Thursday, January 22, 2009

Three from San Fran vs. one from L.A.

Gentlemen, all ....
I visited San Francisco once. I was constantly peering around corners hoping to see Dirty Harry Callahan (left) or Frank Bullitt (center) or even Sam Spade (right) in action, but I had no luck.

Never-the-less, I am thinking about taking night classes, changing careers and modeling my life style after one of those three tough guys. Let's see. Callahan and Bullitt were coppers, and had to put up with bureaucratic xxyyzzssmm ... you get the picture. Spade also had cops to work around, but he was "private" ... he was his own boss. Hard choice to make. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Maybe I'll just head down to Los Angeles and pick up where Philip Marlowe (below) left off. You know, Marlowe looks a lot like Sam Spade. I wonder if they had the same old man, a mean-looking guy who traveled a lot? Who's the chick with Marlowe? Whatever, I think I'll forget about the badge and go the "private investigator" route. That sounds classy, like me. I wonder if the chick has a blog?

.... but, maybe L.A.
I'll put your name and number right here in my personal file.
Nice veil.
Had lunch yet? I know this great saloon ....

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