Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two years of this & that

Rivers of ice have replaced driveways and streets in this neck of the woods since the fourth winter storm of the autumn -- in this instance, a full-fledged blizzard -- arrived on Saturday. Although the calendar still maintains it is autumn, FramWinter officially begins on November 1 each year. That is ice, not water, glistening in the sun on the driveway and in the street. Freezing rain fell for a few hours before another foot of snow began to cascade from the sky. Consequently, even when the snow has been pushed aside, a quarter-inch of solid ice covers the roadways. In times like this, having a Suburban to drive makes life much more comfortable and significantly safer.

Adrift on the sea of blogs

It was in August 2008 when I first arrived on the sea of blogs. I was "following" a young lady I had met and who had asked me to read her posts.

In early January 2009, I began wandering around -- reading and looking. A few days later, I began my own blog. Two weeks later, I began a second blog. About two weeks later, I decided to run with just the second and dropped the first.

During the intervening two years, the most puzzling element of life on the blogs has been how many of those who were active when I began have since become very sporadic at posting or, in some cases, have gone away entirely.

It is disappointing in a sense, but not surprising. It basically proves that most bloggers are more interested in expressing themselves than in communicating with other people -- which is only natural.

What is most disappointing, following this line of thought, is that most people demonstrate this aspect not only by ceasing to write and/or to display photographs, but they also cease visiting others who, for one reason or another, they chose to follow.

In a sentence, I think this provides one more demonstration of how impersonal and shallow internet communications are when compared to real-world communications.

The circle lasts a lifetime

In the news business, something I was associated with for a few years, there is a custom of doing "roundup" stories at the end of the year under such categories as top ten news events of the year; top ten news makers of the year; ten best photographs of the year; ten worst natural disasters of the year. On and on.

This year, I am inventing a deviation to this concept and measuring my life in certain aspects experienced to this point. Here are some of the things I have been listing:

Foreign nations visited (either in the military, for business reasons, or as a tourist): Four in the Far East, two in the Near East, five European, four in Africa, three in south or middle America; one north of the U.S. American border (yes, I know there only is one there); and, and, and .... I guess that is it.

States lived in as a resident: Four; states lived in as a civilian non-resident: Two; states simply visited or traveled through or underwent military training in: Twenty-one, plus the District of Columbia

Seventeen cars or trucks owned; seventy-seven pistols, rifles or shotguns owned; two wives who owned me .... well, that seems like a good place to stop.

Now, the reason for this exercise: It is part of an attempt to look for some variations, some new experiences for the months ahead. It is obvious a person could travel forever and still never see everything. It is also likely there is no pot of gold or "magic person" at the end of the rainbow. So, why bother to look?

After a while, life seems to be nothing more than walking around in a circle. So, if I seem to be jaded, it is only because I am truly bored -- especially with snow and cold = winter.


Kaya said...

Fram, you touched a very interesting topic in your post- blogosphere, it's life and more. I have very mixed filling about blogosphere. I came into blog's world quite naive. No more naivety, it's gone.

In my opinion, blog's world isn't different from the real world where people are mostly interested in themselves and pursue their own goals.

In my opinion, there are three major categories of people who started to write the blogs. Some write the blogs just for their own pleasure and happy with their blogs with followers or without. Another craves for recognition and chase fame and success.

And there are very talented and artistic people who want to share their works with others. And I think it's great.

You are very unique in the world of blogs, Fram. Not many people like you.

I look at all my blogs as an adventure and nothing more. And I am glad that I met you, Fram.

About followers. There are so many motives why people chose to follow somebody's blog and I am sure you know it very well, Fram.

Have a nice week, Fram.

Kaya said...

It's me again. Bach is my favorite composer. He is the number one. I liked your video very much, Fram.

The photograph is amazing. I like the color of snow. And it's freezing cold.... And long shadows from the trees and sun rays. It's late afternoon, isn't ?

TheChicGeek said...

Hello, Fram :)
In your last comment to me you said I vanish and then....
I have never really gone away. I am ever faithful, always your friend, just sometimes invisible and in the background.
I am happy to have met you through the blog and I am thankful too. You have taught me many things and knowing you truly did expand my horizons. I've always enjoyed the time I have spent with you. I learned about many new and fascinating things, and you changed me, I think, in good and beautiful ways.
I am one of those you speak of that no longer blogs. It was a wonderful and fulfilling time in my life when I was active in it. Now I live in realtime and I try very hard to focus on those that I can reach out and truly know, love and spend time with. You can only go so far on the internet in relationships. I never started blogging to find a romantic one either. I just had a need to share, to create, to learn from others. It was good and now I am enjoying a new season in my life. I only have so many grains of sand in my "life glass" and I want to spend them living and experiencing things that have true meaning. I will always continue to pop around and read what people are saying. Bloggers are unique and interesting people.

Fram, you will always be special and unforgettable to me and you will always hold a special place in my heart.

I love the beautiful music :) Since taking up the cello I am enjoying and developing a true love and appreciation for classical music. Funny, huh, the Rock and Roll Girl....I suppose I am multi-faceted and I think that's pretty cool :)
I hope your holiday preparations are merry and nice.
Hugs and Kisses, Fram.
Stay cozy :)

Maddalena said...

I visit you, too, regularly :-) Frammy Teddy Bear and Miss Mouse do it also, even more often than I do. Not speaking about Jack, who recently decided to make his own blogger profile! Can you imagine?

I believe there is a "magic person" waiting for each of us somewhere. Not everybody can meet that person in one life time, but there are many examples confirming this supposition.

And, even if it is not possible to meet such person, there still is so many wonderful things to do!

In Poland is the same like in Minnesota. A lot of snow and freezing. I like that :-) Jack says he likes that, too, especially when I am out and when he can use the computer!

Fram Actual said...

I come to my computer and find three people and one cat have been here and have left messages for me. Very nice. Thank you, all.

If it were not for the fact that I must prepare for a trip to a dental office, I would write responses right this moment -- but, I need some time and thought before responding, so that will have to wait until later this afternoon or this evening. Right now, between dentists and bad weather, my mind is too preoccupied.

In the meanwhile, thank you, once more.

Kaya said...

Fram, I am still thinking about what you wrote.

I would like to say to you again that I am glad that I met you on Internet. You helped me to get out of my shell and not be so much concerned about my not so good English. Your patience with my English is incredible!!!!

I also learned a lot from you and you know it.

Before I met you I felt sometimes that I was in an empty electronic space or void, talking to myself most of the time. Not anymore....

I wrote probably too many comments and I shouldn't.

You touched a very "hot" topic, Fram. Too many emotions.....

Fram Actual said...

I have many thoughts, but a scrambled mind tonight regarding the comments written here. This, then, is my excuse for not writing specific responses in regard to the remarks left by the three young ladies who expressed their opinions here.

I am glad you commented. Thank you, again. I have read and thought about what you have said.

The world is moving too fast for me at the moment, while, at the same time, moving too slowly. It is a paradox. I think this means that I am out of synchronization with -- if not the entire world -- at least with my immediate world.

In a sentence, please, keep thinking and writing. I have an insatiable curiosity to know what you believe/feel about your own immediate worlds.

Jack said...

Welcome, Fram!

Nice to meet you again.

Mag is quite busy this week so I can use the computer quite often!

The world is warm in our house, and outside really white and freezing, and Frammy Teddy Bear with Little Bear made a snowman yesterday! And Miss Mose said she wanted to go out with them, but Frammy Teddy Bear said she has no winter jacket and winter hat and scarf and gloves, so she canot go, becuase Mag would have been be mad at him that he had alloved her to go out just like that. Then she cried, but I said I am staying, too, and we played poker while wathing them making a snowman.

So, take care, man!

Fram Actual said...

Well, Jack -- of all the guys in the world, I really am surprised to have you stop by for a visit and even to leave a comment. Your English has improved remarkably since I last saw you. For a cat who lives in a world where Polish is spoken and written most of the time, you are doing great.

I suppose Ms. Mouse won all your cash playing poker. She spent a lot of time playing and watching it being played in Old Town while you were occupied looking out the window and watching the world go by. I would guess that you miss your window perches and the kitchen cupboards to leap around upon in The Apartment.

It was about eighteen degrees this afternoon (around minus eight Celsius), so I went outside and washed the Suburban. It was covered with salt from my excursions in recent weeks. White Bear wanted to go out, too, but I made him watch from the window. He would have gotten soaked, and I did not want that to happen.

It was nice visiting with you, Jack. I hope you stop by again. Take care.

Jack said...

Yeah, thanks Fram! Mag all the time tells me I must learn English, and she is so angry when I choose reading in Polish, she says that this way I will never learn English, and she gets upset whenever I make mistakes, but I know why she does it, because she herself all the time makes mistakes, he, he! Ok, just don't tell her I told you that, she is not nice when she is angry (he, he).

Yep, Miss Mouse won all my cash, I am not going to play with her again, unless we will play a stripped poker, he, he (don't tell it to Miss Mouse, she is even worse than Mag).

You are right, man, I miss apartment much, all those people and do you remember those pigeons!!! Here I have some birds, too, and squirrls, and some people and cars, but not too many. And I had a fight with Suzuki yesterday when everybody were out, wow, he is quite a strong cat, I barely escaped with my life but he is not doing too good, either, he, he. I mean now he is but you should have seen him during our fight!

So say "hi" to White Bear from everybody here, they all envy me I can write with you two, guys!

Fram Actual said...

Mag? Angry? I find that difficult to believe, Jack. Right now, I am searching my mind trying to remember if I ever saw her angry. I have to think about that.

Yes, she is right about English. While an American in Poland can find people who speak English -- some extremely well -- I do not believe there are many people in America who speak Polish. You must learn your lessons well.

I will be silent regarding your comments about Ms. Mouse.

And, yes, I can remember how the pigeons drove you crazy by sitting on the window ledges taunting you. I think you scared the feathers off a few of them, though.

White Bear sends his greetings to the crew, and urges you to avoid fighting with Suzuki. He says that he would not fight with Fram Teddy Bear if the two of them would meet again. He also would like to get in a poker game with the crew.

Later, Black Jack ....

Wind said...

Well, Fram...
I think the world is the same in virtual space and in real life!
Is moving too fast anyway!
People pass through the front window ( back and forth) all the time beeing busy , always concerned about vital issues ...forgetting that real life is hidden in the details.

I think that our life is like a busy street. Everybody is in a hurry climbing walls, fences, cars, stepping on the hearts and feelings...or this are only winter thoughts?
We are lucky that the spring will come finally and all this thoughts will go away... I hope.
I am glad that I found you here, sitting on this bench in front of "Sun Francisco Fan Club" watching how the winter's birds are flying!
Sorry for my english, again!
Best regards!

Fram Actual said...

The world is the same in both places in many ways, I agree, Wind. Possibly in every way, and some of us just view it differently at different times depending upon our mood and how life is treating us at that particular moment.

As for me, I am a different person during the cold weather months than I am during the other seasons. It probably stems from the fact there are no Winter activities I have found that I enjoy since I left my teenage years. I traditionally hibernate during January and February, and this Winter has begun with my plans interrupted and with more cold and snow than usual. See? I am already whining again.

As you and others remind me, Spring follows Winter and good days will arrive again to replace more difficult times. In the meanwhile, I will spend many hours sitting on my bench -- observing and thinking and drifting in dreams and waiting.

I welcome and enjoy your visits and your comments, Wind.

Wind said...

Well, I was born in June...maybe this can explain my feelings about cold and winter time.
I wish you a great weekend!
My best regards!

Fram Actual said...

The wind returns, and the wolf runs free with it.

I was born in the heart of a major metropolitan city in the midst of a March blizzard, Wind. Just possibly that is why I love the wilderness and my favorite months probably are May and June.

October is the most beautiful month, I think, but it is an unlucky month for me and I always shudder at the thought of the cold and the snow which follow.

It makes me happy that you read and write your thoughts here. Thank you.

Something special ....