Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just music 2 .... only a "channel" away ....

Just a couple more songs, for now .... a British band and a French band; how is that for being ecumenical ?? As long as I am stretching boundaries, next on the list: Happy birthday, former wife No. 1. I do not mention her often. This is because I rarely encounter her. Our lives went separate directions several years ago. She married real money the second time around, and has lived happily ever after .... at least, so I assume .... although, for sure, with not nearly so exciting and enrapturing a man as am I .... ok, teasing again, but I eventually have come to accept the fact that most women will opt for dinner parties, gold watches and security before rock 'n' roll concerts, a gun collection and a companion with a wandering spirit. (Baby, the rain must fall.)

Another last minute thought which might not seem to fit here, but is here anyway, so, maybe, the right person will recognize it as a carryover from another discussion -- and, it will not harm anyone else who might read it: Fiction, poetry, mythology are no less important than history, philosophy, psychology .... and, personal experience has the potential to trump the beliefs of anyone else. Novelists Jack Kerouac and Ernest Hemingway are as relevant as philosophers Bertrand Russell and Arthur Schopenhauer. Poets Allen Ginsberg (who I interviewed once) and John Donne (I guess I have read a theologian) are as mind-altering as psychiatrist Carl Jung and the "father of psychoanalysis" himself, Sigmund Freud. There are many fish in the sea and many influences from which to form a persona without becoming a disciple or a devotee of any one of them or of any few of them. All an individual has to do is to get out of the house and onto the highway while not worrying about what is behind or fearing what is ahead.


ANITA said...

ohh yeah the gate is open!

Most woman desire a rich man:)to protect them and care for them:)

however is it love??

Wish you a nice day!

victoria said...

Fran me han gustado los dos videos pero por mis gustos me quedo con el segundo!!

Gracias por compartir
Con cariño Victoria

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita, is it love? What is love?

Times continue to be changing, that is for sure, but some things will always be the same, I think. And, one of those things is that most women place safety and security among their greatest priorities in a relationship.

Yes, I hope your Friday will be good to you.

Thank you, Anita, for your visit and your comment.

Fram Actual said...

I have little experience with music in France, Victoria, so I am glad I picked a song that you enjoyed. As for the English band, I am familiar with its music, but I have to admit I did not realize the skill of their guitar work.

I wish you a pleasing and pleasant Friday.

Thank you, Victoria, for coming to visit me and for leaving your words.

ANITA said...

Love Fram.Like Odin and Frøya.Happily.Two children.But Odin left Frøya.Frøya cries rivers of gold.Forever she is always on the run to find him again.

I think love is when two people share some good feelings.It is breaf.But can be found again and again..

Wish you too a great friday!


Fram Actual said...

The twists and turns in the romances of gods and goddesses are difficult to keep up with, Anita. But, then again, I am not so sure the pursuit of love is any less complicated in the lives of we mortals.

Well, as I often say about myself, I still am searching for something that will last, and I am not convinced I ever have really known actual love. Affection, concern, deep emotional bonds -- yes, but do those things form actual love or is there more to it?

Nice to see you here again, Anita. Thank you ....

Smareis said...

Olá Fram!
Estava ausente da rede, por isso ainda não tinha aparecido.
Gostei muito dos dois vídeos. Gosto muito do Dire Straits também. O segundo é excelente, não conhecia.

O Casamento hoje em dia é mais comercial do que sentimental, depende do tamanho do bolso, principalmente no mundo da celebridade. Atualmente o amor esta ficando em segundo plano. O amor já foi um complemento indispensável para que um casamento sobreviva, nos dias de hoje é o dinheiro que faz com que muitos casamentos sobrevivem.
Triste fato, mais real. O amor esta sumindo dos corações das pessoas.

Excelente postagem!
Ótimo fim de semana!
Envio sorrisos!

Fram Actual said...

There you are, Smareis. Your appearance is like a breath of pure air for me. I know you will come when you are able, so I have patience.

Yes, you are right. Too often money is more important than love.

My words in my post were a bit misleading. I was the one who left former wife No. 1, but, it is true, she later married a man who "struck it rich," and she has led a very comfortable life since then. I am glad for her. Former wife No. 2 is the one who left me, and her luck has not been good. She has health problems, and I will help her face the obstacles she has in this regard.

Anyway, I hope for a wife No. 3, and, maybe, neither one of us will decide to leave the other. That is why I am being so careful in searching. Too careful, maybe. Anyone can find someone, but somewhere along the line I began to wonder if no one is preferable to the wrong one.

So many people say maintaining a marriage is hard work. I am not so sure it should be. If love exists, if love is real, why should marriage be hard work? It should be happiness simply to be with the one you love. I guess I am yet/still/maybe forever a dreamer

Take care, Smareis. I am a night owl this evening, one who is happy (Ever seen an owl smile?) because you have sent your smile way up north to me.

Smareis said...

Obrigada pelo comentário, sempre muito inteligente e dentro do contexto da postagem. Você já tem tua cadeira cativa no meu blog, e uma xícara de café a tua espera... Eu posso demorar a aparecer mais sempre venho. Aconteceu fatos tristes esses dias, então me ausente um pouco da internet.

Então Fram, muitos casamentos são feito por dinheiro e conheço alguns que não se deram bem com isso. O dinheiro não pode ficar entre a pessoa e o amor. O amor é benigno e humilde. E o dinheiro consome a humildade dos poderosos. Muito humano de tua parte ajudar tua ex-esposa, com certeza ela vai te agradecer muito por tudo que tem feito por ela. Ajudar alguém que precisa é divino, e o CRIADOR ira te recompensar um dia por tudo que tens feito. Não é fácil manter um casamento, por isso que muitos casamentos são desfeitos todos os dias.

Virou coruja da noite também. Isso é bom! Vai ver muitas estrelas iluminado tua noite.
Ótimo fim de semana!
Um punhado de Sorrisos pra você!

Fram Actual said...

Well, thank you, Smareis, for saving a place for me at your blog, and the coffee will be very welcome. After all, it is a long distance to travel from the northern United States to a southerly region of Brazil, even when only via the internet, and coffee will rekindle my spirit and refresh my mind.

I am pleased my former wife No. 1 found someone to love and someone who has done very well financially. If you really love a person, they will always be part of you and you will always wish for them to be happy. I could not be happier that this woman who once was part of my life has experienced good fortune since we went our separate ways.

Former wife No. 2 has enough money to be comfortable, but she has not remarried and, with the medical problems she faces, there always is need for both moral and financial support. I am present, in a sense, to assist her in those areas. Again, she is a woman who once was part of my life, and I still care for her and wish only the best for her because of what she once meant to me.

Yes, we are the night owls. Thank you, Smareis, for your visit, your words and your smiles ....

Something special ....