Thursday, June 24, 2010

With or without us, life goes on

Companions yet for a few more weeks, a Chevrolet Suburban and an Audi rest half-hidden in the garage at the townhouse I have leased for the summer. Whether the two vehicles signal that their owner has a split personality or represent some other facet of his character is any one's guess. The Suburban -- large and capable of carrying a considerable load, although purchased in Minnesota, bearing South Dakota license plates. The Audi -- small, sleek and a fast runner, displaying Washington state license plates. Yet, the pair "reside" in Minnesota -- for now. If you can figure out the significance of these disparities, tell me, will you?

Chained to a temporary abode & waiting

In my temporary residence, there are three bedrooms.

In one, I have a chair, a footstool, a liquor cabinet which also serves as a storage unit for coins and assorted rifle and handgun ammunition, a couple of end tables and a rather large television. I usually sit in this room while I eat, watching television, mostly the news. Sunday afternoon, I watched an entire baseball game. It was the first time I have been in the room for more than about thirty consecutive minutes since I rented the townhouse way back on May 14.

In the other bedroom, I have two tables, each with a computer, a television usually tuned in on a cable news channel, and a futon cushion spread out on the floor. It is my bed. This is a "bachelor pad," remember? And, a place to stay for a man who often has proclaimed he can sleep anywhere, even on rocks, at anytime. And, a home for a man who currently is a very inactive one in terms of guests. I am not in the mood for guests (for rocks, either, for that matter), but comfort is not requisite. I only want to get my affairs in order so I am ready to depart for "whateverland" at the end of August.

The third bedroom and the living room, plus the downstairs bathroom and laundry room, are my designated "dispersal centers" -- the places where packing and re-packing and stacking boxes in preparation for storage takes place.

Of my former furniture, only seven bookcases, a few tables and a few chairs remain. Two vehicles still reside in the garage, the Chevrolet Suburban which I purchased on May 4 and the Audi which I have had for a few years and which soon will belong to another. Since my return to America in the final minutes of April 9, I have disposed of three handguns, two rifles and one shotgun, but purchased two additional rifles. To me, this is funny. Buying, selling and trading firearms is the consistent inconsistency of my life.

In the bedroom that now serves as my television room, one of the former residents had attached an automobile bumper sticker to the wall which reads: "Life is Good." Considering the fact that the two occupants were a pair of university students who quite literally fled town after passing bad checks and committing a few other indiscretions, I am not certain of the logic behind the bumper sticker. They even had removed the house numbers from the townhouse in an attempt to confuse anyone who might be "looking" for them.

Life might be good, I suppose, but it could be better for me. I do not like living alone or being alone. I do not want to eat in a restaurant alone, or go to a film, or to an auction, or for a walk or do most things alone -- except, maybe, to canoe alone at times, especially on stormy days, or to enter the woodlands by myself on occasion. Which is not to say I do not like having a certain amount of time to myself -- preferably at night while others are sleeping -- and, I think everyone needs private space and time to be alone when they wish to have it.

Evidently, I am not the first man who does not like to live alone: "And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." This is from Genesis 2:18, in case you are interested.

Yes, yes. Whatever ....

I am uncertain if anyone understood the primary point (or even read the post, for that matter) that I was making in my commentary two days ago under the title of "When ice meets fire." I was trying to express a dilemma, without being blatant about it, regarding love. Why bother with it? Why worry about it? Why even think about it? Life would be made considerably more simple by following the path of Tannhauser.

Another philosophical question: Does it matter if love is a sacred love or if it is a profane love as long as it is real and exists in some form? Is "life good" under either circumstance? Or, even good with the total absence of love?

Meanwhile, here I am in self-imposed chains waiting for the end of summer. What is life if it is not waiting, for something or for someone? Life is good, I suppose, but sometimes I wonder and, for sure, it usually could be better.

All right .... life goes on, whether we are in the center of it or on the sidelines .... back to the packing and the re-packing, packing and re-packing, packing and re-packing ....

But, first, the music

It is not the norm for me to comment about my music selections, but I do want to mention the video of Elvis Presley singing "Unchained Melody" in South Dakota only a few weeks before his death in 1977.

I never cared at all for music by or from Elvis, but to watch this video is to watch a man who knew who he was, what he was and where he was going. This, in a sense, makes him admirable during his final months of life. His performance is pure pathos, painful to watch. He was only 42-years-old, and his life was done. I think even he has tears in his eyes by the end of the song.

Then, to compare his performance to that of the same song sung by Kristy Lee Cook, who is young, has a beautifully powerful voice and is singing for tomorrow rather than for yesterday, the dichotomy of our mortal existence is very evident.

My thought is, "The King is dead; long live the King." In terms of American music and culture, Presley really was something special, like his music or not.

Some lines from "The Prisoner of Chillon"
by George Gordon, Lord Byron

The other was as pure of mind,
But form'd to combat with his kind;
Strong in frame, and of a mood
Which 'gainst the world in war had stood,
And perish'd in the foremost rank
With joy: - but not in chains to pine:
His spirit wither'd with their clank,
I saw it silently decline -
And so perchance in sooth did mine:
But yet I forced it on to cheer
Those relics of a home so dear.
He was a hunter of the hills,
Had follow'd there the deer and wolf;
To him this dungeon was a gulf,
And fetter'd feet the worst of ills.


Anonymous said...

I wish you and your love all the happiness there is.And peace.Beautiful song the last one.

Piper .. said...

Oh Fram! 'Unchained melody' has always, always been a personal favorite, possibly because of fond memories I associate with the song. However, this version by Elvis by far outnumbers anything I`ve ever heard!
I`m enjoying every post you`re writing. I know this wont last too long (summer`s almost gone!). But until then, I will savor every word you pen down. :)

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Anita. I will work to ensure that your wish is not wasted.

It seems like "Unchained Melody" has been around forever, and recorded by many singers. I love the song, no matter who sings it.

Fram Actual said...

Greetings, Piper. I am glad you came by for a visit.

Elvis seemed to be an old man to me when he died at age 42. He still seems old, looking at that performance, but old from his lifestyle rather than from his years. Anyway, he was doing what he wanted to do.

Thanks, for the compliment. I suppose a person could find "endless summer" the way some surfers do -- follow it around the globe. You know, that might be an idea.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Fram.YEs.I am very tired.o€f working.And of everything.Sometimes people are not what they seems to bee.Agree?
I will have a very late dinner.And go to bed.Thats the best place for me to stay to day.
Iam sure you will get the love you hunger from Fram.
A strong man as you always gets whats he wants.Dont he?It will be exiting to see where the river is taking you.Goodnight or Goodmorning and everything good to U

Fram Actual said...

It has been my experience that I can obtain anything I want in a material sense, Anita, so, therefore, I think this is true for anyone and for everyone -- provided they are willing to pay the price required to obtain it.

In terms of peace of mind, contentment, happiness. I do not believe anyone can obtain such things beyond the momentary during this earthly existence. I think those people who say they are happy and content and have found peace of mind either are liars or are indulging in self-delusion. But, I would not argue the point with anyone who believes otherwise.

As for time, my computer remains on Warsaw time. In reality, here in America I am seven hours behind you. So, good morning, in a few hours, to you, and good wishes.

Anonymous said...

I agree.Sometimes i am sick and tired hearing that peace love sun will always shine thing.For ordinarry people it takes alot of work to get what they want..An d sometimes they justdont have the money to do the good things..we all are talking about..They eat what is put on the table!!!
And happiness.Bahhh!!.what a selfcontrol to have that thing all the time..In the end we will all die and we all are afraid..Thanx for commeting.Now Iwill have more of that black coffe.Have nice day when you wake up.Igot the usa clock on my computer.Kisses.

Anonymous said...

well what do i see.somebody cares!!!thanx for comment Fram.Iam not going before 5/7--two weeks with my son 10 years, in the sun.i think i deserve it.Because I work very hard .I think i must have my computer with a my life is in here..May be it is internet there to..dont you see the sun hahhaha!!!?
actually i prefer the strong winters.What u going to do all this time?Canoing?..sometimes i got tired of BLA bla bla in here..tired of myself..but i like to discuss with you.I have no otherserious people to discuss with.Sweet dreams baby!!kisss

Anonymous said...

Ohhh..the blutooth!!!i must google that one!!I didnt know.. thanx!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry about that babe just popped out of my mouth!!!:))))))

Fram Actual said...

You fooled me, Anita. I thought you had made a spur of the moment decision to go on vacation and would be on your way in a day or two.

Anyway, I am happy for you that you will be going on one. I am sure you do deserve it.

No, probably no canoeing for me this summer. Maybe, a bit of swimming. Hopefully (and probably), more shooting with handguns and some rifles. I have been away from that too long, and require it to maintain my calmness.

Remember, this is my summer for packing and for writing, and those are my two main goals in the weeks ahead.

Do not worry about "that babe thing," but, I will admit, you scared me a bit.

Anonymous said...

Serious serious serious man!!!!!!

well here comes the teaser..I am having a very good time with you..dont you iam smiling and enjoying myself hahah!!BABE;)
(you probably are going to BLOCK me sooner or later HAHA..)

tell you a secret between you and me.ionce had a stolen smith &wesson and learned how to shoot in the woods.i have never felt so selfasure in my whole life.but then again i was told never to have a gun because of that strange power i felt with it in my hands.ihave shooted a little riffle on hunting raindeeres.Yes mee hunting animals.but that was long ago.should like to go in the woods with you .see you,,have to go home from work now.

Fram Actual said...

I guess we shall see if I block you, Anita.

I am glad you feel happy and relaxed and unafraid to say what you think when you write to me.

Firearms do give a "strange power," but to me and to most other Americans who are comfortable with guns, it is the power of dismissing fear. A pistol, for example, is a means to protect yourself and others, not a method to intimidate or to frighten others. A pistol is like Thor's hammer. It is to keep those who would harm you at bay, not to terrorize others.

I began hunting when I was younger than your boy, and eventually quit when it no longer was a challenge. Frankly, I would ban hunting if it were not for the fact that hunters make up the largest group of people who defend the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution -- the right to own and to bear arms.

By the way, the deer and the wolf are my friends. Not so with the bear. They are larger than most, so they are bullies, and simply grouchy guys, too. Never trust a bear -- or, anyone named Bjorn.

Goodnight, once again ....

Anonymous said...

Oh this i like!!!!!!

Continue stories on Bjørns and wolves and deers to me..please can you..?
and about guns and know alot..Now by eyes really gets open and fasinating.This is stuff i like to hear about.

In the begiinig when I wrote to you,,it was very stiff and not spooning..but know as I learn more about you..i think you have a great heart of understanding must certainly have experienced alot of pain in your life too..Yes..i feel relaxed talking to you,

Today we have this thick english fog around the town..i hate fog!!!

See you later dear FRAm..Kiss and everything good to you!!(Hope one day..the real Fram shows up..with picture and everything!!!

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Anita.

You never know. It is possible the "real Fram" actually will be here some day.

Anonymous said...

that man in warshava?looking out the window.Is it you with the long hair?

Fram Actual said...

Yes ....

Anytime ....
Anywhere ....
Marines ....

Anonymous said...


What about that Alcatrz???????????????

Kisses to a man thats lost his heart in Warszava!!

Fram Actual said...

Alcatraz is an island in San Francisco Bay. It formerly was the site of a federal prison, from which no inmate is known to have successfully escaped. Now, today, it is a tourist site. I visited it in February 2008, and bought the keychain there. This is a bit of a personal joke because among my "multi-faceted life experiences," I managed a small prison for a few years.

Thank you .... for the kisses, Anita.

Anonymous said...

Did you?Manage a prison?Or was you the prisioner?!

i know about the alcatraz..Is a famous movie too..
I knew you where joking with the keys..but Alcatraz must not be forgotten either.Many brave men was in that place.Along with the thives ect ect..

Glad you like the kisses.

Something special ....