Monday, October 26, 2009

Just for fun .... or whatever

Smile, when you say that, partner

When autumn leaves are blowing here and there on chilly winds, what better way to spend money and to have fun than by attending an antique show? It seemed like a good idea to me.

Then, as frosting on the cake or ice cream on the pie, what better way to top off an antique show than by also attending a gun show? It seemed like a good idea to me.

Since I ran three photographs from an earlier gun show a few weeks ago, I only ran one photo from this particular show (the last photo in line, no less), and four from the antique show. This, I trust, demonstrates my fair and balanced approach to the world, and my regard for antiques and firearms as equal entities under the sun. Smile, when you say that, partner.

The gun show illustrated a few weeks ago took place in South Dakota. Both this gun show and this antique show took place in Minnesota.

Please, feel free to interpret

Now, here is a plug for another song, as well. For those not familiar with the songwriter, musician, singer who bills himself as "Five for Fighting," take a chance and listen to the musical selection below. In addition to being a very pretty piece, it is fairly prophetic and certainly paints an accurate portrait of life for a significant portion of the male population.

As for the visuals accompanying the song, please, feel free to interpret them in any manner you desire. No questions asked; no answers given.

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