Sunday, January 24, 2016

An interlude: "But I never wave bye-bye"

What you see here is a pair of views of the latest arrivals to my assortment of firearms. Media know-nothings and liberal / progressive ideologues, no doubt, would define even this small number as an "arsenal." I saw a statistic recently which noted that among households in the United States which have guns, the actual average number of guns in the house is eight .... lots of arsenals around, I guess. I know some individuals who own a few hundred. Anyway .... as I occasionally mention, I have not hunted for a number of years and doubt I will again, but, to me, target shooting is considerably more fun than golf or bowling or any other recreational activity which I can think of at the moment. And, as I also occasionally mention, the Zen of shooting rifles and handguns and archery gear is quite an experience for those who are able to bend their minds sufficiently to enter into it. I also believe in the concept of self-defense and in the words of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Next, there are two pieces of music here, the first is another from David Bowie entitled "Modern Love," which I will leave for you to interpret for yourselves. This rendition is the closing number of the "Glass Spider" tour. The other is one from a fellow named Johann Pachelbel, who composed, possibly, the most wonderful element of music ever devised from the mind of mankind: "Canon in D." It is another piece I have used here frequently .... it is so beautiful I cannot help myself. Whoops, speaking of "cannot help myself," I am adding Carla Bruni's version of Bowie's "Absolute Beginners" to my parade of songs. She cannot sing, but she is so cute I cannot help myself.

Time for winter to wane

(Think of this post as an interlude between Part 1 and Part 2 [and, maybe, a Part 3] of the segment entitled, "The ancient man vs. the modern man -- 1," which ran a couple of days ago.)

January marks the mid-point of FramWinter .... (January 16).

January is one of a few months I always am eager to see end. It, in particular, because it brought me one experience which will haunt me forever until death and even, quite likely, beyond .... (January 17).

January is the month I began this blog seven years ago .... (January 21).

January is the month I signed on the dotted line with the Marine Corps .... (January 24).

There are a few more dates, too, but that is enough for this month, this year.

I am back at home again and, other than for a few overnight treks, plan to be until March. But, never-the-less, I think I will be away from my blog for a while longer .... so, if you come around after January once again has vanished for another year and find the blog closed with the admonition that it is open only to invited members, do not be sad or angry or puzzled. This simply means I have boarded up the doors to everyone for a few weeks to put my priorities and my perspectives into some sort of semblance resembling order.

I need a new avocation, if not actual occupation, and a new place to hang out and a new incarnation. I might emerge from time to time before all this is accomplished, but I might not, either. And, this does not mean I might not visit your blogs on occasion. But, right now I wish to hibernate. It is not unusual for me to hibernate in January and February

In the meanwhile, if you have not already, I hope you all will find a way to see the film, "13 Hours," an account of what happened at Benghazi, Libya, the night of September 11, 2012. It is not often one is apt to find more truth in a Hollywood production than in words spoken by the President of the United States and his Secretary of State, but such is the case here. Americans were abandoned on the altar of political correctness and one man's fraudulent determination to be re-elected president, no matter if others died as part of the price. Even if you are not a political creature, truth should be more important to you than political orthodoxy when it is corrupt.

Whatever .... later, baby .... and, there will be a Part 2 to "The ancient man vs. the modern man -- 1" before I lock the door for a while ....


A Cuban In London said...

In Cuba every 28th December you play a trick on someone only to say the word "Inocente" after. It's the equivalent to April's Fools in the UK. Of course, in Catholic countries (or ex-Catholic ones, like my native land) this date is forever linked to the massacre you mentioned.

Great clips, Bowie and Sabbath. Thanks.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

I often think the earth primarily is populated by three groups of humankind, CiL: Those who victimize, those who are victims and those who stand on the sidelines watching events unfold. Periodically, a few of the victims emerge from the pack to rebel against the tyrants.

It was not until the late 1980's "Glass Spider" tour that I came to appreciate David Bowie. I never really came to appreciate Black Sabbath, period, although I think Tommy Iommi is among the guitar greats and I paid attention to the band during the Ronnie James Dio era. From my point of view, seeing Ozzy Osbourne is sort of like climbing Mount Everest -- once is enough.

Thank you, CiL, for coming to visit me.

A Cuban In London said...

Agree with you on Ozzy. I watch him for the entertainment. Poor lad, he can't sing to save his life. Then, again, Sabbath was for me a revelation because they appeared in my life AFTER I had gone through the Zep, Deep Purple, The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Suddenly these heavy riffs came out of my friend's stereo and I fell head over heels with them.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

I told my son (via telephone) that I almost had called him to learn if he wanted to see Ozzy and Black Sabbath when they were here in the Twin Cities this week. He told me he almost had called me to ask if I wanted to go to Omaha, Nebraska, with him last week. That was the band's first stop on its "The End" tour, but he figured no way would I want to go since I do not care for Ozzy. My reply was that I wanted to go / went because of the "historical relevance" of seeing Black Sabbath at this point in time. There are any number of bands I regret not having seen perform and never will see, due to deaths and feuds, so my logic is irrefutable .... as am I .... hmmmm ....

Rock on, CiL .... thank you, for coming here ....

Something special ....