Thursday, August 6, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow

One song among the timeless

A very few songs have a quality that gives them life for decades, possibly, maybe, even forever. A person who once listened to this song, posted here today -- August 6, 2009 -- made the following comment about it: "Timeless, in a time when songs come and go like the rain."

I agree, and for anyone who missed the 1970s, this song pretty much explains the best of that decade. This song is "Layla."

Today, August 6, happens to be the birthday of a certain, very special, young lady. Instead of a rendition of "Happy Birthday" to note the occasion, I decided to offer this song, one of the most beautiful from the rock and roll era, as commemoration of her arrival upon Earth.

"Layla" originally was performed by Derek and the Dominos, who were Eric Clapton, Bobby Whitlock, Carl Radle and Jim Gordon. Although not a member of the band, Duane Allman played guitar on a number of songs in the group's one and only album. The piano and guitar work in the second half of the piece is exquisite.

On this version, only Clapton is present from the original cast. It was recorded on June 28, 2008, at the Hard Rock Calling Festival at Hyde Park in London.

And, to the young lady whose birthday we observe, I make this toast: May the year be a ride upon a rainbow to the place of your dreams.

Another Lake Superior message

The young lady of whom I speak sent me a video featuring still photographs of Lake Superior. Although it is not my birthday, I welcome her gift and convey a very sincere thank you. Some might recognize the first lighthouse shown as Split Rock Lighthouse, the same landmark in Minnesota I used for illustration in a post last week. I also am nearly certain the "black rocks," shown in other photos I have used from Michigan are present among these stills.

The song accompanying the photos is "Dante's Prayer," performed by Meav of Celtic Woman. The music and the photos seem to go very well together.


Magdalena said...

"May the year be a ride upon a rainbow to the place of your dreams'. This lady must be the happiest woman on the earth, Fram the Wolf. The rainbow is marvellous, the song is beautiful, and the Lake... It looks like paradise. All here today is perfect. So good to be here. Dziękuję.

TheChicGeek said...

So pretty, Fram. I love the videos, the music, the sentiments...all beautiful. Happy Birthday to the special young lady! May all her dreams come true this year!

Fram Actual said...

A rainbow is one of the most beautiful phenomenons in nature, I think, and this song is wonderful and the Lake is life itself.

I am glad all is perfect in this world as you see it here, Mag, and I hope the lady's happiness is just beginning. I thank you, too.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Kelly, the videos are great, the music is beautiful and the sentiments, well, special young ladies deserve special sentiments.

I join you in wishing that all her dreams come true. Thank you.

Natalie said...

Sorry for my late response, Fram.

I never asked myself which way to turn, never regretted decisions I made – I guess, it is a good thing!!
The purpose of my post is to remember of everything good and precious we have been blessed with and treasure every moment that is left….

We find our inspiration in most unexpected places, I am happy I helped you to find yours, no matter how brief…

Thank you for the song!!! Love it.

Fram Actual said...

You caught my attention way back in February, Natalie, and you have regularly inspired me since that time with your poetry and your comments.

Sometimes, I think I am the only person in the world who has regrets about the past in their lives, a great many of them, actually, in my case. Sometimes, the mistakes and the bad choices of my life blot out the good for a short while. If you are able to avoid such a crowded and cramped existence, more power to you.

"Layla" is a wonderful song, especially the second half of it. It makes me happy that you enjoyed it.

Natalie said...

My dear friend….
It is never late to learn or to change… The reason why I don’t regret certain (not so good) decisions I made is because I cannot change what’s already in the past.
I am trying not to make similar mistakes – this is disgraceful!!! I think longer, I speak slower!!!!!

By beating ourselves up with regrets, we let the present pass by and, as you said, "…and wonder what you've missed ...." - this is unforgivable…
Today somebody wrote that she was “very intrigued by the phrase you put to your heading: ''Shall be an endless theme of praise, and love -- a simple duty” and how I interpret these Poe’s lines…. I wrote
“Be always truthful to your heart,
Don’t bend heart’s ways, be not what you are not…
Heart’s beauty shall be praised,
Not wicked minds’ wickedest games….”

You are a poet in your heart. How would you interpret “Thy grace, thy more than beauty…..” Am very curious. That is if you have nothing better to do!!!
From the heart,

Fram Actual said...

I have been trying to avoid thinking in recent weeks, Natalie, and now you ask me to do exactly that. I do want to say first, there are things I would gladly throw away if I could do life over. We do learn from all experiences, true, but I do not hold with the concept that these things necessarily are beneficial for us or teach us or help us to become better people. Some do; some do not.

Everything is open to debate and to discussion.

As for me, I am set upon a new path now, actually, am walking upon it. As the saying goes, the die is cast.

Now, to your question. I set out as a teenager to experience all there was to experience, and I believe I had pretty much done that in one form or another by age 25. The purpose was not to be a chameleon only in body, but also in mind and action. I regret many things, but am ashamed only of one.

It would take a lengthy post to explain this, but the words to me signify the thought that how a person lives life (grace) is more important than any (or all) other elements. While I remain skeptical about myself and most others (as having lived with grace), there cannot be a verdict for any of us until life is over. I am not speaking with any manner of religious connotation, either. I will think about it more.

Something special ....