Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Forever is there for those who search

The Restauracja U Barssa, where New Year's Eve was spent enjoying an eight-course meal over a span of four and one-half hours, first opened its doors in 1853. As the bell tolled midnight, some few of us enjoyed strawberries in champagne as we watched fireworks exploding in the sky above the square from the second-floor windows. The plaza was crowded with onlookers despite the cold, winter night air.

The Duval, constructed in the 15th Century and a survivor of World War II bombings, once was owned by monks, but now holds a four-room bed and breakfast, along with the Cafe Same Fusy and the Tea Room Same Fusy, and an Italian pizza parlor, Na Prowincji, to the side of it. No, that is not Fram perched on the second floor window. He is yet another story higher, where he can almost touch the sky.

The run is under way

Where are these places? What city? What country, you ask? If you truly are curious, there is no mystery. Search, and it will be evident. Better yet, you, yourself, seek your own destiny and just maybe you will find what you are looking for, although you might have to range thousands of miles from the place you now call home.

Forevermore or Neverland or whatever you wish to call your idyllic refuge does not wait for you. You must slip the harness which binds you, and go to it.

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