Tuesday, January 6, 2015

View looking down into a canyon of a city

This Blackberry view belongs to anyone who dares to fly .... and, who is not bothered by a bit of fog. The first song may be for me; the second song may be for she.

So much for resolutions
No resolutions this year. I made five last year (that I recall), and did not manage to keep a single one of them. Here they are in abbreviated form:
To participate in an archaeological dig. Nope.
To visit a certain town and war memorial in Germany. No, I did not make it, but I will continue to think about doing so .... this year, maybe ??
To kiss a woman or two who I never had kissed before. No-o-o-o-o .... actually, I am beginning to wonder if my heart and my head are frozen in the past, and if I hesitate too much, too often, for fear of making a bad choice/poor decision.
To exercise twice a day, at least five days a week. Well, I scored about six out of ten on that one.
To cut down on my whining. Never will I accomplish that task, even if I would live to be one hundred.
So, no resolutions for 2015 .... but, I am open to suggestions.
A medical puzzle
The first segment of this post might seem frivolous, but my mood is not. I am wired, strung out, nerved up and on edge, as I have described myself from time to time to a beautiful, young lady I once pursued. The music here this evening is a good indicator of my state of mind.
Physically, at least, I am all in one piece. My doctor pronounced me in perfect health and excellent condition following my annual examination the day after Christmas. Too bad my mind does not keep pace with my body. I am open to suggestions in this regard, too.

At the moment, Benedictine or brandy or Southern Comfort is my "calm and cool medication" of choice. My doctor had nothing better to recommend. I think I puzzle her and frustrate her .... in a medical manner, I mean .... and, I have a couple of old scars which seem to intrigue her ....



ANITA said...

First I have to laugh!Archelogical sitets !You digging!!!!

I cant belive my eyes and ears!!!Fram!!!!
You certainly wake me up!Imagine you as an Archelog :))))

There is some nice places in Cypruz yes for those things..i have been there..but God.it was to hot..i had to escape to the sea:)

Am glad you are in a fit form..Do you have any troubles since you visit the doctors often?

The photo is outstanding!Is it Newa York?Yours photo?Very nice!

All your goals.You can still do them you know..

I do agree with you about partners or darlings..am afraid "hesitate too much, too often, for fear of making a bad choice/poor decision".I cant do no more "lifetrouble" again..So better be alone..or a mirackle happens..as you say..one never knows about love..it can occur at the stranges places and time..But right now..I go away everytime someone looks at ..I dare not..i can not..

Wish you a beautiful day Fram!And thanx for not forgetting me stuck here in Ice Norway:))

Greetings Anita

ANITA said...

Btw.Beautiful music! :)))

Fram Actual said...

Hmmmm ....

Archaeology has been one of my interests since I was a boy, Anita. Had my situation been just a bit different, my college major would have been archaeology. But, because of circumstances at the time, instead I went with two majors: English (literature) and history.

I have participated in two "digs," each lasting a number of weeks, as an amateur volunteer, and would like to do more of them. And, I still study and read and even dream a little .... for instance, Polish archaeologists recently found a 1,500-year-old palindrome amulet in Cyprus, which I think is fascinating and alluring.

Hmmmm, again ....

The December visit to the doctor was my first since October 2013. I usually manage to put fourteen or fifteen months or longer between my "annual" checkups. I have had a fair amount of dental work done in recent years. Perhaps, my whining about those visits is what you remember.

No, the photograph was not New York. I suppose buildings such as these are not expected to be found in "sleepy, little, prairie, farming communities" in Minnesota. The photo is from Rochester, Minnesota, USA, population a bit more than 100,000.

As for companionship, you are right: One never knows what may be awaiting just a day away or around the next bend in the river.

Thank you, Anita, for being here. Do not forget to pack a trowel and plenty of sunscreen to bring with you to Cyprus next summer.

ANITA said...

Thanx Fram!I didnt know that about you..So there you go..Humans can be real diamonds without knowing they true soul..Yes it may be the dentist thing..I was also at the dentist last year..coast me 48000 n.kr..only for I was out hiking in the ice..one of my teeth broke..what a experience!
I am happy to hear your ok:)
Interesting that about the old findings in Cypruz..I will do a reaserch about it.May be will go there in the summer.Tickets to Fig Tree Bay is bought and looking forward to the travel.

Beautiful Minnasota!Is it cold weather there as here?Sorry writing so much to you.But i like it..Wish you a happy day and thanxs for reply!


Fram Actual said...

Well, I suppose I can be an archaeologist in my next life. And, Cyprus would be a good place to be one, although I would prefer to find a hoard of Viking gold and silver rather than to dig in the ruins of a Crusader castle on Cyprus.

Yes, it is very cold here, Anita. It was minus eighteen Celsius last night, and did not warm up much during the day. In little more than a week, though, FramWinter will be at its midpoint. Half-way to warmth again ....

As for happy days, I am not sure there will be any for me until springtime, but I hope you find a few between now and then.

Something special ....