Saturday, November 7, 2009

Knowledge is power

Europe, Italy, pizza, ice cream and Harry's Bar will have to wait.

Wanted: Three weeks of sun

There is an unusual habit I have had for a number years. When I encounter a topic where my knowledge ranges from slim to none, I talk to people who have experience and I read books which offer facts. I say the habit is unusual because it seems so few people actually do this, politicians in particular, and simply try to pretend they know all things about all things. Sorry. I could not resist.

I thought I would be out of the country around October 1, in Europe, with Italy among the primary stops, however, my journey was postponed to mid-November. Now, it appears the trip has been delayed once again. Florence and Venice will just have to do without me for a while longer.

Therefore, bound and determined to avoid as much of a northern winter as possible (I am very, very bored with snow and cold), I wish to spend December in a warmer clime. My thoughts have centered upon somewhere along the Gulf Coast in Florida, maybe Texas or Old Mexico, or Baja might be an ideal location.

Any suggestions? No islands, please. I prefer to have land in at least one direction from me at all times. Unless I decide to go deep into Old Mexico, I probably will drive. I am wide open to ideas, and thinking it would be fun to rent a place on the water for about three weeks. Wind, water and sun are desperately needed by me. I definitely want a tan out of this excursion.

Odds & Ends from Friday ....

The temperature reached at least 67 degrees Fahrenheit today. I took advantage of it, and sat outside for a while observing the neighborhood. Through the back yard and across a street, an elderly man was hand-washing his garage door. I do not recall ever washing a garage door. I guess I am not the domestic type.

Down a street to the right of me walked a young, rather plump girl/woman pushing a double (dual ??) stroller which held two very small children, each tucked within a "personal" compartment. Twins, no doubt. Life goes on, sometimes in a beautiful way.

I noticed a "headline" from one of my posts last July. It read, "Never again, a winter alone." Time is getting short.

While I was enjoying the warm, autumn air, I wished I had a cigar to smoke. I miss them. In one more month, it will be twelve years since I last had a cigar, cigarette or a pipe in my mouth. Possibly, it is time to start again. I always enjoyed smoking, and it seems idiotic to deprive oneself of small pleasures. Does it not?

Friday evening, I received a telephone call from a boy/man who had looked at my Ford Mustang a few days ago. It is a GT 5.0, a car built for running fast and holding tightly to the road. He will buy it. Now, I am down to my Audi, a car built for running fast and holding tightly to the road. Hmmm, who needs two such vehicles, anyway? If only someone would buy this damn house. Oh, well. The albatrosses in my life definitely are lessening.


Magdalena said...

Wow, I love your travel guides!!! Aha, no islands, it is a pity, because I wanted you to go on Hawaii. But if you go to Florida, please say hello and give a hug from me to Horatio, will you remember? :-)

Fram Actual said...

Greetings, Mag. It is a pleasure to see you within the wolf's lair once again.

No islands, not even Hawaii. Not this time, anyway. I might be convinced to try Hawaii some other time provided I can find a beautiful young lady to accompany me. I understand Hawaii to be a very romantic destination, and it would be a shame to take the journey all by myself.

Yes, Horatio. I am not so sure I am willing to give him a hug. He might punch me. But, I will invite him out to a pistol range where we can taunt each other by boasting about our marksmanship and proficiency with firearms. Would that be satisfactory?

Magdalena said...

Yes, excellent! I am convinced you shall teach him many useful gun's tricks. I wish I could see you two enjoying the afternoon at the pistol range together. Do not forget to ask him for the autograph for me, please :-)

Fram Actual said...

Yes, for sure, absolutely, positively. Horatio will be an expert among experts by the time I have concluded.

Undoubtedly, Mag, you will at some time in the future visit Miami and, very possibly, we can arrange a shooting session at a gun club or even in the Everglades. From my more youthful Cuba Libre days, I recall a few locations in the 'glades which were considered free fire zones. Who knows? They still might exist.

Never fear. I shall insist he provide a personalized autograph for you.

Peggy said...

Ah, Fram - I share your need to get away for even just a while this winter. I have often spent time on the Space Coast in the Titusville, FL area- I like wandering the undeveloped Canaveral National Seashore and visiting the Space Center. The beaches are great and unspoiled.

I don't share your need to avoid islands and I am thinking of a bit of a trekkers holiday in Cuba - staying at Casa Particulars and working on my Spanish.

Back to my NaNoWriMo effort - been positively anti-social of late and looking forward to the end of November when I will have more time to visit folks in the blogsphere and trade a few thoughts and words.

Fram Actual said...

Well, Peggy, it is nice to see you out and about again. I have noticed the inactivity at your blog, and have wondered where you have been.

My own visits to Florida have numbered only two, once in and around Miami for a few months, and once at Fort Myers for two weeks.

It would be great to return to Florida, and it appears like I already have announced that I will be doing just that without actually waiting for the votes to be counted.

I am not certain if you meant you had been to Cuba in the past and were thinking of returning, or if this would be a first-time trip. I have set foot on the island twice, but not as a tourist. Canadian passports sometimes are welcome where U.S. passports are verboten. It would be very enjoyable to spend time there, I think, and to discover the island in a non-political sense.

Yes, by all means, continue your writing project and post about it. It was fun to follow your ideas and progress.

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