Sunday, June 23, 2013

It must be somewhere .... mustn't it?

There have been two or three times when I have posted a photograph here without identifying its location or its purpose/relevance to what I have written. Here we go again. All I care to say is that this photo was taken at sunset on Saturday, June 22, 2013. A few people might have an idea of where this place is, and a very few might even recognize the location despite the absence of many landmarks. I am curious. Is it annoying that I post a mystery scene without apparent purpose? Well, I will leave you wondering and (maybe) annoyed. Now, for the music: "Don't Fade Away," by David Coverdale and Whitesnake, seems to fit the mood of my words and Joan Jett's rendition of, "Love Hurts," explains itself. It is a beautiful song and among my all-time favorites -- no matter who sings it.

Decision is a desirous thing

A number of years ago, I wrote a piece bearing the title, "Decision is a Desirous Thing." When it was written or what it was written about is not relevant for this post, but it seems in recent times I have to keep reminding myself that if you are not going somewhere, you are going nowhere.

I want to touch the past.

I want to feel and to sense and to be in the past.

Not only my past, but the past as it actually has been since the beginning of time. Not just the historical past, but the entire past.

Some people want to know the future, but I want to know the past -- to experience it, not just as the "winners" have written it, but as it actually existed. I want to know what brought us to the point in time where we are. I want to know why we are the way we are. I want to know why we seem to have learned nothing during the vast millennia we have been here on this Earth.

I wonder how many feel the same way. I guess that does not matter. Whatever, I think that is where I am going -- not into the future, but into the past.

Wish me luck ....

I simply do not understand women

I have said before and, undoubtedly, will say again: I do not understand women. Some examples:

A few days ago, my daughter hung up the telephone on me.  Do not ask me why. I have no idea what I did or said to bring that reaction.

A few days ago, the technician cleaning my teeth stopped, turned her back on me, and walked out of the room in an angry fashion and with a rather uppity remark. She had just told me she was getting married in July, and I had replied, "Congratulations, Callie."

She came back about ten minutes later and finished the task without saying another word.

I could mention other recent, similar events, but I think you get my drift. I believe part of the problem is that I am not smart enough to understand what I am doing wrong and not dumb enough for women to feel sorry for me. Sort of in the middle, you know?

Anyway, I have gotten used to this dilemma. Rather than asking questions or getting angry in return, I just keep my mouth shut and sort of fade away just a little bit further.


ANITA said...

Hah Hah Hah!ILOVE it:))))

Simply dont understand woman_)))))))))))))

I had to laugh hearing you say that!
Beautiful post and photo..It must be in the Middeterrenian?

Fram Actual said...

Come on, Anita. Does any man truly understand women? I do not think so. The moods and the emotions of women completely confuse me. You, yourself, have left me confused several times.

Remember, also, that I have been married and divorced twice. This is a demonstration of my lack of understanding, although, perhaps, things might be different had I bought more flowers and fewer rifles.

You have a good eye in regard to the photograph, Anita, but I will neither confirm nor deny that it is the Mediterranean, and leave both the location and the logic of the photo as mysteries.

Smareis said...

Fram, vi sua atualização e passei pra admirar esse pôr do sol. Maravilhoso!
Ao olhar essa imagem fiquei a pensar como é lindo a vida e como o horizonte é perfeito e indecifrável, me trouxe recordações muito bela essa imagem.
O passado é uma coisa que muitos gostaria de desvendar, e eu também. Gostaria de tocar o passado, passear por lá de vez enquanto,risoss. O futuro é sempre mistérios, por vezes tenho medo dele.
As mulheres são misteriosa, por vezes nem a própria mulher entende ela própria. Mistério da natureza risos.

Filhos são assim mesmo, sei o que é isso. Tem dia que o mundo vira contra a gente, o bom menso é ficar de boca fechada e deixar que o silêncio fala tudo pela pessoa.

Esse vídeo é lindo. Gosto muito dessa música Love Hurts. Gosto muito na voz do Nazareth também.

Enfim sua postagem ficou esplêndida, eu aqui a pensar nesse belo por do sol, coisa abençoada divina...

Abração amigo!
Ótima semana!

Fram Actual said...

When I see a horizon such as this with the sun setting, I think of it as tomorrow. The sun is entering tomorrow. Tomorrow lies just over the horizon, and I will follow the sun and be there when light returns to the Earth.

I think the past is still there, still in existence, and can be entered if the right doorway can be found. I have written posts about this, so I will not say more now other than I believe time is a river upon which we travel. It must be possible to go ashore from the river and to walk back along the riverbank into the past.

Sometimes, I do not think women want to be understood by men. They want to be a mystery because it gives them power.

Yes, "Love Hurts," and the song expresses the emotion perfectly. It was written by a husband and wife, which I find fascinating. My favorite version is by Roy Orbison.

I am glad you have been to see me again and left your words. Thank you, Smareis.

A Cuban In London said...

I don't care where the photo is from. It's unbelievably beautiful. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

Greetings, amigo. Our paths cross far too infrequently.

I thought the photograph to be sort of a typical sunset piece when I first saw it, but there really is something that draws a viewer into it. Perhaps, it is like a moth to a flame -- or, in this instance, like a spirit to the sun before it is lost forever beneath the wine-red sea.

Whatever, while the photographer is not exactly an amateur, he did well for someone whose talent with a camera is rather lacking.

Thank you, for your presence and your words, CiL. It is very nice to see you again.

Smareis said...

Olá caro amigo Fram,

Aqui estou novamente, bem ja fiz atualização e vim convidar você pra ler minha postagens.
Deixo um abraço e desejo de um grande domingo e uma excelente semana.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, you are here, Smareis. I see you.

Be assured that I will visit your page and read your posts, most likely sometime on Sunday.

You, too, have a great Sunday and a good week. Thank you, for coming to see me. I enjoy your visits.

Something special ....