Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Drifting toward an endless sea

Since I do not have any recent photographs of myself on a raft (my last one burned in a grass fire when I was around twelve or thirteen), I drafted this 1920 painting by N.C. Wyeth of Robinson Crusoe on his raft to illustrate a dream I had a few nights ago. Of course, the raft of my dream was not laden with supplies and was on a river flowing through a desert, but I think this painting will serve the purpose just fine. The paramount question of all this might be: Who is sitting, unseen in the painting, behind the mound of supplies on the raft?
This time around the horn

I have been experiencing a variety of dreams recently and, although there seems to be few around here who like to comment about possible interpretations, here comes still another one:

I was floating down a river that was neither deep nor wide, and the land all around was desert -- rolling, wave-like, barren hills of sand dunes. I was looking ahead to where the river emptied into a delta with many streams, and then coursed its way into a vast sea beyond. I was dirty and bearded and my clothes were in tatters. (Yes, no doubt it was me; that describes me perfectly.)

Then, the dream shifted to a panoramic view, as though in a film, and I was watching myself on the raft from a great distance as it entered the delta area, drifting on toward an endless sea. Only then did I notice that there was someone else on the raft, too, sitting behind me. The distance was so great I could not tell who the other person was and, abruptly, the dream ended.

Again, since there are few (if any) willing to suggest an interpretation for my dreams, I will offer my own for this one: I have joined with another individual, at least temporarily, on a path. This is represented by the two of us drifting along aboard a raft on a river.

The river is shallow and narrow, meaning either or both of us could leave the raft and wade ashore if we wished to do so. But, the land is empty desert, which offers little incentive to actually do so.

Still the land, empty as it is, is there, and might be the best choice given the vastness of the unknown sea upon which the raft, with the two of us drifting upon it, is about to enter.

So ends the dream and one way of looking at it.

But, with this dream and a rather meaningless sixteen months behind me, I have decided to fall out of the tree and to begin actual plans for an idea I have mentioned here recently but had not previously committed to doing: On December 31, either someone will arrive here -- or I will arrive somewhere else -- to observe the start of 2012.

Ian Fleming wrote: "You Only Live Twice." It was a novel. From my point of view, I am pushing maybe a dozen lives in real time -- and, I am only counting this voyage around the horn.


Anonymous said...

Tired of beeing alone Frammy?
It is a good dream.Much hope in it..i am curious to see who you will end up with in the new year?it is exiting your about to take a new step in your life..am very happy about that.

To answer about me ..blogging again..i think not..i will not do that again..thinking of it makes no good feeling so..i live life as it is in real.(but what is real??)

I have very good time coming and read your blog..almost every day..it is like the daily news;for me, to read what people think and do..so i think this is a great blog..it makes people come together.

Wind or Dalaiana.I have always thought of you as a male source and still can not think of you as a woman..yeah..that is very strange..but you must be a beautuful soul anyway..reading your wise comments about life.I think you think about me..since you write about it..and thanx !!it is nice to not be forgotten.

Monica..!!if you read this..what in the earth made you come here..lol!!!!well we seems to meet at the stranges places..may be i will meet you in Ihos too??or Corfu??or Creta???lol..or may be just Facebook??gosh i have met many of my blog friends via facebooka.It is an interesting place and keeps one up with friends ect.. ect..

Kaya.You write damm good and you know it..continue as you do it is very good..

Well i have to go now..i hope i did no wrong with this message..

Fram.My name is Anita.Katia was the blizzard we had some time ago.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita. As I sometimes say, I do not mind living alone. In fact, there are many advantages to having no one around who you must please except yourself. But, on the other side of the coin, I do not like going places alone. A play or a film or a museum or a concert or even a walk is something that is much more enjoyable when it is shared with another.

More and more in recent months, I have thought that I need either to find a woman or to find a bit of adventure. Either one will keep me occupied with something other than my own thoughts and activities. (Possibly, keep me out of mischief, too.) So, we shall see if I finally do something about it besides talk about it.

I think we have a similar feeling about the sea of blogs. They serve a purpose, but they are a place to visit, not a place to live.

I am glad you stopped by and left a note, Anita, and I hope that you continue to visit me in the future.

Wind said...

Dream is a special place (for me) and sometimes I am living there.
Reality is a common, ordinary place.
From time to time these worlds mix (if we are lucky) .... and the name of the new born world is 'happiness'.
Happiness is momentary, as we all know.
I wish all your dreams to turn into that new world.
See? How powerful a dream can be!

I have seen that New Year's Eve is important to you... and I know it is important for everybody else...but not for me.
Usually I am sleeping that night.
I don't like this 'global' enthusiasm.

My best thoughts to you!

Wind said...

Anita, Of course I am thinking of you.
Look at Fram blog's name:
'Sort of San Francisco Fan Club'
We are members of the Club , you are too! ha ha
Sorry Fram!

About blog, blogs, blogging.
I can not see a reason not to have ,not to write,not to post,not to meet others,not to comment on this kind of place.Only lack of time, maybe...

....and yes, I am not a male, does this change things? I thought you knew...my name is Daliana. My name came from a flower called Dhalia (Dalia in romanian). You can see it here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dahlia.

Ok, Fram....sorry.
I still am thinking about your dream. Usually I am dreamimg about
empty blue train stations and flying .

If I could write in romanian...
I wish you a great Wednesday!

Fram Actual said...

Allow me, Daliana, to put my thoughts about New Year's Eve this way:

A number of years ago, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Jimmy Breslin, was asked about his plans for New Year's Eve. He had a reputation as a late-night, hard-partying, heavy-drinking man, and the question was something like this: "Given your reputation, I assume you have big plans for New Year's Eve."

To which, Breslin replied something like this: "Naw, that's the one night of the year we professionals leave for the amateurs."

I stole that line and used it for a long time when I was asked what I would be doing on New Year's Eve.

Some years, this event is significant for me; other years not. Last year, I was in bed by 11:00 p.m./23.00. Two years ago, I had an eight-course meal, drank champagne with strawberries in it and watched fireworks at midnight.

Specific events become symbolic events in certain years. With a bit of luck and some determination, symbolic events rise to a level in which they become life-altering events for me. That is what I am looking for the night 2011 disappears into the history books and 2012 is born.

As for dreams, Daliana, I really like what you wrote here, and I think your "formula" for blending the special place of dreams and the ordinary place of reality to create that momentary magic of happiness is a most excellent potion to possess. The secret, I guess, is finding a way so as to never allow the potion to run out.

Fram Actual said...

Since you wrote two comments, Daliana, I believe I will write two.

To begin, club members do not have to use the word "sorry" for anything on this blog. If you will check the club bylaws, you will see it is specifically stated under Section 13, Article 33, Paragraph 243, that "use of the worry 'sorry' is not altogether banned, but should be used sparingly and never used unnecessarily."

All right. I am teasing again. Sorry.

Back to dreams for a moment. I have had many strange and varied dreams in recent weeks, but none of my usual reoccurring dreams. As for your dreams, on my recent road excursions, I drive by an ancient railroad station just about every trip. It is not blue and it is not very picturesque, or I would take a photograph of it for you.

Dhalia or Dalia. Yes, I have heard of them, but know so little about flowers (or any plants) that it did not occur to me that would be the source of your name. I always thought your name, Daliana, was unique, and had never seen/heard it before that I recall.

I realize this comment is as much (or more) for Anita than it is for me, but, still, I will say thank you, for the good wishes and thoughts.

Bitch said...

And now it is my turn, e?
A comment to your dream, Fram. You are not very happy with your life or partner in this very moment. And the New Year's Eve is not changing anything, unless you know what is to change about! I guess?

Now, this blog is a meeting point for three, or now four friends!
This is very beautiful and somehow

Hello Anita.. I am glad to find you here.. How is your life now you are a mother? No time for blogging!!

Daliana or Wind.
For so many years I thought too
that you are a man!!
How can that be..
Daliana is not a name for a man.
And from the other hand your thematic (the poetry etc.) is so feminine!

And to Kaya.
She is so open and spontaneous, that I loved her from the first moment!!

I hope, that we are going to meet
again soon..

Fram the Johnny Cash song is from his very old age time, I think!!
His voice is broken and it made me feel sad..

Wish you all a very nice weekend.
Bis bald

Fram Actual said...

Johnny Cash was only seventy-one when he died, I just discovered, but he looked and sounded ancient. This song was recorded for an album that was released a little less than a year before he died. I had to do a bit of research to learn these facts, Monika. I was very surprised to find out his age at the time he sang this song. If I would have guessed, I would have thought he was well into his eighties.

Who knows? It could be he was trying to produce the sound the way he did. It is the "end of the line" sort of melody he gives the song that is appealing to me. On the other hand, he and his wife did have quite a love story and it was coming to an end due to poor health and he knew it. Perhaps, that is why the sound is so melancholy and forlorn.

As for my dream, I have neither a life nor a partner at the moment, so this should explain the discontent and unhappiness reflected in my dream.

As for New Year's Eve, that simply is a self-imposed deadline. One way or another, life is going to change for me the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. For the better, I hope ....

Yes, please consider yourself a friend and say whatever you wish to say whenever you wish to say it.

Anonymous said...

what n the lord has gone into you Fram?

Anonymous said...

i think you expect too much.you see the blogger world is a strange thing.sometimes people are there sometimes not.I will not think more about it only think you had a bad day.

i was thinking..only thinking starting a little blog..only anita..just something i do from day to day..like a diary.what do you think?Think that is silly??Be honest ok.

I dont understand that lesson thing.that is your secret and for me to find out

Well as you see i am working and working..

see you around..and show some footprints were you go baby

Bitch said...

Hi, dear Fram Actual!!
I could not leave a message under the post of the "Queen"..
The blogger did not let me to!
So I am coming this way!!
I was ready to throw my wine glass into the screen, haha, (really)..

Very strong piece!!
Of course I love it!!
Maurice Bejart killed it!
I cannot understand why...

Have a nice and (sunny?) day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it Monic!!

Fram Actual said...

I would like to say something funny, Anita, and tease you a bit, but you might think I was serious so I will not do that. What I will do instead is to say, simply, that I was not in a good mood. So, you were right. I was having sort of a bad day.

Although .... as I mentioned in the third, now-deleted comment, I have one more post in mind, then I will take a bit of a vacation from writing here. Believe it or not, I have a considerable amount of work I need to do, too, and I want to concentrate on it.

Yes, I think it would be a good idea for you to start a little blog, sort of like a diary. It is not at all silly, and I would read it.

I plan no actual trips until the end of the year, so it will be easy to track me.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Monika, I disabled the comment element of my most recent post because I was momentarily unhappy with it and wished to see no more remarks there. Now, I am over it and the world is fine again.

And, you .... you must be careful when you think about throwing your wine glass. If your aim is good, it might cost you money, as it did me.

You are very resourceful, I see. If one post will not take comments, you find another which will accept them. Very good.

The dance created by Maurice Bejart and the music of Queen combined to form a strong union. I would like to see this work in its entirety, even if it must be on the small screen of a computer or a television.

Anonymous said...

So now i am happy.moods are good because they drift away.sometimes good sometimes bad.think to live in the moment is the best thing..and neve r never let anything hurt your inner beeing whatever happens..that i think must be great if we can do it..but it is not easy and afteral we are only humans :)

iam working much too Fram.so much i sometimes does not not whatday it is..i only sleep go to work and read your post..so what am i now going to do when you take a vacation??lol..no more peek around your blog..what a disaster!!lol!!)

ok..am waiting for your last post !!
and waht funny was it you wanne say..something about baby??heheheeh..we must have sme fun agree??okki dokk..see you later wherever whenever that may be :))

Something special ....