Friday, October 23, 2009

The few who live forever

Somewhere in time

I have fallen from beyond the sky,
And risen from the bottom of the sea;
Where else can I go, what else can I be?

I have given life, I have taken life,
And kept my life when all others have died;
What else is left to do, what else can be tried?

I have known brilliance, I have enjoyed beauty,
And scattered all the Muse with my sullen glance;
Who else might I find, who else is worth the chance?

I have flown upon visions, both in day and night,
And studied long to understand this endless chase;
When will it come to pass, when will I glimpse her face?



TheChicGeek said...

Hi Fram :) VWSD's words are always.
I actually was going to comment on Wednesday's post. It made me cry it was so beautiful. The videos with Enya's music were breathtaking. Mythago Wood is a magical story.
I just wanted to wish you to find your magical woodlands and be truly free.

Thank you for sharing the videos and your heartfelt words. They really are so lovely.

Hugs and Love to You,

PS: I want to live forever...LOL :)

Fram Actual said...

You fooled me, Kelly. I thought you were a tough girl. No crying around me; just smiles and eyes on the horizon. Right?

You flatter me, and leave me a bit thunderstruck with your own kind words and wishes. Thank you.

Yes, whoever put together those videos is a genuine artist.

As for Mythago Wood, I have been there a few times, but somehow never managed to find my way to the center so I might stay there. And, maybe, true as the story goes, it might be impossible for anyone to discover the center and to remain there forever. That is one reason friends are important, to encourage each other to remain on the trail and not ever to give up on finding their own individual bliss.

Ah, yes .... to live forever. I am working on that, too. If I discover the secret before you do, I will pass it along to you.

Something special ....