Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Manitou of Fram

There are more than a few interpretations of what a Manitou is and descriptions of its powers and purposes. I have written about my concept in previous posts, so all I will take the time to mention here and now is to once again say that I believe every object -- animate and inanimate -- has one. If you look perceptively at the photograph, you will see mine watching over me. He and I are eager to be on the move for a while again. It is the middle of July, and time to formulate plans for autumn. So .... last call .... any thoughts ?? Whatever else may come, do not say you were not given the opportunity to express your ideas.
Last call, last run, last camp, last last ....

July this year arrived for me with warm days bordering on hot (according to my definition) and few clouds to blunt the force of the sun. It has been very different from May and June, which were reminiscent of Biblical lore and brought the name Noah to mind.

Those who have come by here in previous Julys and who actually have read the words posted here might recall that this month has been a time for dramatic changes in my life. Perhaps foremost is that I have been married twice in July and the divorces for both marriages were finalized in July. For a number of years, I have had an inner feeling that I am destined to have three wives and have thought it would be fascinating if all three marriages took place during the month of July. Whether that will be the case or not, it is absolutely certain there will be no third July marriage for me this year.

I also have had one child born in July, began active duty with the Marine Corps in July and I tasted combat for the first time in July .... well, many significant events have begun or ended for me during July, but that is mention of enough for this post. I assume you get the picture. And, July has not only been a month for doing, it has been a time for planning, for formulating, for devising -- and, some might also say, a time for scheming.

Not too long ago, I wrote in another post here that I have been building up to making another "run" in September or October -- a "run" being my way of describing another plunge into a way of life different from my usual manner of existence. If the "run" lasts for a year or longer, it becomes an "incarnation" –- a life within a life, so to speak. I am leaning toward making this "run" another one to Europe, but I cannot stop myself from wondering if I should choose somewhere else -- somewhere really new to me. And, I still am searching for suggestions, advice, ideas.

I have grown to be superstitious about months, and expect each of them to have certain traits and characteristics in regard to my life. There are months I fear and months I welcome. Is that not ridiculous? Is that not superstition carried to an extreme?

I suppose I am superstitious in several respects, and I have a tendency to believe life is inexplicable and enigmatic, and to take literally the notion that: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Which leads me back to autumn again. September. October. November. To paraphrase this time: Where to go, when to go, what to do? Those are the questions.


Anonymous said...

Frammy, your photography is wonderful, what an amazing sky, your Manitou had something to do with it, for sure, congratulations.

Well, if you ask me, I would advise you to go on a trip around the world :-) That's because I dream of the journey like that one day :-) With camera of course! :-)

Thank you for being my first follower! :-)

Have a nice day, pa

Smareis said...

OI Fram,
Não conhecia essa palavra Manitou risos, ou talvez conheço mais em outra forma de ver.
Essa foto é maravilhosa e misteriosa.
Você tem muitos momentos que foram especiais e significativos no mês de julho...
Casamentos em julho, divórcios em julho,você gosta mesmo do mês de julho em? risos! Então você saiu da linha que seguia de julho? Esse ano não teve casamento em julho, sera que nada especial aconteceu, ou vai acontecer ainda nesse julho de 2013.

Na minha família só meu pai é do dia 15 de julho, e por coincidência, tristeza pra nossa família, ele faleceu em julho também, já faz 11 anos. Esse mês de julho sempre é triste pra nós da família, mas a saudade de meu pai é bem viva, como se ele estivesse com a gente ainda.

Dúvidas sempre aparece quando se viaja, mais existe belos lugares pra viajar,
Viajar é bom demais, pena que quase não viajo, mais quem pode deve estar apreciando essas maravilha que a vida apresenta. Sempre que viajo gosto de ir pra montanhas ou praias, são meus lugares favoritos. Sempre uma viagem proporciona bons momentos e muitas recordações que jamais são esquecidas. Conhecer lugares é maravilhoso, a gente aprende e é uma terapia, a gente esquece os problemas da vida.
Gostei muito do vídeo, música gostosa de ouvir.

Deixo um abraço e desejo de uma semana excelente... Obrigada pelo carinho adoro quando me visita.
Abraço amigo!

Fram Actual said...

That was the sky as it appeared early one evening in Dakota, Mag. I wondered at the time if this phenomenon was, perhaps, a meeting of the storm gods deciding whether they would strike the land below or move on to another place. I think it was my Manitou who persuaded them to move along to somewhere else because the clouds fled in haste.

Yes, I have thought of a round-the-world voyage, but I would first have to learn how much time is spent at sea and how much time is spent in ports. Too much time at sea would not be the best use of the money such a trip would cost. I think I would be more inclined to try a cruise in the Baltic or the Mediterranean. Thank you, for the suggestion. Hmmmm .... maybe, a river cruise ....

I am glad to become a follower of your new blog. I hope to see your interest in photography grow and grow. It will be five years next January since our blog paths crossed, and it is nice to have a few old friends here.

Fram Actual said...

I think it would be great to be married a third time, and to have the wedding take place in July.

The third time is the charm, right?

Three strikes before you are out, right?

In any case, any movement in the direction of another marriage will have to wait at least until next year.

It is interesting your father died during the same month in which he was born, Smareis. It might sound strange, but I sometimes think it would be fascinating (to me/for me) to die on my birthday. I feel I actually would like that.

I do not think a day goes by when some sight or sound does not spark a memory of someone from my past who has left the Earth on their next journey. The way I look at it, as long as I live, they still live, and they remain important in my life.

As for travel, the idea of a shipboard cruise appeals to me, otherwise, at this point in time, I think I would like to go to a city and live there for a month or two. Or, maybe, pick three or four cities and spend a week or two in each. Possibly, even longer. I do love woodlands and know them well, and I am addicted to lakes and rivers and seas, but right now I am in the mood to be in places where people have lived for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. I can talk to trees and rocks and animals, and hear their voices, but I wish to talk to the ghosts of people for a while, if that makes sense, and I think cities are the place to find them.

I enjoy your visits and your comments very much, Smareis. Thank you, for both .... and, I am glad you like the photograph and the music, and especially pleased you have discovered Manitous.

Anonymous said...

Five years, this is quite a time. I am glad, too, we are here again together to watch our work, and to talk. And that we wish all the best to each other. It is not so commen in a real life.

Till later, pa

Fram Actual said...

There is only Diva who I had "met" on the blogs before you and who still visits me here from time to time, Mag, and that was just by a matter of a few weeks. I do know where a few others from that time frame are now even though they do not visit me here. But, there is little contact with anyone beyond the sea of blogs. I am too restless and too moody to be good at writing regularly.

So, you are right. Unless a person lives in the same place and works at the same job, the likelihood of maintaining communications for a span of several years is unusual in the "real world" and, I think, even more rare in the virtual world.

So, we are exceptions to the rule.

Anonymous said...

Frammy, by the accident I deleted one post with music on my blog, the previous one, there was your comment on it, I'm sorry, I hope you won't be angry.

Have a nice day, pa, pa

Fram Actual said...

No problem, Mag. Do not give it a second thought.

I hope you have a pleasant Sunday ....

Daliana Pacuraru said...

Hello everyone, hello FRAM!
I think that Manitou is the projection of our energy (thoughts, beliefs, emotions , etc) on others or over the nature around us.Manitou is alive as long as we believe in his presence... So, for me is a sort of angel on my shoulder.

June is my favorite month .I feel good in June even if everything around me decompose....

I think you will find a way to free you from your actual life and go to Europe or somewhere else....You have time to do that....

I have to go now....to see the Black Sea. Have a good time , Fram...or better : sweet dreams!

Fram Actual said...

I think the flights of the Early Bird Daliana and the Night Owl Fram just passed by each other in cyberspace. It is about time you made an appearance here. I have missed your visits to this page.

Yes, my sense is that our Manitous emanate from within us, but are not directly part of us as some might define a soul or a spirit. My concept also would place energy within and emanating from all creatures, as well as from all inanimate objects. Although it would seem silly to some, for instance, I often have said my Manitou and the Manitou of Lake Superior are friends, and for that reason no harm can come to me when I am on or in The Lake. I would go a step further and say there are other dimensions around us, and so often what is told in myth and legend and primitive religious lore still exists there and sometimes emerges to be seen and known.

I like June, too. It is not too hot and not too cold. A couple of my favorite people were born in June. Every June, I faithfully observe the anniversary of my "dream battle" -- a miniature Ragnarok for a few hundred men. And, nothing bad ever has happened to me in June.

It is a possibility. Disappearing from actual life in the Autumn and emerging in another place, another country, another incarnation. You are right, Daliana. At this point in time, I have all the time in the world to do that, but, time waits for no man or woman and I dare not waste it now.

So, have a good day at the Black Sea. I am toying with the idea of going to an inland sea of sorts for a few days. Maybe; maybe not. In the meanwhile, I will envy you your Sunday by the sea while I prepare to retreat from cyberspace and enter the realm of "sweet dreams."

ANITA said...

Hello Fram:))Have you decided yet where the wind is going to take you?
May be its good for you tobe where you are a couple of years?I mean u can always take some holidays or weekends trips to brake the borness.As always a good post you show us.May you be happy as you are:))
Gteetings from Norway

Fram Actual said...

It has been a while since you paid me a visit, Anita. It seems few remember me these days.

Which reminds me, do you still have a blog on which you are posting regularly? Our blog paths went separate ways for a while, and I have lost track of you.

No, there has been no decision made regarding travel. I have a hundred ideas, most of them revolving around Eastern Europe. Or, if I care to be a "traditional traveler," I still have my cousin in Stockholm and a shirt-tail relative living on one of Bergen's islands, which might make interesting trips since I have been to neither place. Anyway, I have questions which I need answers to before I can make any decisions and come up with a definite plan.

I do not like living in suburbs at all and I have spent too much time in and out of the Twin Cities of Minnesota to wish to stay here much longer. Everything here is old to me in the "been there, done it" sense. But, you are right in the sense of keeping things as they are for a while yet until I know which road I wish to travel. There is no reason for me to be in a hurry to do anything or to move anywhere. As I often say these days, I have all the time in the world at this particular moment, but time waits for no man, so I dare not waste too much of it.

Thank you, Anita, for your visit, your comment and your compliment about my post. I appreciate these things a great deal.

ANITA said...

Follow the link of mine and you can see the blog:)
yes.I think you do right as you do right now.
If you want to pay a visit to Bergen.you can always stay for free at my house as long as you want.iam not rich and i am not a pretty young horse but i think i am a good friend to guide you along the way.
Sweden i also should like to travel too.and Germany.I have seen soo much world war 2 movies that to see some of those cities as Berlin and so on would be interesting.

I hope to hear from you..may be you will give me a visit on the blog?I did a travel to the middeteranian and looked at all the history down there..but.i think i am the only one that likes ancient stories..So i would be nice to hear what you say.Well.Goodbye then and thanx for your comment back here :)

Fram Actual said...

To begin, I did go to your blog and thought it was terrific, Anita. The narrative was fascinating and the photographs were great. You are becoming an expert on Cyprus, for sure, and you created an excellent post to give others a taste of what you have discovered and learned there. I enjoyed my visit very much.

Thank you, for offering to open up your home to me, but I am not looking for free lodging when I travel and I think I have become so accustomed to being alone that I would find it very difficult to be in the same house in which anyone else is living. I even found it uncomfortable with only a wall separating me from other people when I was staying in a townhouse a few years ago. As for being a guide, I will keep that in mind should the "far north" become among my destinations. I do not like being out and about alone.

Anyway, we shall see what the future might bring. Take care ....

ANITA said...

yeah !thats okey!Thanx for the compliment Fram:)))

Something special ....