Sunday, June 20, 2010

A note from the Winter past

Once upon a time, I carried a camera with me wherever I went. That was partly because of my work and partly because I enjoyed photography. While both those things might still be sort of true yet today, they are much less so. The result is that I have fewer photos of my own with which to illustrate (or simply to decorate) commentaries that I write. In this instance, the subject of the landscape around Lake Superior came up in a recent "conversation," and I decided to retrieve a photo I took during my brief jaunt there last summer. This was taken about midway up the Minnesota portion of the North Shore. Possibly, the North Shore and, for sure, the South Shore (in Michigan) of The Lake will be on my list of places to re-visit during the month of September.

Time only is time for what is meant,
not what was said


"I came here (to Warsaw, Poland) with the intent to construct a long-term, romantic relationship and to hide out in a city / country overflowing with an aurora of history while attempting to do some serious writing ....

"I have since learned what would have been obvious to anyone other than to me: Neither undertaking is conducive to the success of the other. Each one steals time and energy from the other, creating little chance for success in either. But, time will tell. We shall see. Or, as the frequently inebriated Ernest Hemingway was known to observe with astuteness found only in a successful novelist: 'It will either happen or it won't'."

I wrote those words, among others, in a note to five or six individuals around the first of February, give or take. For me to make such a revelation to so many others regarding current, personal matters is, in itself, almost remarkable. There is only one person with whom I communicate regularly (a life-long friend). Correspondence with others only happens when I have a specific reason. It is clear to me now how troubled I was at the time.

To the ghost of Hemingway, I am unhappy to report that it apparently will not "happen." But, as most adventures in life, it provided me with the opportunity to learn (or, perhaps, to re-learn) a valuable lesson or two.

On the other side of the coin, I am most pleased to report to all others that it was the most wonderful Winter I believe I ever have experienced in my entire life -- or, at the very least, for a long, long time. So much so, that I wish to experience it (or something near to it) still again next Winter. Whether this will take place somewhere in the U.S. or at a European destination -- possibly even in the same European city -- will be decided in the months ahead.

One significant difference this coming Winter compared to last Winter will be the focus of my time and attention. It will not be a mix of relationship-building and serious writing. These two most definitely, in my opinion, are not conducive to one another. Each requires its own time and place, I think, and right now I am mostly concerned with serious writing. This time, I will apply what I learned (or, perhaps, re-learned last Winter. This time, I will adhere more to my instincts and less to my emotions.

This is not to say that being in love and serious writing cannot co-exist. In fact, I suppose I agree with Hemingway: ".... the best writing is certainly when you are in love." But, walls must in place before a roof can be constructed.

Ah, yes .... next time .... maybe next Winter. Experience is the best teacher; of that there is no doubt. So, maybe next time ....

Ah, yes .... sweet catharsis ....

Some thoughts from Henry Ford

"For thirty years I have leaned toward the theory of Reincarnation. It seems a most reasonable philosophy and explains many things. No, I have no desire to know what, or who I was once; or what, or who, I shall be in the ages to come.

"This belief in immortality makes present living the more attractive. It gives you all the time there is. You will always be able to finish what you start. There is no fever or strain in such an outlook. We are here in life for one purpose -- to get experience. We are all getting it, and we shall all use it somewhere."


Anonymous said...

Thats good writing!!!!

Anonymous said...

The photo is amazing!!
How it looks like my lake.. in my wood...I copy that ..Many thanks..!!
A big kiss

Fram Actual said...

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Anita.

For the compliment and for the kiss. There has been a shortage of both in my life for a number of weeks now.

Anonymous said...

Then you need to bee kissed!!
And you need to write!!!you have the talent!!!!GO for it Fram

Fram Actual said...

I think writing will have the priority this time ....

Anonymous said...

Fram.Do what your heart tells you.You are gifted.Use it!!!
Many kisses from your friend up in Vikind land!!!
And remember Fram!!!Laugh!!!Smile!!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo indeed!

This was greatly composed. I normally do have a problem with longer texts unless they are books, because there are so many distraction on the computer, but this was GREAT to read.
You should dig out more photoes.

Maybe I should start printing out what you write. Haha.

Fram Actual said...

My situation now is that I have a confused heart which gives me contradictory messages, Anita.

I do smile, often, but I seldom laugh except when I am laughing at myself.

Fram Actual said...

Well, many thanks, Nanna. I think most people generally shy away from reading longer posts. I have worked as a journalist and, while doing that sort of writing, quickly learned that the writer usually has no idea how many, if any, actually read what he writes.

If a book emerges, I will send you an autographed copy (he says with a laugh).

Thank you, for the visit, and mostly for actually reading.

Anonymous said...

you have a confused heart eh!!?
who confuses you?yourself or the woman at your attraction?(by the way..why is she not here supporting you?)..think it is ggood to be confused sometimes..because the truthe is you havent found what you are really seeking for!!!when you have found will be crystal clear to you..and no matter what it will stay are an intersting studium FRAM.(may be you fall in love to easily?).i love it..!!sorry i am to personal..but but..what is there else to do--then chit chat alittle with a friend..

And Little Epic Zombie!!!I agree with you..Fram has the potensial of beeing a ggod long as he isnt confused hahahahaha..Hope he will understand that WRITING is his thing right now..

Fram Actual said...

It could be that "confused" is not the word I should be using in this matter, Anita. Perhaps, the word should be "undecided."

Many of my posts last year discussed my desire to leave Minnesota and to begin a new life elsewhere. That is in the process of happening, and has been for several months. The question that remains is where I will go to start this life.

We shall see ....

Anonymous said...

"Fram.dont you remeber?Look in your heart.your dreams.It has already happened.dont you remeber?"

While you are thinking..Live The Life.
I tink you should go to your feelings.
Sorry.I write so much to you.I dont undestand why you interest me so much.You are in my head.It must be is so seldom a man talks about his feelings .

Something special ....