Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Wouldn't time be out to charm you"

Tempus fugit .... I have been a week beneath the surface and now have risen for a breath of air before diving again. When past becomes present and present becomes past, it means, for all practical purposes, time has stopped. At least, that would be my interpretation. I think it has, for me .... time stopped for me, that is to say. The question would seem to be whether to accept that premise or hope to discover a way to restart time -- which might not even be possible. Can you understand the dilemma and see the smile on my lips ?? Some of you, I think, can. (Sorry, I like to write in a figurative manner, and, sometimes, I get carried away.) Moving right along, have you figured out the location in the photographs? I doubt it. Maybe, I will bring "she" here when the world is more tranquil once again and if I am able to reclaim my spirit -- and, most importantly, if I am able to find a path to "she" through the maze. (There I am, "going figurative" on you again !!) As for the music: Don Dokken was a great singer and his band one of the best of the rock era. "Alone Again" seems to be emblematic of this "incarnation" of my life. Guns N' Roses was among the absolute greatest bands of the era, and "November Rain" the magnum opus of Axl Rose. See you in another week or two ....


Fram Actual said...

Once again, I will mention that if you wish to leave a comment, thank you. I appreciate them. I usually respond to them, but I most likely will not be in a position to reply to any comments to this post for some time.

By the way, I know you, Anita. Do not waste your time trying to discover anything by examining the television screen in the photograph. It shows nothing of use. And, there are no reflections in the windows. I am teasing you .... sort of ....

ANITA said...

Hah hah right!nothing but the reflextions of the room..I quess u r in Florida?or Turquy?nice place!
Must be good with some changes!Here in Norway..pretty bored!Stay safe and give us daily or weekly updates.Cheerio amigo!
Greetings Anita

ANITA said...

Photo bathingsuit?
Would be nice!!!!

Kelly J. Call said...

Actually, looks like my town!

Enjoy your time! The water is a beautiful shade of blue :-)

Best Wishes,

Kaya said...

Finally you are having a very nice vacation Fram! That is very nice!

Enjoy your vacation and have fun!

Tammie Lee said...

I love it when time stands still, nothing but the moment exists. Looks like a wonderful place to be.

ANITA said...

Well well Fram the viking!

whats on??Trouble in paradise?Or just nothing special??

dont want to talk ha? is and downs..cant be otherwise..hope for you it is most happiness :))

Take care and yes I will give you a hint when snow comes:))

Greetings Freya.."EX UNITATE VIRES",

Fram Actual said...

I have been gone more than I have been around during the past two months, Anita, and not paying much attention to the blogs in either case. As a matter of fact, I am not "here" at the moment, but, rather, I am about two thousand miles from "home." But, you also are correct in that my mood has not been conducive to talking much for some time now. And, I also have experienced sort of an accident, which has slowed me down a bit.

As for snow, actually, I heard on the news there had been four inches not too far from my stomping grounds, over in the Black Hills of South Dakota .... but, it is expected to melt within a few days. I think it will be an early and a harsh winter.

Yes, there is strength in unity, and two are stronger than one alone. We all should have someone watching our backs for us.

Thanks, for checking up on me, Anita.

ANITA said...

Wow!!!!!South Dakota!!
what are you doing there????

interesting!!!most be a beautiful place:))))

I wish you could show us some photoes from it.

It is nice to travel but nice to come home again..either someone is waiting for you or not..

I hope you have not damaged yourself!

Sometimes it is good to stay away from the can give you false reality ..and takes much of our time..
Yes.About the snow.Really it snowing over there?Wow!!!

we dont have snow yet..Even on the Hardangervidda its nothing..and the Icberg continues smelting..What a strange time..

Hope your day will be good.I wish you the best my blog friend (some years now)

You dont have to answer this..I know you care and writes when you can..

Many hugs and greetings


Fram Actual said...

No, I am a long way from South Dakota, Anita.

In my last comment here to you, I wrote that I was about two thousand miles from my home, which, at the moment, is in Minnesota. Later, I wrote that snow had fallen in the Black Hills of South Dakota, which is not far from my "stomping grounds." Perhaps, stomping grounds is not an expression used in Norway; it is slang for the area where a person lives. My current stomping grounds are in Minnesota. South Dakota is adjacent to Minnesota, and I am about two thousand miles away from there. I probably have confused the situation even more now, but I am a long, long way from both Minnesota and South Dakota. As to where I actually am at the moment, that is anyone's guess ....

Incidentally, I have lived in South Dakota (remember my Sanctuary/Refuge?), still own property there and have South Dakota license plates on my Suburban just to annoy people and to confuse them. Part of my heart still resides there.

As for "damaging myself," I am on crutches for a while. Maybe, I will post a photograph of the crutches. I hate them, but, if I could not complain about that I would find something else to complain about -- such is my nature. And, for the record, I did not damage myself .... someone else did it to me/for me.

Anyway, I have a bit of time on my hands just now, which is why I am keeping track of you and others on the blogs. I will be returning to Minnesota soon (I think), but, alas, no one is waiting at home for me -- which, actually, probably is for the best.

I hope you have an enjoyable Sunday, Anita. Thank you, for coming to visit me again.

Something special ....