Monday, December 5, 2011

Once more: She said, There is no reason ....

Anyone who reads here knows that I have a rather narrow view of what constitutes art in terms of painting. The work of Picasso, for instance, is a masterpiece of marketing and a sham in terms of art, in my opinion. He represents money and "me, too" fad, not art. On the other side of the coin is a painter such as Charles Leickert. He was born in Belgium nearly two hundred years ago, and did much of his work in Holland. As one might guess from this particular painting in oil, titled "A Winter Scene," he preferred the season of winter for his work and was fascinated by the changing sky. The structure on the right apparently was a favorite of the artist, as it appears in several of his paintings. Once upon a time, I would have liked to have lived in a building like that. Art is beauty; it is reality and a reflection of reality. It is not convoluted designs and abstract scribbling.

Clarity = escape for a while

A few days ago, I wrote these words to a friend: "The world and the people in it are so damn fascinating, and there is not the time to learn about them all and to marvel at it all. Being sentenced to life on earth for a few decades is a criminal act in itself, I think. It is like holding out a candy bar to a child, then throwing it away before his eyes."

Well, at this moment I feel a bit overwhelmed by the world and all the people in it and all the candy bars life has to offer. In a sentence, I need some time to think and to search for clarity and direction in my personal life. So, I am going to escape from anything I feel distracts me for a couple of weeks -- which includes the sea of blogs. See you back here in time for Christmas.

By the way, I think the stars are approaching an apex for others in addition to me. It is a time for some of us to be making life-altering decisions ....

I've Been This Way Before
by Neil Diamond

I’ve seen the light
And I've seen the flame
And I've been this way before
And I'm sure to be this way again
For I've been refused
And I've been regained
And I've seen your eyes before
And I'm sure to see your eyes again

For I've been released
And I've been regained
And I've sung my song before
And I'm sure to sing my song again

Some people got to laugh
Some people got to cry
Some people got to make it through
By never wondering why

Some people got to sing
Some people got to sigh
Some people never see the light
Until the day they die

But I've been released
And I've been regained
And I've been this way before
And I'm sure to be this way again

One more time again
Just one more time


Anonymous said...

ohh boy..that was a nice painting of Leickert!!I save it and have it on my know are an inspirator..and a necesity!!

I dont like so much Picasso and Salavdor Dali..ect ect..i am into old things natural things..well you know...Yes it time to take some seroius decisions..i argee.

yesterday i watched The 13 warriour with Banderas..not very good movie..but the historical set..was good about odin and the gods before..i like that.ok my good friend..come back when you wanne..i am here and not here..but always you r someplace in my mind.take care and soo long :)

Kaya said...

Fram, if you think that escaping will help to see you things with a clarity, then go for that!!!!!

Of course it will be difficult to escape from yourself and your problems. Problems always will follow you if you will not solve them.

Do you know we see things better if we are detached from them, even for a while. We see things better when we have a time for ourselves, even an extra hour a day.

I think that is a good idea to take a break and join us with a clear mind and new ideas around Christmas.

I always think when the New Year approaches what I would like to leave in the old year and take with myself in the new year. Just the idea and I hope that it might help you.

i noticed that you has changed, Fram. Is it simple tiredness? Or love? Or something more significant?

I don't know but sometimes I want to ask you only one question. Fram, are you ok? Is everything ok in your life?

See you around Christmas, Fram!!! And take break, nice and refreshing. We all be waiting for you!

Greetings from Kaya.

Bitch said...

Well Fram, my dear friend Kaya said it all..
Take a break, take your breath, stay away from the sea of blogs!
And I agree! At the end of every year we have to consider, what we have done in good or bad things..
and we hold on to or get rid of it!

I thing that we can hold on this chatting together once in a while.
This was nice..
Till Christmas!!! See you.


Anonymous said...

i think you soon shall come back now.

Dmitry Voevodin said...

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