Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est

At this exact time a month ago, I was in Chicago O'Hare International Airport preparing to board an aircraft for a flight to Poland, and I was aware that New Year's Eve 2009 would reveal a full moon. Now, looking out the window of The Apartment this evening, I have been watching the rise of my second full moon from beneath the sky of Warsaw, this one poised above the clock tower of the Royal Castle. If you believe, as I do, in all manner of phenonomena beyond the corporeal world, it seems like this moment has been meant to be since the beginning of time. It also must be, I believe, more than a coincidence that the full moon of January is called the "wolf moon" among the traditions of some Native American tribes.

If a shadow crosses your path ....

Sort of San Francisco Fan Club ends today, tonight, whatever time it is wherever you might happen to be. Including a blog operated by "Willie Boy," which I began about ten days before this one, I lasted for thirteen months.

To be honest, I cannot be honest about my opinion regarding these "personal blogs" beyond saying I think most writers / photographers should take a chance and go out and find an actual life instead of perching here. Anyway, to each his / her own. Thirteen seems like a good number to me to end this episode.

If you ever are in a mood to run a practical pistol course with a 1911 Colt .45 or the rapids on a river in a canoe, or to stand atop a hilltop in the midst of a forest near a river or a lake, look me up. Beyond that, semper fidelis and .... god, I am so very tired of those words .... take care .... there, those two words are far better.

So, then. If a shadow crosses your path, wave, because it might be me, having again strayed beyond the boundaries while strolling out and about in the territories between Mythago Wood and Neverland.

See you in the next incarnation .... maybe ....


The Fabulous Diva said...

Dear Fram,

I had feared that this would happen, typing on a blog can be restrictive and you need to be free.

For me a Blog is a diary, a way of expressing myself, I'm home now and had a very difficult experience the last few days which I will 'post' but now my friend Yoshi is waiting for me, she is being supportive.

I consider you a "blog" friend, and I will miss you, you need to go further than where you are, I wish you well my Friend, have lovely adventures, wonderful discoveries, and I hope someday to discover that you have written a book, or your 'by-line'.

And I will wave should I see your shadow, and if you, on a dark, foggy, wet night, after a rain, with only the neon lights to guide your way, down a street, or by way, hear the sharp tap, tap of stiletto heels, turn quickly--it might be me and I will vanish into the fog as a dream.

Be safe and take care, a thousand and one kisses to you, Sweet Fram.

Anonymous said...

Swwet Frame..I will miss you..
Vita mutatur, non tollitur ..

Polly said...

Well, sorry to see you go, but I hope you're enjoying the life in the real world...

And I hope you're having a good time in Warsaw. I'm very curious what you're doing there and how you like it (I'm from Cracow, did I mention that before?), but instead of asking, I just wish you a fabulous time

A Cuban In London said...

And the boy who crawled, walked and then ran and now... he disappears! Well, what can I say? Never agreed with everything you wrote, but I loved the way you wrote about everything. So much passion, so much wit. It had to end. If I ever land that book deal I might joing your ranks. And I am a sharp shooter, my boy! Although I have not had the chance to shoot for many years now.

Goodbye, roaming wolf, may the wind in you tail lead you to safe places. Although you would probably disagree with me on the 'safe' thing. :-)

Greetings from London.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fram!!!i think you have to come back or do another blog!!!

i miss you really so much in here

Hell...why did you leave?

hugs and admiration from Anita

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