Friday, September 30, 2016

The dog with no name .... you lookin' at me ??

A "new guy" arrived here on August 18, you might recall. He is fitting in well; is strong and healthy; is the terror of any squirrels who stop by looking for a snack (I still do feed the squirrels, but have become more creative in places and times for doing so); is polite and well-mannered (although altogether untrained .... he was a shelter dog, you might remember, and estimated to be about three years old); is a good watchdog, travels well in a car and has no fear of gunfire; is happy and playful and can run like the wind. But .... he still is "the dog with no name." He and I discuss this regularly, but have not come up with a satisfactory resolution. He evidently has a memory lapse, because he has had no reaction or response to any of the million or so names which I have suggested to him he might have been called in his former life. A friend suggested naming him "Foxy" because of his stealthiness and other fox-like characteristics. Among the dogs in my past, I have had two Golden (not yellow, but golden) Labradors named Hunter and Hunter II. Because this "lad" is an outdoorsman with a propensity toward hunting, I am beginning to really, really lean toward calling him Hunter III. "We" are open to suggestions, but, bear in mind, he is very politically incorrect, conservative in most regards, loves firearms and thinks of himself as a man among men .... hmmmm .... yes, I am laughing, too, but, I am talking about the "new guy" .... who, seriously, has to be a "tough guy" to have made it through what he went through on his way to me ....

By the way, he picked out the music to accompany "his" post. He comes from Oklahoma, so there is a lot of the "old west" history, tradition and legend in him. Hmmmm .... he just pointed out to me that Ennio Morricone is one of three or four "gods" of movie music .... yeh, I guess .... no argument from me ....


ANITA said...

Ohh what a cute dog you have got!!Sweet sweet as candy!

He reminds me of a dog called Charlie I once got to know!

He looks very inteligent and loving dog to you!

I think he is a good hunter instinctly!but of course in the command of you.

Such a brave fighting dog for life and all other things may be Odin would be a proper name?Yes you know Odin the God ?

Of course you do.Its not easy to give a dog a name..But you will find something he and you like that Iam pretty sure of

Ok Fram Iam attending much work right now..5 nights a week wow what a human I have become.. Money money aint it funny!I say I work only to pay bills and a little fun :)

Planning to go to New York with my work nex year..Theres a Maraton run we are attending.

Hope you are doing well and much love to you and puppy!

Kindly regards from me.

A Cuban In London said...

A squirrel-chasing dog? You really are a practical guy, aren't you?

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

Yep, he is a good looking guy and very affectionate and he seems intelligent. He really has not been trained in the past, so we will see how that progresses as time passes. The smarter he is and the more obedient he is, the more freedom he will have and the more places I will be able to take him.

In a physical sense and in his color scheme, he reminds me of two dogs from my past, too -- Blackie and Snoopy. As for the name Odin, I had a German shepherd with that name and, for a few reasons, would prefer not to repeat it. Hmmmm .... Charlie .... that is the name of former wife No. 1's husband, so I had best not call him that. In any case, I hope "he and I" can come up with a suitable name before too much longer.

Work, work, work -- then you make money, money, money and stay out of mischief, Anita. There are times I think I should return to full-time employment simply for the discipline it imposes on daily life. I feel like I am getting too careless about life and living from having too much independence.

Will you be a runner or a spectator at the marathon? For sure, you will be a shopper if you reach New York City next year.

All is well and fine for me and with me, Anita, and I hope the same is true for you. Thank you, for your visit to "us" and for your words here. You brighten the day for me with your presence.

Fram Actual said...

Actually, CiL, at some point when he has been here longer and feels more at home here, I will start breaking my new puppy of his squirrel-chasing habit. I prefer it when my dogs and other "critters" (including me) wander openly and freely without fear over the same ground.

You might remember that "sanctuary/refuge" was what I called my "fortress" in Dakota. It was not meant to be that way just for me, but for any living creature that found its way there. You would be surprised, I think, if you knew how much money was spent on food and forms of shelter for wildlife.

Anyway, thank you, CiL, for your visit and for your comment. I appreciate them.

ANITA said...

Heheheheheh..Charlie your former wifes husband???lol!Now i now why you dont call him that nick name hahahaha..and Odin..Well may he rest in peace in greeen pastures..There is soo many nice names for a will catch up with something.

Yes the montly money is great..Iam lucky to be able to do this kind of work..And its a action thing sometimes..Last of the patiens with Altzheimer went out..Veery quiet quiet..Locked the door after herself..Went out in the early morning frost and of course..Felt down on the ground..The millitary man I was with sleeping (We have sleeping night watchers) could hear her cry and scream..Wow..her temp was down at 32!

And they always stick away ,always..On the same day a alcoholic was escaped too.. The police found him in city of Bergen in the harbour water..Yes..Can you belive it..Where is the securety..The thing is we can not have an eye on everybody and too tie them up is not allowed..I think to get old is not pretty at all.
One dieing lady said to me yesterday..She was terrible afraid to the thing that now should meet her.Death.She is 33 kg..and Cancer Cancer all over..What to say??Only take her pain away..and say its going to be all right..Death is like dimming the lights and hopefully you go to the big deep sleep without pain..

Thanx for writing back Fram.It is always nice to read you wise words.May you be happy and content!

Kindly regards Anita

Smareis said...

Um bonito cachorro Fram. Gosto das cores do pelo dele. Preto e branco muito bonito e com muito brilho. Muito difícil conseguir um cachorro que não tem medo de tiros, fogos. O meu cachorro tem muito medo de tiros e fogos. Eu penso que deve ser muito assustador para os cães esse barulho de tiros, porque a audição dos cães e quatro vezes a mais que a do ser humano. Cachorro se adapta de qualquer forma que você o chame, quase que nem precisa de nome. Meu cachorro é um Yorkshire e é um bom caçador. O nome dele é PEPE. O meu outro cachorro que faleceu chamava BENJI. Meu cachorro gosta de andar de carro mais tem que ser na janela.
Acho bonito o nome que você quer colocar no seu cachorro de Hunter III. Acho que seu cachorro tem cara que vai gostar desse nome.
A música do vídeo é boa. Parece que estava vendo um filme do velho oeste. Um faroeste.

Uma boa semana Fram!
Aqui começou as chuvas.
Um punhado de Sorrisos!
Até Fram!

Fram Actual said...

At times over the years, Anita, I have seen the inside of facilities designed for varied purposes. It was not difficult for me to work inside a prison because most of the people there are little different from those you meet anywhere, anytime, anyplace -- some are genuinely evil; most simply made bad choices, bad decisions.

I also have been inside institutions for individuals with mental disorders, ranging from treatment centers for people who have difficulty coping with life to prisons for the criminally insane. I never felt comfortable in these places, and could not work in such a facility.

Perhaps, most difficult of all are the housing units for the elderly, people who simply are victims of life and living beyond the strength of their bodies and, sometimes, beyond the capacity of their minds. My grandmother and my mother lived for a time and died in such places. Visiting them was heartbreaking .... even walking down the hallways was painful. I would not have the strength to work in such a setting.

For years, I said I expected someday to paddle a canoe out onto Lake Superior and not return. As time passes, I guess that possibility becomes less likely. Whatever .... I still am enough of a masculine romantic to hope that I will die with my boots on, as the expression goes, and that the last thing I will see are billowy, white clouds drifting across a beautiful, blue sky ....

I guess our exchange of words revolves around sort of solemn subjects this time, Anita. Well, you ended your words with the thought: "May you be happy and content!" So, I will send the same wish back to you .... see you around in the days ahead ....

Fram Actual said...

Gunfire, fireworks, thunder -- it seems to me most dogs are fearful of these things, Smareis. And, yes -- dogs hear the approach of thunderstorms long before they arrive; such is the power of their hearing.

In a personal sense, most of the dogs I have had came when I was a boy and a teenager. Later dogs were more of a family project, with my wife having a dog, my kids each having a dog, me having a dog and, for a time, one designated as the "family dog," who was the responsibility of all of us. My dog during that period was a Doberman Pinscher -- "Baby" -- who had been through a formal, intense "guard dog / patrol dog school." She and I were not close in a traditional sense -- she was more of a working dog than a pet.

This little guy is the first dog I personally have had since the Dobie during Dakota days, and is a "blend of breeds" -- more like the dogs of my boyhood. With him, I think I can be a boy again in terms of companionship -- silly as that might sound.

Yes, sooner or later we will find the "right" name for him, whether it turns out to be Hunter III or something else.

In the meanwhile, I hope your week will be a good one, too, Smareis, and that your region will have just the right amount of rain -- not too much, not too little -- to make everything perfect. Thank you, for your visit and for your comment .... and, my dog says, "hi there," to Pepe.

Take care and stay safe, Smareis .... I think of you ....

P.S. As for the music: Smile, when you say that, pard .... we are wild west cowboys in this neck of the woods ....

Something special ....