Thursday, September 20, 2012

No words from me, only a passing memory

"Torna ai felici di"

(Return to the Happy Days)
Roberto's aria from "Le Villi"
an opera by Giacomo Puccini


Here is her house.
O God, what a horrible night!
Weird voices pursue me.The Willis: away with them!
They are imaginings!
No, the fatal vendetta of the Wilis
Does not pursue me!
Viper of Hell!
Thou alone, remorse, dost plague me!
Viper of the poison of Hell!
My anguished thought
Returns to those happy days
When May was gay with flowers
And love blossomed for me!
Then everything was blackened
By lugubrious mysteries,
And now in my heart there is
Naught but sadness and terror!
Perhaps she still lives! I shall knock!
What a shudder ran through me!
I could not lift
My hand to her door!


Come, damned soul, make haste!


I seem to hear
A funeral dirge!
O great God! This is the end
Of my journey, of my destiny.
Let forgiveness bring me
A single moment of happiness,
Then I shall die!
I cannot pray!
Ah, cursed be the day
When I left this village!
And cursed be your beauty,
O vile courtesan!

[Editor's Note: I do not much care for tragedy, which the opera, "Le Villi," most certainly is; I always want endings to be happy. But, I greatly appreciate the artistry of Giacomo Puccini and the talent of Placido Domingo -- and, the legend of "the Willis" (the Fairies) fascinates me -- so, here they all are together. By the way, neither do I care much for comedy. No tragedy, no comedy? What else is there? Romance, of course.]


anita grinde said...

Ohhhh..!!!..What a beautiful opera!
Love love love it!
Thanx for sharing.Btw..have you gone into romance again?Ai ai ai...What a happy feeling! got one of a kind of beautiful soul uploading this..merci..merci..Isteal it for my you tube accountThanx again!

Kaya said...

Absorbing and powerful!

I like these mini series No Words from Me. This is a conversation. Only a conversation through music and poetry. And emotions.

Bitch said...

Most of the time the story from an opera is not so much my taste but a could lost myself into the music.
Beautiful sound from this opera by Puccini. It is new for me.. And what
a voice!!
Thank you for sharing!!!!

anita grinde said...

So.Heh heh..nobody comments your latest post??

well.i say .RIP.and welcome to see you another place.heheh..
Greetings from your smiling friend in norway!!!

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