Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Do you remember when we used to dance ??

In the beginning there was .... what ?? Well, almost in the beginning for me there were guns -- so, it is only logical for me to return to them again and again. These two Colt 1911s are explained further into the post. In the meanwhile, how do you like my backyard tree root supporting the pistols? Look at the upper right corner. This appears to me to be Nature's version of "The Scream" -- the puzzling painting by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. Do you see ??

Rambling thoughts & guns

# 1 -- Among all the people who have been born and have lived a full life before dying, how many of them were born at the right moment in time with the right talents and intelligence, as well as the sufficient strength, ambition and desire to live up to their potential? Few, I would think, relatively speaking. And, among those few, how many have done good rather than evil? Actually ??

# 2 -- I am patient when I hunt, but in most other regards, very impatient. I wonder why ....

# 3 -- The guns, baby .... sort of fraternal twins: The grips are different, the main spring housing units are different (Young ladies, if you know what the main spring housing is, are you single and available?), the script "roll marks" and other identifying markings are a touch different and, they come from different decades.
Both are Colt Model 1911 pistols. The one to the left is the senior, made in 1955. The other is more of a youngster, made in 1963. Both are in near-new condition, with the finishes near-perfect. The bright, shiny areas are caused by glare/reflection from the sun. The '55 appears never to have been fired. The '63 I have had for a while and carried a bit and used a bit and treasure more than a bit; the '55 just arrived last week.
Well, you know "me and guns." We talk to each other and understand each other. The Colt 1911 (its "birth year") is the most magnificent handgun ever designed, in my not-so-humble opinion. John Browning did it, and it became the standard U.S. military sidearm for seventy-five years -- from 1911 to 1986.
But, while the U.S. government in its infinite idiocy switched out the 1911s for other handguns during the 1980s -- pistols whose names I refuse to mention here -- many among the real deal guys -- Marine Corps Force Recon, Navy SEALS and Army Special Forces -- still carry 1911-style pistols. Simply put, it is another illustration of the differences between politicians and the military professionals who actually walk the walk.

(In case you have not figured it out, I still am in an indecisive mood .... and coasting .... and on a gun-buying kick again.)

# 4 -- Konnichiwa .... I always enjoyed the sound of Asia, but never realized how really, really good this band was .... not great, but really good. If you have an hour to spare and if you are into sort of soft, gentle rock 'n' roll (by my definition), I think you will like what you hear in this live performance by Asia at the Budokan in Japan.

# 5 -- Actually, I am more into the Kodokan than the Budokan and was there once as a student for a few months .... the Kodokan, I mean. My presence at the Kodokan took place a number of years before Vladimir Putin was there. Yes, he has been there, too .... sorry I missed him .... to have gone a few rounds with him would have been nothing but pure fun. Gotcha wondering ?? Figure it out ....

Just to end on a political note, although I vehemently disagree with what Putin is doing in the Ukraine, I would shake his hand should the opportunity ever arise. I would, however, refuse to shake the hand of Barack Obama. Obama is more destructive than is Putin, but is too narcissistic to realize it .... psychopathically challenged, you see. And, it is readily evident that while Putin loves Russia and the greatness that was the former Soviet Union, Obama despises the United States that was and is and, despite his failed policies and after his dismal presidency is over, will rise again.

Such expression of thought is defined as freedom of speech in the United States and condemned by the adherents of political correctness. I may not be educationally qualified to make such comments about "Barry," but I have an uncle who is a psychiatrist and two university students majoring in psychology in the family, and I simply interpret and transfer their analyses of me onto others .... teasing .... sort of ....

Finally, if you do not know the difference between the Budokan and the Kodokan, well, what are you waiting for ?? .... live and look and learn, rather than waiting and hoping to be told ....


ANITA said...

Hahahhaha!!The shoots and sayings reminds me of The Bad and Good!Clint Eastwood!.

Yepp i really can see the scream by E.Munch!!!!Strange how it shows ups right there.

I like your guns..specially the old one..Clenodium:)))))

Iam just stopping by this morning..Has got much to do..ehh shooping!!!

Ha hahhahaha..You know lipsticks and those woman kind of things..See you!!


Fram Actual said...

Greetings and salutations, Anita ....

I think the bad outweighs the good in this post, at least in terms of the specific people mentioned. I suppose some would think the same could be said of the guns, but good vs. bad there rests in the hands and the minds of those holding them.

The tree is a fascinating tree in many ways, I think, so it is no wonder "The Scream" found its way there. The tree is a maple which was "born" in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and brought to Saint Paul, Minnesota, when it was only inches high. As it grew, its roots have spread in all directions just beneath the surface of the ground, rising above the surface here and there such as where the pistols were photographed, as if it is searching and exploring its surroundings. It is a beautiful, majestic tree.

Clenodium .... hmmmm .... an idea, maybe ....

Well, I hope you enjoyed your shopping spree, Anita. Thank you, for stopping along the way to visit me for a while. It has been pleasant "talking" with you. Come again, anytime ....

A Cuban In London said...

I loved your reference to Munch's The Scream. It does indeed look like the painting. :-)

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

I come from a long line of pagans who find trees to be magical, mystical and mysterious, CiL, and most have something to say and are not afraid to say it .... or, in this instance, to scream it out. All a Homo sapien sapien need do is to listen. This particular tree, in fact, although it is a maple and not an ash, believes itself to be a direct descendant of the original Yggdrasill and frequently tells me tales of the olden, olden, olden days. And, who am I to dispute anything "he" might say?

Thank you, CiL. It was great of you to stop by and to write a comment here for me.

Smareis said...

Uma arma muito bonita Fram. Pela idade é bem conservada. Uma ótima peça para colecionador como você.
Fram, então você não gostaria de apertar a mão do Barack Obama? Acredito que todos os Presidentes são iguais, o que muda é só o endereço, o País, e o idioma... Eu também não gostaria de apertar a mão Dilma Rousseff.

A musica é muito boa, gostei bastante.
Um final de semana!
Até breve com sorrisos :):)

Fram Actual said...

Guns are like books to me, Smareis, in the sense that they represent different eras, varying styles and purposes, and offer strength in their own particular form to their owner.

Guns are like pocket watches and coins to me, Smareis, because they retain a trace of all the people who have held them and all the places they have been -- and, sometimes, it is possible through research or even vicariously to discover these "experiences."

Yes, the Colt 1911 is both a lesson in history and a utilitarian tool, and the older ones in good condition are well worth collecting for many reasons, not the least of which is measured in dollars and cents. By the way, the next handgun I will be writing about in a week or so is really something special.

I have seen/read in the news that Dilma Rouseff's honesty, integrity and character have been called into question, so I understand why you do not approve of her. As for "my president," I have written in the past and will write more in the future about Barack Obama's dismal, corrupt presidency, so I will refrain from doing so now beyond noting that it will take decades to undo the damage he has done to the United States and to the free world.

Yes .... Asia has produced some terrific songs.
I am glad you liked this set.
"Heat of the Moment" sets me on fire whenever I hear it:
"And we would scream together songs unsung ...."
Idyllic poetry in motion ....

I wish you a great Friday and a weekend free of care and worry. Thank you, Smareis, for your smile, your journey to my blog, your comment to my post. Thinking of you ....

Something special ....