Saturday, July 18, 2009

Music & la femmes fatales = deadly women

Vixen = female fox

Some people might wonder what folk, blues, country and rock singer Bob Dylan has in common with heavy metal rockers Jan Kuehnemund, Janet Gardner, Share Pedersen and Roxy Petrucci. They all are musicians, obviously, but no one would accuse Dylan of ever approaching a heavy metal sound with his songs. Well, not to drag on with the question, the answer is, Minnesota.

The four young ladies were part of the all-girl band, Vixen, which Kuehnemund started while still a high school student in Saint Paul. Please, now, do not go petty on me and say that this outfit's original name was not Vixen or that there were lineup changes over the years or that the band moved to Los Angeles before really hitting the big time. These were the primary members and Saint Paul was the band's birth place.

It came to me that while I have been touting music and musicians for a few days now, I had not tossed one of the all-female groups and/or individual performers into the mix. Well, here they are. I debated putting up a studio recording in which the sound is a bit better, or a live performance. A live performance always will be rougher than studio sound, but I went with a live concert from 1991 because it is evident how much fun these girls are having, which translates into a vibrant and exciting show.

In addition to this 1991 rendition, I also watched a few other versions, including a 2005 appearance in Sweden. My feeling while watching it was the same as I expressed a few days ago regarding Foreigner: Why do some people persist in continuing a career when their ability to perform has so visibly diminished?

There are millions of things to do in this world, so why, particularly in the case of those who work in the public eye, would so many continue to endure rather than leave the spotlight while they still are at the top of their game? Money and vanity, I suppose.

Whatever, here is a glimpse of Vixen at a time when these girls were among the elite of the hard rock world, performing undoubtedly the band's biggest song, "Living on the Edge of a Broken Heart."

By the way, take a look at the T-shirt Janet is wearing. "Scorpions." That is a girl with great taste in music.

The band is Vixen
The singer is Janet Gardner
The song is "Living on the Edge of a Broken Heart"

Where was I in the year 2000?

I know who Johnny Cash was; I know who Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson are. I might recognize a few other names should they be mentioned, but my knowledge of country music singers and songs is about as scant as that of anyone in the room.

The first time I heard this song, I thought it must be Dolly Parton. Who else could it be? Who else sings country? The song popped up on my truck radio as I was scanning for stations on a journey over unfamiliar roadways. In all probability, I did not hear it again for two or three years. Country Western, you know.

Somewhere along the line, however, I did learn the name of the song was, “I Hope You Dance,” by Lee Ann Womack, and that it had been a huge hit in 2000. What was I doing throughout the year 2000? Oh, yes. I remember. Never mind.

I did mention this singer and this song, and print some of the lyrics to it in one of my posts last March, and decided today to listen to it a few times once again. That this song is popular is evidenced by the fact that one YouTube version alone shows well over three million hits. In any case, Ms. Womack and her absolutely charming song seem like an excellent way to close out my week.

The band is unknown to me
The singer is Lee Ann Womack
The song is "I Hope You Dance"


Magdalena said...

Hello handsome Wolf, wow, the first song is quite exotic to me, but it was fun to see it. I have never been interested in rock, but it looks like I can like it, especially the romantic part of this music, and not too loudly. You see, I could never be a rock'n'roll woman. But I aprecciate them.

The second one love for the lyrics. This is nice way to close the week, indeed.

I wish you good Saturday and beautiful Sunday :-) Bye, bye.

TheChicGeek said...
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Fram Actual said...

Well, it looks like it is just the two of us, Mag, and you are not a rock and roll woman.

It is interesting that while popular, all-girl bands never quite reach the adoration levels of all-men bands. Jan Kuehnemund can play the guitar with the best of them, and Janet Gardner has a fabulous voice.

The Country Western song is a special one, I think, although the singer is only average. I would like to hear Andrea and Sarah form a duet for it. I wonder how that would sound. The lyrics would match them well, but it seems to me the music would not fit their style.

Natalie said...

“…folk, blues, country and rock..” – sorry, Fram, cannot share my opinion on the subject as I don’t have one!!! I will die a fan of Adriano Celentano or Joe Dassin! I liked your Vixens, though!
To tell the truth, I would rather discuss the Alexander’s Gate of Derbent…
When is your trip, Mr. Schliemann??

P.S. I see Magdalena feels the same way about hard rock!!....

Natalie said...

Are you the One Magdalena fell in love with!?!?!?!??! I have such a strong feeling that I am right! I want it to be you…
You are very wonderful, both of you….

A Cuban In London said...

And an excellente start to my week, than you very much. Vixen escaped my radar completely. I was much more into female soloists: Joplin, Turner and Amos. In regards to female bands, The Bangles and Heart were there at the top of my list for some time.

Agree with you 100% on quitting whilst you're still top of the game. You posted some Coverdale the other day. Who remembers Whitesnake anymore?

So, what WERE you doing in 2000? Just joking, mate, have a nice week.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

There are so many islands in the world of music it is unbelievable. If I have heard of your pair, I do not recall them. With their European affiliations or styles, though, it is not surprising you would know of them and I would not.

When it comes right down to it, I suppose I would rather search for Alexander's Gate around Derbent than go to a concert, but my wild side revels in the sound of thunder, whether it is created by nature or from crashing drums and screaming guitars.

Now, Natalie, most certainly you know that I would be pleased and honored to capture the affection of a young lady with the beauty, intelligence, talent and wisdom of Magdalena. But, I am certain you also know that even during those times when a gentleman might wear the mask of a wolf, he remains a gentleman behind the mask.

Fram Actual said...

One night long ago, I was passing through a city and saw there was going to be a Heart concert that evening. I got a room, bought an overpriced ticket and had the time of my life.

I think Heart might be everyone's favorite band in terms of heavy-duty rockers in which young ladies were the headliners, but I am not certain the group ever was an all-girl band, and too lazy to research it. My own thought is to begin a Vixen collection. Better late than never. I love their music.

Yes, CiL, Whitesnake is an after-thought in these times, but I think Coverdale still might have a grasp on the rope. As an aside, I think the band's music was far better than its stage persona. The "boys" sort of behaved like clowns to my eyes.

Hopefully, some day we might compare notes on who was doing what in 2000.

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