Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sic erat in fatis

It has been a long while since a painting involving a canoe has adorned my page. This one is by Frederick Remington, and is among a series entitled "The Great Explorers." If I recall correctly, the explorers here are Pierre-Esprit Radisson and Medard des Groseilliers, who ranged the American and Canadian wilderness in the 17th Century. The fellow standing in the midsection of the canoe certainly is dressed as a French dandy, at any rate. The two men, related through marriage, were among the first on Lake Superior. Remington was noted for portraying authenticity in his work, and this landscape resembles northern Minnesota and places in Ontario and Manitoba that I have seen. Remington is noted primarily for his sketches, illustrations and paintings of cowboys, Indians and cavalry troopers. Interestingly enough, he also worked as a newspaper reporter.

Stranger in a strange land

This has been a bit of a strange few days (weeks? months?) for me. More to the point, I have been running on three or four hours of sleep a night for more than a week now. It has ushered me into a strange world, reminiscent of Robert Heinlein's science fiction novel, "Stranger in a Strange Land," which I first read as a pre-teen boy. This, possibly, explains why I never matriculated to adulthood.

Although I have not worked at the newspaper since the end of May, for all of June and into July I had been involved in a task which required my presence two or three hours a day. And, while trying to readjust my sleep pattern from my "newspaper regimen" to a more normal day / night sequence which would accommodate "real life" and "real responsibilities," I have totally messed myself up. (Some would say I did that decades ago.)

Then, too, I have been trying to ease down on blogging by running a couple of songs with a paragraph or two of background regarding the music and the musicians. I would rather be writing other things, or writing nothing at all. (Try sleep depredation some time; the experience is fascinating.)

This is to say that I finally will be slacking off to what I talked about on June 30. Which was:

"As the length of daylight hours in the northlands begin to shorten (yeh, really), so does my time writing here. My thought is to leave "Sort of San Fran" alone for the most part to indulge in a sort of a hiatus. When the opportunity or a reason arises, I might not be able to resist temptation and produce a post. But, I am not going to worry about it or to think about it for the most part. I hope I will continue to make comments on the pages of others, but no promises to do it with every post you write."

In terms of plans, in a few days my mascot and I will embark on a brief canoe jaunt and some lakeside relaxation, maybe even do a few shallow-water dives.

So, with that I will join Messieurs Radisson and Groseilliers to paddle off into the wilderness, free and unfettered by shackles other than those I willingly place upon myself.

And, as the canoe fades into the mists of time, a voice from some 450 years distant into the future shouts from the treeline to break the silence: …. rock on ….

Here are a couple more from Vixen, in case someone besides me likes the girls' music:

The band is Vixen
The songs are:

Not a Minute Too Soon &
Rev It Up


Natalie said...

Have most wonderful time, Fram!

Will be waiting for your reports from the wilderness!
Do zobachenja!

Natalie said...

One more thing. Why “Sic erat in fatis”??? – it has a pessimistic/negative ring to it….

Fram Actual said...

No wilderness for me this time around, Natalie. This will be well within the confines of civilization. In fact, I will be sleeping in a bed at a resort most nights, possibly with one overnight on a river. Leisure rest is what I crave, not adventure, at the moment. This is only for three or four days, and I have to wait for my mascot to arrive before I leave.

I suppose the connotation ordinarily associated with something being fated would be bad or negative or unfortunate, but it might also be good or positive or lucky. I was considering my fate to be fortunate to the nth degree when I used those words.

The more experience I gain in life, the less inclined I am to believe in free will, and the more inclined to think that our lives were published in a book long ago.
That has the potential for a fun post.

Magdalena said...

Excuse me? The mascot? Am I not the only adult person who carry about my teddy bear everywhere I go? That's relly sweet of you, Fram the Wolf :-)

Did you mentioned swimming? As far, as I can remember, you said once, that water is very cold in your Lake. I hope the sun made it warm and pleasant now, so you both will enjoy it without endanger of getting cold.

I wish you good rest and beautiful time there. Bye, bye :-)

ps. First song is great, I like the band today, girls are very and really beautiful. The second one I will listen tomorrow.

Fram Actual said...

Well, Mag, maybe my mascot is a real bear. Possibly, he is a magic bear. Perhaps, he is the spirit bear of the Ojibwa. After all, while my totem is the wolf, one of my namesakes is the bear.

Yes, "my" Lake always is very cold, and after about 15 minutes, I am shivering and ready for a towel and the sun. I might go to an inland lake instead, or to both, for a day or so at each. We will demonstrate our toughness in the cold water, and hope for large waves to test our skill with a canoe. We also will rest ourselves and have a beautiful time.

Yes, the girls of Vixen. It is well known that there is only one place on earth with girls more beautiful than those to be found in Minnesota. That place, of course, is Poland.

The Fabulous Diva said...

Ahhh Dear Sweet Fram,

Off on an adventure of relaxation, lakes, cold water, canoes---hmmm I hope you packed beer.

Even I feel the call of the wilderness sometimes, many of my friends are getting fed up with the city scape, but it's in the city where we have to make the money---at least for now.

Enjoy yourself, relax, regroup and re-discover. Blog when you feel like it, but live life and enjoy.

Until later Sweet Thing. Kisses.

Fram Actual said...

Diva of San Francisco and Forevermore ....

It has been so long since you commented that you surprised me. It would be a pity if you should abandon the page whose existence began because of your existence. It has been an unusual six months for me, and it seems your reappearance might be coinciding with my disappearance. We shall see.

I would have commented on your last post about Walter Cronkite, but he and Jane Fonda are a matched pair, according to my history book.

I wish you would post more often. Your story fascinates me, and you might be the only one among young ladies anywhere who professes independence and self-confidence, who actually walks the American walk. That is a rare attribute.

Magdalena said...

Oh, I see now. That must be really magic bear. I will learn more about Chippewa's now, wow, I'm so excited and have goose's skin again. The spirit of Ojibwa... I love it. Please, say hi to him from Poland!!!

Oh, now I understand why you do not care about water temperature so much. Fram the Wolf and Bear the Ojibwa together make it the most manful friends' couple I have ever heard of. And the most handsome in the world, I'm sure of that.

I can't wait to hear about your adventures, guys.

Take care and go back soon :-)

Fram Actual said...

By the shores of Gitche Gumee,
By the shining Big-Sea-Water ....

Everyone seems eager for me to once again taste the waters of Lake Superior, or "Gitche Gumee," as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called it in his "Song of Hiawatha."

Wherever Fram should travel on this minor jaunt or, for that matter, on any of his ventures, the wolf and the bear will accompany him.

As for you, Mag, I think someday you must plan to visit Gitche Gumee, maybe with a trip over the water to Isle Royale, where it is possible one might glimpse wolves in the wild. I think you will find it easy to acquire a personal guide to accompany you all along the way.

By the way, the Spirit Bear heard your greeting from Poland, and sends his own in return.

Piper .. said...

Heyy, I hope you`re having a good time. I do so envy you. I`m in dire need of some alone time too and all I get is 5 hours each Monday and Thursday. :(
I`ve booked a couple of hours on a pontoon(unfortunately no canoeing for me!) on the 1st. I`m soooo looking fwd to it.
Come back soon. We miss you.

Fram Actual said...

Piper, I am here! I have not gone anywhere yet! Look! Down here! See me?

I am going to take off for three or four days, but I have had to wait for things to fall into place. Right now, it appears Monday is the day. This is not so much about going anywhere as it is simply cutting back on posting.

But, you are right, we all need some time to break out of our day-to-day existence now and then.

Take care, and thank you, for the visit.

A Cuban In London said...

May your canoe be safe and your compass accurate for the traveller does not know the treacherous waters that await him. Then again, you can just use your mobile these days. I bet that French dandy would have died of jealousy.

On Vixen, now I know why they probaly escaped my radar. The sound is a mix of Def Leppard, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Kiss (in their dying days) and any other 80s 'soft rock' band you can find. I definitely enjoyed them, though, for I am a child of the good ol' 80s. However, to be fair, give me the 60s and 70s any time. I can never get enough.

Enjoy your break.

Fram Actual said...

The French dandy probably would have been jealous, as you say, CiL. The irony in this is that I am jealous of him for having been born into his time while I am born into mine. Oh, well, I believe I will be more fortunate than he in who my canoe partner shall be.

I suppose, overall, music of the late 1960s and the 1970s would get my vote as the greatest in a showdown, but I would be a much sadder fellow if the music of the 1980s and early 1990s were to disappear.

Thank you, for the good wishes.

Peggy said...

Enjoy your R&R Fram, I am so envious -it would be wonderful to be able to take a trip and be able to be out on the water each day (and yes, all the better for a bed at night)

I have decided to look for a kayak this fall and make getting out on the Lake at my Georgian Bay Shangri-La a priority next year. Not quite the same as what you are doing, but still out on the lake is so good for the mind as well as exercise for the body.

Something special ....