Thursday, July 29, 2010

A dancing addendum to Tuesday

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec
-- "Marcelle Lender Doing the Bolero in Chilperic" / 1895

Art reflecting art reflecting art reflecting ....

This is for anyone who actually enjoyed viewing the work of Maurice Bejart mingled with the music of Freddie Mercury (and Queen) in my post a couple of days ago -- Tuesday, to be exact. I take it for granted no one bothered to read what I wrote (well, maybe, one individual), but I hope an inquisitive soul or two watched a video or two among those which accompanied the words.

Whoops, arrogance seeps out a bit again. Sorry, but all Marines, past and present (and, I am certain, future), are that way. I mean, really, they are .... go ask a few if you doubt me.

Anyway .... here, for your dessert, is a bit of Bejart's interpretation of Joseph-Maurice Ravel's Bolero. Two adaptions, as a matter of fact.

To be honest, in the first video I prefer the segments where the guys are dancing around the girl far, far, far more than those parts in which the guys are dancing around the guy. Sorry, but we all cannot be .... well, you get my drift.

The second video shows the closing scene from the 1981 French motion picture "Les Uns et les Autres" (entitled, "Bolero: Dance of Life," in the U.S.). The dancer on the table, incidentally, is Jorge Donn, to whom, along with Mercury, Bejart dedicated his "Ballet for Life."

This second video is significantly more fascinating to watch than the first, I think, in terms of studying the expressions and the actions of the many film characters who are viewing the dance as it progresses, and also because of the more panoramic view of the dancers themselves.

Art reflecting art reflecting art, I think. What do you think?

More thoughts about Winter & Warsaw

Also on Tuesday, I wrote: "Anyway, I do miss it (Winter in Warsaw) and am drawn to the snowy, cold Winter of Warsaw, and feel compelled to return in order to understand it .... or, to find another place which might become magical for me next Winter. Berlin, maybe. Oslo, maybe. Moscow, maybe. It must be in the North. Any thoughts?"

The caveat is that when Springtime arrives, I must again return to the United States. I must return to do some business, most likely, yes, but primarily to breathe American air again, to be a free spirit and a free man in the tradition of the American man.

Not everyone understands that, not even many of those who live in America these days, which is sad, because millions around the world would be living in servitude in dictatorships if it had been any other way.

I do not wish to leave America forever, or I would have done so long ago. But, I no longer entirely feel like America is my home due to the political climate which now exists here, and I abhor the societal collapse this country is experiencing. My own prediction is that another civil war is on the horizon. In any case, I could easily split my time living in two or three countries every year and be more-or-less content and happy.

Enough of such words for now. I am quite certain that, once again, you get my drift ....


Anonymous said...

Interesting Fram.You like art & so i will take a ride to the museums in town..feel a little stay in Bergen feels like beeing tied up..want to travel!!!!your videos is a beauty as always you come up with the best!!..sometimes I wonder so few a commenting..maybe they are on vacacion?you have a lot of friends!!well..i think you aare bored with i will shut up for a while..Or iam bored with sitting on the internett..Think it is time about finding me a romance..but still not sure if iam ready for it..well time will show if the magic prince straight from the corn will show up !!Happy day and night and whatever makes you happy sunshine

Fram Actual said...

We actually know very little about each other, Anita. I think most of us have at least two personas. Part of me could exist in a city and do nothing but spend time going to concerts of all manner of music, to ballets and to operas, to museums, to art shows, to plays. Another part of me could wander forever free on rivers, anxious to see what is around the next bend, and in woodlands, hoping to descend into a beautiful valley or to climb a snow-capped peak. For me, at least, these differences in my nature form the dilemma of my life.

I think many of my "friends" have left the blogs, either for a break or for good. Others have become bored with me or angry at me. Some people are too shy to comment. Others, obviously, have other reasons. Who can say why people do what they do?

No, I am not tired of you. Quite the contrary. You might be the only friend I have left among the blogs.

As for your own life, remember the words of Mick and Keith that I applied to myself in my post a few days ago: "But if you try, sometimes, well, you just might find you get what you need."

Anonymous said...

Honest Fram.Love is always around.but it doesnt help when I dont love the men around seeking me.I like to hunt!!!!Shame on me..but something comes easy..easy goes..
I feel tired too.Of people.Cant understand people that can talk for hours.Iam the quiet one.Doesnt like to show off.Likes quiet things.We dont know each other..and maybe never will..but here we can be "Free"Be what you want talk like you want,,maybe the real me is here writing..posting pictures from my life..each pivc has a storie in my tells something for the one that is curious...well.This is alot of me.To much.Think I will stick to my cave again as a good scorpion iam.thanx for liking me a little .i know iam a strange kind of lady.goodnight and everything good.(apropo..beeing many personas..we are just that.. and that is the smart one..tomorrow the shy one ect ect..fantasi only stops us from creating what we will be. We are simpy actors all together I think!!!

Fram Actual said...

Some people believe there are different categories of love, and I suppose there are when you compare the love between a man and a woman with the love a parent has for a child, or siblings for each other, or even degrees of friendship.

But, I do not play down "actual love," and am long past the point where I will invest emotions, time and money amusing myself with trivial pursuit. In a sentence, I only play when there appears to be good cause, only play for keeps, and do not set a time limit on the game. Sometimes I have won; sometimes I have lost.

To me, the blogs seem like a place to get acquainted, if an individual so wishes, and, yes, as you say, to be "free" and "real."

And, yes, we all are actors. I have written about my "chameleon" tendencies when I worked as a reporter. But, I do not think I ever have been anything or anyone other than myself in boy/girl matters -- except in one respect, which we will forget about for the moment.

Finally, I will try to look "inside" your photographs from now on in hopes of finding the story ....

Anonymous said...

what do you mean"I do not play down "actual love," ..dont you like to flirt and do the things that makes you and other happy?It is a very innocent thing!!what happened since you say.."and am long past the point where I will invest emotions, time and money amusing myself with trivial pursuit. In a sentence, I only play when ."..I think i have something to learn from you..maybe thats why I am connected to sems to be a very honest and sincere is not many of that kind of gentleman around.

Fram Actual said...

You make me think today, Anita. All right. Yes, I like to flirt and to tease, too much, possibly, because sometimes women have not realized that it is my nature to be friendly and casual with all women. To me, this simply is a way to get to know someone better. I am very analytical, and could give a lengthy explanation about this sometime.

There have been some instances when women thought I have been leading them on because of this habit and became angry with me when I said, "Whoa, slow down. I am not ready to move to another level yet."

Cutting to the point, nothing in life is a sure thing, but I want minimize the chances for failure and maximize the chances for success in any task I undertake. This includes when searching for a companion. I do appreciate beauty, but I am past the stage of being a young man on fire. I wish to find a woman whose interests are similar to my own, who has control of her emotions and who has no major problems.

I am looking for someone to spend years with, not merely days or weeks or a few months. Consequently, I move slowly (at least some think I do), before deciding to spend money, time and emotional commitment on someone. By this, I mean with someone who is thousands of miles away from me.

Obviously, going out for dinner a few times with someone who lives close to my location is one thing, but learning about someone who lives on the other side of America from where I am or farther yet, such as in Europe, is more complex.

Before this gets too long, I will end it by saying I want to be spending more time and money on living and traveling, and more emotional strength on writing, than using these things searching for a compatible woman who I might never find or who might not even exist.

I have been on what I hope is my "last hunt" or, as I usually call it, my "last run," for a year and one-half now, and am growing a bit impatient.

So, now, I have some errands and some work to do. Later ....

Anonymous said...

Stupid man!!!I think you never have been in love!!!You think you are or have love.?.but after your writing,,,,when you love somebody..what in the earth matters?You do anything that is possible in your mind to be with that love.and you dont do any thinking here or not there.She /he must be as this or that...bla bla..or whatever..If the person not love you ,it is not love.Affection and desire or sex or something...maybe.The world must go around agree..?..So i made you.Fram.Thinking..?That is very good..

Anonymous said...

I really laugh with you tonight!!!
dont you see yourself? Ohhh..i love it!!!!!
Fishes are always is theyr way of life..!!

I have been on what I hope is my "last hunt" or, as I usually call it, my "last run," for a year and one-half now, and am growing a bit impatient...any news about your departure to Warschava?I really hope that we still can be friends although you will soon go into a relationship with your little is fun talking with you..i like it very much!!goodnight and beautiful dreams of a beautiful future for us all

Anonymous said...


Fram Actual said...

What are you doing, Anita? Staying up all night? I just returned from a baseball game, and see you have been busy writing to me.

It frightens me a bit to think you might be right when you say you think that I never have been in love. How am I, or anyone, to know for certain? We each have our own definition of "actual love."

On the other side of the coin, why would anyone consciously want to fall in love with someone who has emotional problems or whatever? If someone you are in love with develops problems, certainly, if the love is real, you would stay with them. But, if you meet someone who has substantial problems, why would you "date" them and risk falling in love with them? No, I think I am right about this.

It is interesting we are discussing this now because I have been trying to determine how many times in my life I actually have been in love. At least three times, maybe five times, I think.

Now, to your next comment: If I am a fish, just remember that I swim with sharks.

As for returning to Warsaw, my plan has been the same for nearly three months now. In September, I will be drifting around the U.S. a bit and probably mostly be hanging out around Lake Superior. In October, I will return to Poland. How long I will be there depends upon what happens after I arrive there. However, nothing is written in stone.

There is no reason we cannot be friends. I always have had women friends. In fact, one of my three best friends "ever" was a woman. She was fabulous. She was about twenty-five years older than I was when we met, and wanted the two us to leave our companions and run away to Greece. I declined. She later did just that with another man who was even younger than me. They returned when their money ran out a few years later, and our friendship resumed until her death.

Incidental to the point is that her husband took her back after all that, and was at her bedside when she lost her battle with cancer and died. His love for her was obvious; I wonder how one would define her feelings for him. Her daughter and I remain friends yet today.

Anonymous said...

jesus!!That was a lovely storie!!!Can it be true..a man takes back his wife after so much adventure?wow..that must be real love..i would not do that..but then again.I have just tasted love..

Ha a a..ahhhhh...Yes..iam staying up late...I have a visitor in my house..and I am lending her my bed..I am on the sofa!!....You have great plans..and very lucky to be able to travel around...Well..Iwill soon attend work again.this time work very hard so I can leave down to a warm country..i tell you I will not spend another these cold least not all time..if it wasnt for my baby i would be gone on a cruise or another land..that is fine to be a specialist can work everywhere!!Ok..see you..Iwill go up to the mountaind today to pick some is very nice to the icecream!!!See you!!!

Fram Actual said...

Yes, their story is quite a "love story," and they were quite a couple. You only heard (read) a portion of their tale. I doubt you would believe a fraction of the events I experienced during that stage of my life.

I thought you loved winter, and here you are talking about leaving it to spend some time in a warm country.

When you mention blueberries, you make me hungry for "wojape," a berry pudding made by the Plains Indians. I love it when the berries are blueberries. Come to America, go to a "wacipi" (pow wow), say a prayer to "Wakan Tanka," watch the dancing, and eat wojape and frybread.

In two or three hours, I will be leaving for the Lake Okoboji concert. It is about a two-hour drive, but I might sit on the beach for a while. I cannot decide if I will spend the night there or drive back right after the music ends. Oh, well .... later ....

Anonymous said...

Hello Fram.what a beautiful weekend you have..God..i must go there once in my lifetime..when i was young i wanted to go to school at the reservats..I had made it all ..was to take the plane..then they called from the Art Academy in Copenhagen.and that became my destiny..wonder how it all went if I really went to Usa..
I love winters!!!It is just that it is not good for the health to stay year after year in 30, have to have sun tho the head,,and body..I will have a week now and then ..during the winter to see happy sunshine !!That Indian thing makes me very very do you know all that?for us living in Europe..The indians seems like a fairytail!!!
Hope you had agood time on the concerts and the beach Fram!!!

Anonymous said...

heyyyy..mister..have you BLOCKED ME???????????????????

Anonymous said... i have something to love again!!:)

Fram Actual said...

Of course I did not block you, Anita. I assume you could not have left a comment here if you were blocked. Anyway, I never have blocked anyone, and am not even sure how it is done.

I was wide awake when I got home (using the word very loosely) last night (actually early this morning), so I decided to put up another "interlude post." I have no idea what went wrong, but apparently it did not show up correctly. I think the problem is fixed now.

Anonymous said...

on my blog I could see you have posed something but when i got to your home..I was denied!!nothing there..!!but now it is ok..Thank you very much!!
You always say "Later"What does it mean?goodbye or something?i wonder about that.

Fram Actual said...

I was in so much of a hurry a while ago that I did not notice one of your comments, Anita. I will respond to it now, as well as to the note you just left for me.

So, you wonder what would have happened had you come to America instead of gone to Copenhagen. See, you are like me. You also ask, like Robert Frost, where would you be had you chosen the other way when the road diverged into two pathways.

There are many Native Americans in Minnesota, and many more in the Dakotas and Montana, where I have lived at times. I have relatives through marriage who are members of the Dakota Sioux, and relatives by blood whose ancestry includes French Canadian descent and who carry Ojibwa blood.

Yes, the concert was fun. There were two bands, Blue Oyster Cult and Survivor, which were big-name bands in the 1970s and 1980s.

I never did go to the beach, and I came home in the middle of the night. I remembered how much fun it can be driving a long distance on a warm, summer evening, with the windows wide open and the radio blaring. So, that is what I did.

"Later" is the old, Hippy short way of saying, "See you later...."

Anonymous said...

yes!!Driving long distances on a warm weather day is very fact to driv is fun!!Drift to places to places!!!I got my answer on my question what you did at Lake
..that night now..
Is it true ?Do you have Indian blood in your vains?Wow..then you know how it is to have different cultures mashed into you..Very interesting..!!!
I think you write more and more beautiful now Fram.The way you do it ..Is very.exiting and interesting for the reader you must write your book in that way!!!

Well now I understand "Later""..

I am bored today.Have holiday to 10 of august...Think i go to a mountain that is called the death valley today..just to look..Many has been killed there and people like to suicide at that places. A young woman was burned on the fire.some years ago..all the teeth was taken away..the woman no identity..they think she was a russian spy..Ok..See you later Fram.

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