct. I have always thought the same, and said as much in different words. I also have said many times in my posts that anyone who blogs should do it for themselves, whatever their reason, and if anyone else visits and reads and comments, so much the better.

The bottom line for me right now is that I think I need to do more than cut back on how often I post, and after publishing two or three more which I already have begun, I will take a vacation from posting on the sea of blogs. I did not post for three months last year. So, why not do the same this year?

Anita said...

Well i understand you very good..it is becoming boring agree?nothing new..nothing fresh..

i think soon i will close down my blog.too.just have it for my own to publish private things..

May be i will come back later may be not..i still not sure what to do..

But..I think -i will kiss you..I mean miss you!!:)))

Fram Actual said...

Yes, sort of boring, and I would rather be thinking about other things at the moment. I do have two or three more posts to come, and then it will be time for a break.

But, Anita, if you continue with your blog, I will be sure to visit it.

I hope your night of work is going well for you.

Anita said...

Well Fram..i am bored too..Iam so sick of this online service but in the same time addicted to it..

I hope your time when you end it here will bee good for you..And i am sure you will do it good outside the web..may be get in touch some other time..who knows?

Okk..iam going homew to sleep..may you have a happy day:)

Maddalena said...

Oh, it is not a lousy blog, it is a great blog of my great friend!

Sending hugs to you and to White Bear, Frammy!

Still winter here.

Jack said...

And from me, and from me, many hugs!

Take care, man!

Peggy said...

Greetings from Toronto Fram!

Why am I not surprised about your political views? LOL - I would have expected no different as it fits with the image I have of you in my mind.

As for the photo - I was not impressed and only comment because of the lines from the note your friend sent you. It was clearly a professional photo (as anyone could tell) but one any number of the hundreds of photogs could have taken equally proficiently given access to the subject. One does not wax lyrical over store bought bread. That the man had the audacity to in as much as call your blog lousy - I can only observe that the man knows nothing.

I agree with the idea of warmer temps next winter - and am planning an extended holiday to start in February 2012 - and I vow I will be in a warmer climate for the rest of the winter!

Lastly, thanks for reminding me about The Who and Tommy. I don't have an hour now, but have hit the "Watch Later" button. Great idea for You Tube to add that feature.

Enjoy your day - lets hope less snowy days are not to far off.

Fram Actual said...

My only addiction has been to tobacco, Anita, and it was a heavy addiction, but I lost it in the amount of time it takes to draw a single breath. It is said here in America that addiction to tobacco is more difficult to lose than addiction to any narcotic. So, surely, the blogs are nothing more than one-half of a single breath to discard.

The point to me is this: Leave if you wish; remain if you wish; or simply take a vacation from it if you wish. In any case, in the overall scheme of life, the blogs are no more important to most of us than .... than to what?

Anyway, I am not difficult to find at this point in time, and even if I do not post, I will look to see who is active on the sea of blogs and who is absent. I am not the sort who turns his back and walks away unless I am sent away.

Have an good day and rest well.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, beautiful one, I do not think it is a lousy blog, either, but the photographer has a habit of giving me a rough time about everything and anything. He is an excellent photographer, but, like me, has never been willing to sell his soul. At least, beyond a certain point.

I have been keeping track of your Winter, and see that I usually have been the lucky one the past week or two in terms of the weather. When I saw the tempertures in Warsaw recently, I recalled my walk between The Apartment and the bank when my camera literally froze and would not work.

Soon, it will be Spring, and then Summer, which I look forward to this year.

Later ....

Fram Actual said...

Ah, yes, Jack, you handsome fellow. It has been so long since you last visited me that I was wondering if you had retreated southward to escape the Winter.

Whatever, I do miss playing ball with you this year and watching you leap from counter to cupboard and all around. It was a good Winter, last year, Jack, and we did no snow shoveling, which made it even better.

White Bear misses you too, and sends a smile to you.

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, for your brisk and aggressive defense of my blog, Peggy. I will most certainly see to it that Tom(my) hears about it several times in the months ahead.

He and I are best of friends and have been co-workers, canoe partners, dive buddies and, if such things could be recorded, probably would have set a world record for the most wine consumed in a single day in a clash to see which of us could out-drink the other. To be honest, we insult each other regularly and affectionately, as brothers might.

I am curious. Have you selected a location for your extended Winter holiday in 2012? I am compiling a list of places worth checking out.

The Who occupies a place in rock history that few other bands or individuals can approach, in my not so humble opinion. I saw them perform twice, and have listened to the entire rock opera a few times, but never had seen this visual performance until now. It was sweet to watch, in many ways.

It is snowing and zero degrees Fahrenheit (minus eighteen Celsius) at midday for me, but, yes, Spring draws near.

Peggy said...

Fram, I have a framework for my hiatus of next year set, but not all the locations. If all goes as planned, I will be able to continue with my current contract until early/mid Feb and then I want to spend some time in Cuba - maybe as much as 5 or 6 weeks to study Spanish and write. After that I am not sure but might do a few trips to points in the southern states before/after - Key West &/or maybe New Orleans. I plan on heading home to Toronto for a wee bit in early April and then will go to Spain to do my Camino walk for about 5-6 weeks. After that I am hoping to be able to arrange a house swap with someone in Europe for maybe another month or so... and after that? Who knows... I am not sure how long I will take in all but it will easily be 6 months. At least that is the plan. If my Dad's health fails I may need to come back home periodically, but I am hoping to do the trips come hell or high water.

Perhaps at some point we would be in close enough proximity to meet for a beer. :)

Fram Actual said...

It sounds like you are well on your way to planning a very complete and active journey, Peggy.

I spent a few days in Spain once, and would like to return, and some time in Cuba, as well, and would like to return. Is Ernest Hemingway part of the reason you wish to visit Cuba? I always notice Carlos Baker's biography on your page, and keep thinking that I should re-read it.

As you might surmise, my plans seldom extend more than a month or two or three into the future, so who knows where I might be during the Winter of 2012?

It could be that our paths will cross, but if they do and you want to have a beer, I will first have to find a lawnmower and a yard in which to cut the grass. My taste for beer only extends to times when I am hot, sweaty and tired. I will opt for tea or coffee or a cola, if that is all right with you.

Something special ....