Monday, January 24, 2011

Good luck, bad luck, no luck

Once upon a time in the chronicles of the Marine Corps while aboard a Navy vessel .... the young and the restless and the "fast boats" .... this photograph was one of two originally titled, "The morning after" .... yes, really it was ....

A month is a month is (only) a month

A few months ago, in October to be exact, after noting the poet T.S. Eliot had proclaimed in his masterpiece, "The Wasteland," that "April is the cruelest month," I wrote these words:

"But, just for the sake of argument, I vote for October or January as the cruelest month …. Both these months have foreshadowed sledge-hammer hard blows to my psyche. Each year, I hold my breath waiting for each October to pass. Some years, they are (thankfully) uneventful. Some years, they slam me in their opening moments. Other years, they ambush me at the last possible second.

"So, you ask me, how can a month (October for now; we will wait on January) with such beautiful colors and such stunning sunsets be cruel?"

Well, October came and went with a touch of bad luck for me, but nothing catastrophic, and now we are in the midst of January. My designation for these two months is a numbers game in a sense. October has struck me many times, while January has struck me only one time, but with the hardest and the cruelest of any blow in my life.

There are only three people, possibly four, still around today who are aware of that blow, and I think it is best to be kept that way. The only day I fear in January (so far, anyway) is the seventeenth. And, it passed by me quietly this year. If I could, I would prefer to have someone nearby to hold my hand for a while when that date comes around on the calendar each year.

The other major event of January in my life happened on this day -- the twenty-fourth -- when I joined the Marine Corps. Probably no one who has not been in the Corps recognizes or realizes the significance of the enlistment anniversary date to those who have been there. It is a bond and a commitment and a pledge in blood -- actually -- and, something earned, not given.

In my case, I consider this day neither a good day nor a bad day, but still one of the most relevant ones in my life.

The only other "unique" month in my life is July. I have been married twice -- both weddings in July -- and, in each case, the divorce also was finalized in July. I am not certain these events have anything to do with luck, but it does seem a bit strange. Do you not think so? Whether or not July marriages and weddings are written in the stars for me, if you propose to me, I want a July wedding. Some things are meant to be.

I wish there were a month that was super beneficial to/for me and would bring me to the pinnacle of good luck again and again -- but, so far, no such luck.

Baby, you're adorable (you know I mean it)

No cowboy songs tonight. A couple of thoughts about this music:

The first piece is one of the last songs recorded by Roy Orbison before he went bye-bye. While that comment might sound a bit irreverent, I will add that I believe Roy Boy had the greatest voice in the original era of rock music. This, by the way, in the parlance of FramHistory, existed from about 1955 to approximately 1990, when, for all practical purposes, rock began to go to hell (i.e., the path of political correctness).

Whatever .... by luck of the draw (meaning the god-given gift of a voice like no other), Orbison was the best of the best, and everyone doing music at the time knew it.

The visuals in both these videos are technically of very poor quality, but, perhaps, that will encourage some to concentrate on the music itself and to think about the lyrics. By the way (again), the Orbison song once had special meaning for me. Live and learn. What is that saying? Fool me once ....

The second piece is by the Traveling Wilburys, of which Roy Boy was a member. If you do not recognize the other members, shame on you. I will say this much, however, which should offer you a clue: I did not realize what a neat voice George Harrison had until he hooked up with the Wilburys.

Anyway, such is the way of music around these parts tonight. If you like it -- or not -- tell me.


Anita said...

What some nice music!!

It really is happy!!

It is only 10.00 o clock here i will come back later:)

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, for your visit, Anita.

Needless to say, but I think the music is nice, too.

Anita said...

yes..the music was very good..I have listen to it all day..(and what a day..I felt on the ice again and did really hurt my shoulder)

I wonder what did happen to you on the 17 january?it must have been something awful..

I must read you post once again..iam under the blanket on my sofa..and it is raining outside and all is very quiet now

Anita said...

you know you are a great write sogood you make me smile and cheer up!!))))Specially to the note about the travelling willburies, was bob dylan there too wasnt it

Weeding in july most be lovely.Everything is blossoming.I was merried one time.Yeah ,in a hurry because of the baby,No beautiful things.But I remember I was very happy with the little things.

I also wonder who is that handsome man at the boat?very sexy and attractive.

well I quess i have to curl up under my blanket and listen to the rain and television,

Ps..the photoes I took today was a mess..I lost inspiration or has become lazy..I dont know.possible feeling sad too.But spring soon will come dont you think Fram?

Sweet dreams Fram.Thanx for comment on my blog))

Fram Actual said...

Two more notes from Anita. Thank you.

I hope you recover quickly from your fall.

As for January 17, yes, something truly awful.

Yes, Bob Dylan was among the Wilburys. He is very recognizable.

I am happy you like my writing and, sometimes, what I write. I especially like it if what I have written makes you smile.

One of my weddings was a traditional church affair, with traditional gifts and followed by the traditional honeymoon. The other was an elopement. A few people knew what we were planning to do when we drove away. When we came back a few weeks later, we came back married. It was exciting, I guess. We had known each other only three months when we did it.

That was a ship, Anita, not a boat, and I think I recognized the fellow standing there.

As for spring, it cannot come soon enough for me. Sometime in February, although there still will be cold days and heavy snowfalls, it is usual to feel warmth from the sun on your face and some gentleness in the air. No reason to be sad now; spring approaches.

Anita said...

If it is you on the picture you must be very handsome..It looks like a man one wants to do some fun with..

Ican imagine you flew away to marry only after 3 months?wow..that must be something..i wonder how long your marriages last?Why did it end?(May be it is to personal.). in time sometimes we see things in a different light..

About me..well i dont know whats come on to me..I am very lazy indeed.Like much television and look at old art.And sleeping..think i can have naps many times during the day(have a free week from work)

I wonder do you have more old pictures?I would love to look at your albums from earlier life..It is so nice to watch..

It is early morning here,,still dark outside and i wonder what you are doing or what yo are up to..Probably sleeping sweet dreams!!Ok see you :)))

Fram Actual said...

Anita, Anita, Anita: It is embarrassing to me when you write things like the opening sentence in your comment, especially since you really do not know me. I can guarantee you that I am a very quiet, very serious, very cautious individual who likes to remain in the background at just about everything I do.

As for my marriages or other relationships with women, yes, that is personal.

As for old photographs, there are not many and of those that exist, I really have few of them any longer. I generally try to avoid being photographed for assorted reasons.

As for what I was doing when you wrote your comment, I was watching the final minute of an episode of "The Highlander" before heading off to dreamland.

As for lazy days and ways, such are my days at the moment, too. January and February ordinarily are my hibernation months. Reading, television, handling some family matters and plotting/planning for spring have been the center of my activities this winter, so I know exactly where you are coming from.

Anita said...

Hehehe.Well i think you look good!!

And needs to have some nice fun with!!

I remeber one of your post about you seeing a young girl and your hands went all frentix!!all over!!I can imagine you!!:))

It is nice to hear someone is in the same boat as I am into.Only having a lots of naps.Watching others.Reading others.Watching television.

Today i have been watching photoes from -San Francisko(What a nice town!!:))and Grand Canyon and reading stories from people visiting those places..God.Iam in love with the United States:))

Fram Actual said...

I have been in San Francisco only once, Anita, and that was during the month of February. If you go, I would suggest the summer time. It is fascinating in many ways, but I do not care for the political climate there. As for the Grand Canyon, I have never been closer than several thousand feet above it -- this, of course, while flying back and forth to and from the West Coast.

It is interesting so many people wish to come to America. I still feel the same as I have for some years now: I would like to leave it, at least for a long time.

Anita said...

Yes Iwas thinking about that remeber the long time ago when people immigrated to The States..and still today..people think the dream is over there..But I think for me USA is magic..It have it all.May be it is my reletives over there which is hammering on my door to come over and visit.

Many people seeks Amercica and many gets disapointed..i quess you immedietly like it or not..

Yesterday I also had a long research about Cuba Vietnam China.There is soo many places I want to go .Thanx for responding.

Fram Actual said...

Cuba, Vietnam and China, hah?

Well, I think it would be nice to spend a few months in Cuba, preferably when it is not hurricane season there.

As for America, there is much to see and much to do, more than a person can accomplish in a single lifetime. But, there is a near-obsession with a materialistic lifestyle and too much government intrusion upon the lives of its people, which create an unpleasant aura around it.

Too me, I think a person should spend several months in any country before deciding whether or not to take up actual residency. That is why I wish to spend more time in Europe myself.

Anita said...

You make me smile again!!!cuba vietnam china??heheheh..well I have to do something for nice weather dont I?:)))))

we have 4 degrees now and a slight change in the weather..think it is going the right way..and the song yesterday just put me on a good mood(hope it will last now..)

europ .europa..I dont know..i have been here to long..but europe is nice..If you like special traditions and so on and very strange people as in norway.they can be really hard and cruel sometimes..They have a rule..that goes like this.."do not ever belive you are something"

But when you get to know the people (Specially the)norwegians) you are going to like them bec you understand why they behave like they do.think the weather has very much to say.

do you think you will travel in spring time?i mean anywhere?

or buying a house maybe?

well sorry this was along boringnote from me..but i dont really have much to days are very alike..mon ,tus.wdns ect ect..

well see you then maybe:))

Fram Actual said...

Your note was not boring, Anita. It was interesting.

My plans for spring are yet unmade, although I am considering all those things you mentioned and more: Traveling, maybe; buying another house, possibly; buying a boat, could be. I have time to decide yet. I will begin to get serious around the first of March -- I think.

I have known many people whose parents came here from Norway, and many more whose grandparents did, and I grew up in a rural community in which almost everyone was descended from German or Norwegian lineage. The church I went to as a boy was named the Silo Lutheran Church.

The Norwegians are a stoic bunch, and the harshness of their winters probably has much to do with this factor.

Yes, among the reasons I enjoy Europe are the traditions found there, and the long, long history of many places and buildings.

Anita said...

Thank you very much for your comment on my were joking hah!a book?ehheh..but thanx!!

iam very interested in old things furniture, houses, it is something is left behind on them from the people or that century they came from...Really can feel that sometimes..

Today i can not write on my own blog..strange soemtimes bloggger puts a spell on me..i can only write on yours..thats strange too..well..iam bored and iam stuck to work and they are all sleeping..hope you will have a nice ssunday..and is it really true you have something over your bed from norway?God..sooooo exiting:))

Anita said...


can you sail?

i come and visit you?imean on the boat!!just kidding but the oacen is dear to me.Much more then the HIGH Mountains.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, I like old houses and old furniture -- and, old watches and old guns, too. And, yes, I think it is possible to feel a connection with those who have lived in a house or carried a gun, for example, before it came into your own possession.

No, I do not sail, Anita, and really do not care to learn. If I ever were to own a sailboat, it would have to be equipped with an engine, too, and I doubt the sails would ever be unfurled. I am thinking cabin cruiser style.

It is the headboard of the bed, which is part of the bed, and I have never used it. It is waiting for me in a basement until I do find some use for it. It really is not very attractive, simply utilitarian and old and used for a lifetime by Norwegian settlers in 19th Century America.

Anita said...

wow..!!think of how it would be to dream under that headboard!!Very interesting.It does not matter if the thing is not is the affection that turns us on..

Cabin cruiser..!!what a luxury!!wow..I am saying ..what a tour!!

But may be it is only a dream..i think sometimes we need to have Beautiful dreams just to go life..

Well soon i am off to work again then free 2 days.

.Are you working on your book now Fram?Is the book about your life?

I have been into seeing The Pacific.A great movie.

Please exuse me for writing so much to you.But i really like your blog.Wish yu a good sunday Fram:))

Fram Actual said...

Yes, I think you are right, Anita. To sleep and, maybe, even to dream in such a bed might prove to be a unique experience. I had not thought of doing that, but it even could prove to be fascinating.

I have written more about boats in a post which will be published later this evening. Cabin cruisers are like houses in the sense that they come in various ages, sizes and prices. Luxury is not necessarily a word that applies.

By coincidence, I also have written a sentence or two about what I have been working on the past couple of months. And, no, it is not a book about my life.

This film you are watching, "The Pacific," do you mean the television mini-series about the Marine Corps in World War II? It would be interesting if that were the case.

Anita said... is..the pacific..the miniserie..i look forward to see it every week..i think it is very good..i have just seen the serie where that young man is very afraid and shaky when they meets the japaese at an island..He took of his booths and thought he could walk with out them while his companion took out the gold from the teeth of a dead japanese soldier..i look forward to tuesday the next episode.
I have only2 and a half hour left of work and then iam going to sleep to at 14.00...boring as work..very quiet..i loook forwaaard to read your next post and i can not remeber what your book is about..but i would be glad to hear something from it..

Fram Actual said...

The central characters in the series are based on real people. Among them:

Robert Leckie became a reporter after the war and wrote a few books. One of his short stories, "The Masked Marine," is a classic, in my mind, and was sort of an inspiration to me when I was young. The actor who plays him in the series is really miscast, I think. His performance is not believable.

Eugene Sledge wrote, "With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa." I read his book last April or May, just after returning from Poland. The actor who plays him in the series does a fine job. He walks and talks and acts like a real Marine.

The series is historically accurate in every aspect, in my opinion.

As for my book, I am not ready to discuss it yet other than to say it is a historical novel.

Anita said...

wow,,you know alot from that movie!!now i am even more interested in the people and what happened down there..
Thanx for the tip for me to read:))

it is ok about your book.We are patient:))

forgot to say..where are you moving ?in the other post..

Iam going home to sleep now.

Fram Actual said...

Good, about the mini-series and the books. Watch and read; enjoy and learn. I hope you do, Anita, because it is a world unknown to most in Europe for the last two generations. Soon, I think, Europe will learn the hard way again, which means people en masse never learn until they are in trenches shooting at each other.

As for where I will move to, I have not a clue. Is it not more exciting if you do not know until a day or two before you actually do it? This is the advantage of being foot-loose and fancy-free, as an old American cliché reads.

Anita said...

Thanx !today i will go to the library and see if i can find the books.

what do you mean the mass in erope soon will learn what did happen in sa dring world war 2?another new war?

about moving on quick time.Iam common with that..but i prefer to plan my moves certainly where i am going to live1(i mst bec i have a child for gods sake..think we have moved a dozen times since he was born bt know he is older (11)and can stayy with his father for a while IF I decide to have a year or two go abroad..i really dont know..maybe i am a bad mother thinking so on..well well so is life it sometimes all about dreaming:)And when yo die what have yo done..raised a kid and been to work..ufffffffff..what some thoghts i have..But freedom to do what I want have been lacking for 11 years so.....Thats the case for many people and families..I think:)

Ok..todays writing.Now i will have a SLOW walk in the foggy old town and go to the library..Have a nice day fram:)))

Fram Actual said...

I hope you had success in finding some books at the library that interest you, Anita.

It is not traditional war, I am thinking which is in the near future for Europe, although that might be the case in another decade or two. It is acts of terrorism, I believe, that will hit the civilian populations of many nations and possibly shake some into a more realistic view of what the world is actually like and finally come to understand that there probably are more people filled with hate than there are those filled with love. Anyway ....

In regard to parents and children, I suppose I think that each parent must decide for himself/herself what and who is the most important in their lives at any particular moment.

Anita said...

yo are a very wise man.

tonight i stick to a movie " chanel and ivor stravinsky.".think it is no good ,but interesting people.


Peggy said...

Fram, let me just leave one more little catch up comment. Great choices of music through December and January! I have enjoyed my stolen hour digging through some of your past posts.

Thank you for making my evening a pleasant one. Now I must get back to that darn office work I brought home and stop letting your blog lure me away!

Fram Actual said...

Whoops, I just noticed that you had made another visit here, Anita.

Yep, very wise indeed. That is me, for sure.

Sorry, that my reply is so tardy.

Fram Actual said...

Catch-up comments are fine with me, Peggy.

Thank you, for taking the time to look around and to visit my earlier posts. I am pleased that you enjoyed the music, too.

Something special ....