Monday, December 10, 2012

I think I am out of control

What do you think? About the barn, I mean. Not about me. This is my barn. It is red, but the color does not show up well because the world around it is white and gray and black. The intent of the photograph was neither technical excellence (you know me; it never is) nor to say, "Guess what? I have my own barn." It was to show my view from the window today. Eight inches of snow have fallen, and more is coming. My mood has been strange today. Usually, I whine and cry and complain about snow, but not tonight, although I have shoveled twice and probably will again in the morning. My mood is now influenced, I think, by what I have mentioned here recently: I now see a light at the end of the tunnel and have come to a realization what it means to me and for me. I have learned nothing new; I simply have remembered what I have learned before and had forgotten. Life not only is learning; it is remembering and re-learning lessons lost along the way. Now, for the music. Here is another concert from Rainbow, this event eight years later than the one I posted earlier. Joe Lynn Turner had become the Rainbow vocalist by this time. He is not my favorite singer among those who fronted for Rainbow, but he had a great voice and a couple of his songs were simply fantastic. Remember, you do not have to listen if this sort of music is too much for you, but I have been on a Rainbow and a Deep Purple kick lately. (Deep Purple + Rainbow = many great voices & many unbelievable musicians. Often, in a sense, one band with two names. The absolute best of the best.) Misspent youth, you know what I mean. Maybe, it is time to misspend a few more years. Why not? I think my life has changed in a couple of ways during the past week or two, and it might be time to rock and roll again. As the cliche goes, you only live once (or twice or three times or ....).


ANITA said...

what a beautiful barn!!✿♥ℒℴѵℯ♥✿♥*Is it really yours??awwww..u r soo lucky!!!Perfect winther christmas shoot!!I say..sometimes the ones which do not shoot soo much images..does the best✿♥ℒℴѵℯ♥✿♥*Glad your mood is changing!!i think you are in love!!sometimes i think love only can change things..Thanx for great post and i will hear your music!!✿♥ℒℴѵℯ♥✿♥*

Kaya said...

Fram. I am jealous of your own little red barn. It is so lovely and cute. And it has this wonderful red color with nice beautiful touch. Do you know we here where I live have mostly dull gray barns? They have nice texture but colors are just boring.

And I love this photograph. Contrast of white snow and red is so beautiful.

I don't believe that you didn't learn something new.

I think that we are always learning something new even we don't pay attention to it. It stays with us and later it suddenly strikes us.

We even learn from our pain. Sometimes we try to avoid pain not understanding that this is a mistake. We will not learn anything from that.

Or we would love to learn something without experiencing it not knowing that this is never will become a part of us.

I agree what you wrote about life, remembering and re-learning.

That is good that your life has changed!!!

I try to like Rainbow and I have a difficult time. it doesn't mean that they are not good. They are very good. It's about me, and only me.

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, for the nice words, Anita, but I do not even consider my photographs to be "photographs." Almost always they are "illustrations" for what I write. I have always enjoyed "taking pictures," but I have been a reporter carrying a camera in addition to a notepad and pen, and never have been a photographer. A couple of my shots even have been the winners in journalistic contests, but they won because of their dramatic content, not because of their photographic quality. I never have had the skill, talent or patience to be a photographer.

Yes, of course, the red barn is mine. I thought everyone had one. Well, maybe not everyone. The photo was taken from the doorway of the patio into the back yard.

As for being in love. I am always in love; I am never in love. I do not know.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, I thought you might envy me my barn, Kaya. It is a miniature of the huge, huge one that once stood on my grandmother's farm. I say grandmother's farm because she inherited it, and never let my grandfather forget it.

I think quite often gray barns simply once were red barns from which the paint has weathered away over the course of decades.

I am in a phase of life in which I am more interested in forgetting than in remembering, more interested in experiencing than in intellectual learning, more fascinated by the unbelievable than by the logical. Perhaps, I simply am getting religious or spiritual or mystical. Perhaps, I am, to use a vernacular expression, simply flipping my cookies.

In any case, soon I will be freer than I have been at any time in my life. By soon, I mean in the late spring or early summer, barring the always lurking unforeseen. How long this freedom will last, I do not know, but probably not for more than for a few years.

Whenever I hear rap or hip-hop "music," I want to smash the radio, so you do not have worry around me about enjoying music like that which Rainbow produced or any particular style of music. We each have our likes and our dislikes. I would point out, though, that among those who are familiar with bands of this era, I do not believe anyone would argue that Ritchie Blackmore was not among the best half-dozen guitar players in the history of rock -- and, perhaps the best guitar man ever. And, that the music of Rainbow was not stagnant like that of so many rock bands I could list whose careers might have spanned decades, but who never have grown beyond the songs which first made them famous. Rainbow explored, evolved, roamed.

Bitch said...

This is really a Christmas image..
Beautiful colors in red and white..
For me I could live without any Christmas season..
I cannot explain this.
But it strikes me every year.,. Brrrr

So. I am going to listen to the music!!

Have a nice weekend, dear!

Fram Actual said...

Christmas comes and goes for me, Monika. By this, I mean that some years it is important to me: I have a tree, I send cards to family and friends, I buy many presents, I listen to holiday music. Other years, I almost forget that Christmas exists: No tree, no cards, few gifts and no holiday songs. This is because I do not like the cold or the snow or the crowded streets, stores and sidewalks. This year, it is beginning to appear there will be Christmas for me. I even put up a tree in my patio.

Judging by past comments you have made, I doubt that you will care for this music, but I hope you will listen anyway.

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