Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ask me no questions, and I will tell you ....

Street of Dreams

I heard the sound of voices in the night
Spellbound there was someone calling
I looked around no one was in sight
Pulled down I just kept on falling
I've seen this place before
You were standing by my side
I've seen your face before tonight
Maybe I just see what I want it to be
I know it's a mystery
Do you remember me on a street of dreams
Running through my memory
On the street of dreams
There you stood a distant memory
So good like we never parted
Said to myself I knew you'd set me free
And here we are right back where we started

Something's come over me
And I don't know what to feel
Maybe this fantasy is real
Now I know I see what I want it to be
But it's still a mystery
Do you remember me on the street of dreams
Running through my memory
On the street of dreams
You are on every face I see
On the street of dreams

.... guitars, guitars, guitars ....

Something's come over me
And I don't know what to feel
Maybe this fantasy is real
Now I know I see what I want it to be
But it's still a mystery

Do you remember me on the street of dreams
Running through my memory
On the street of dreams
You are on every face I see
On the street of dreams
Tell me have you always been
On the street of dreams
Will we ever meet again my friend
On the street of dreams
Do you know just what it meant to be
On the street of dreams
Never know just who you'll see do you
On the street of dreams
You can be who you want to be oh yeah
On the street of dreams
I can hear you calling me
I can feel you haunting me
Haunting me


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Fram.And the message of the song too..Thank you very much for sharing!

I had some night mares again tonight..really awful about some aliens capturing my was soo real..i mean the alien plane and how they did look..and how they just came and took him away from me and that sad look in his eyes..and very bad me was hiding in the closet..not doing anything..They told me they would just take a look at his head,,but they could not find me because i was smarter then them hiding..ohh wee what adream i was totally shaken and neede to see if my doors wereclosed and all windows locked and my son still sleeping in his bed..ohhh..that terror attack may be has to do with it..gets kind of afraid where ever we they found a new bomb at the central station..

I think Norway will never bee the same as it was..ok..hope you have a nice day or r going away arent you??ok thanx again for nice post fram the song is very comforting:)

Wind said...


I'm sorry Anita for what happened in Oslo last week! I think that- somehow -your dream is connected with that terrorist attack...
Strange, how a city like Oslo known for the Nobel Peace Prize turned into a city of fear , terror and chaos.

Fram, 'Street of dreams' is about life itself .
Listen : 'Maybe I just see what I want it to be '....

Is about our hopes, inner fears, emotions, breakups , meetings...

Great song, thanks!

Anonymous said...

oh wind that connetcts us with everything!

thanx!Yes..i have been thinking to much about that dream..i didnt think i would get soo scared..but yes..we are..about the future..Questions like..did he have companions??Does he have more undetonied boms?he had alot of cow shit (i dont know what it is called)bought from the local shop for his tomato garden,but it in the explosion in oslo only 4 tons was explodede it possible to have a time clock on a bomb??

i dont know..

But everybody is very friendly in nice here in norway now..before they where a bit cold..but not anymore..'everybody has been influenced..because we are a small country..

Wind i think you are agreat man..a thinker..possible you have experiencd ruff times yourself since you understand what we r going trough..i only want good friendship and surround by beauty..i seek for that..

Sorry fram writing to wind on your blog.But I had to.

Fram Actual said...

It seems this is a season for dreams, Anita. I have been thinking about and discussing dreams with another dreamer this week, which is the reason "Street of Dreams" found its way to my page.

The dimensions of dreams are as varied and deep as reality itself, I think, and range from brief moments of simple escapism to, perhaps, recollections of past lives. Anyway, that is another discussion for another time.

Like Wind, my thought is that your full-fledged nightmare was the result of the bombing and shootings. Whether this man was legally and/or psychiatrically deranged will be determined. I am more bloody than Norwegian Norwegians. I think the death penalty should exist for criminals such as this man. In any case, it is almost certain he acted alone, although a "copycat" might appear in the future.

You are right in that this act will affect Norway at least for a generation, possibly two, but time heals most wounds and will ease the depth of the pain and the memories and the dreams.

Fram Actual said...

Wind, you came and you listened and you liked the song. Good. You have made me happy today.

There are a few songs, possibly even more than a few, which I think are very special, and this one is among them.

I have written here in past posts that I think the lyricists of the second half of the Twentieth Century are the equivalent of the poets of the Nineteenth Century. Not everyone would agree with that, but I would challenge anyone to point out a recent "actual poet" who can be measured against Shelley or Byron or Keats or a hundred others.

Anyway .... "Street of Dreams" is one of those songs which reaches as far into a person's soul as he wishes to allow it. Yes, the song is about life itself, and, from my point of view, it might also relate to past incarnations (real ones, I mean, not simply my nickname for my past careers).

A great song is like a great poem. It reveals not only the author's viewpoint, but the depth of the reader's/listener's imagination and personal sense of reality.

Speaking of music, Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger are together in a concert in the Twin Cities Thursday evening, unfortunately without all original members. Such an event might be worth the drive .... who can say ??

Anonymous said...

thank you Fram,,he only will be getting 30 years in prison..and soon will be out ..because we dont have prison time for the rest of the life..thats a shame i think!

Well thanx for comment back that was very good to hear..I dont know why but i do understand why you americans can keep a gun at your is for safety!

well i am going to relax and do nothing..Tomorrow I go with the train to voss, if it is safe..and good weather..I hope you are doing good in your world..greetings from norway and me:)

Kaya said...

Fram, this is a wonderful song "Street of Dreams". It touched my heart. I have been on the street of dreams so many times. I was who I wanted to be on the street of dreams and I never wanted to leave it.... And I left it at some point of my life because I had to do that.

No return to the street of dreams in the distant future if ever.

WOW!!!! One great song, one great post and my world was a little bit shattered. Very powerful song, Fram!!!!


Wind said...

Well, Anita.
A gun under a pillow is not enough to make a better or a wonderful world. So, I think that if we survive the pressure, terrorism, poverty, insolence, etc is because somewhere deep inside us , hidden -we can find this song : ' street of dreams' and a breeze of wind from Fram's patio.

Yes, I'm listening again!

Fram, as you saw / maybe/ in my posts
I use only song's lyrics...good, bad I don't know...maybe I will use this too...

I wish you all my best from a country called Romania!

Fram Actual said...

Literally millions of Americans own firearms for hunting, others participate in various forms of target shooting and, in forty-nine of the fifty states, it is possible to carry a concealed handgun, although not many people actually do this in proportion to the total population. I have such a permit and generally have a weapon in my vehicle, but do not carry one with me.

No laws could have prevented your madman from setting his bombs, but there would have been a chance that had this attack been in America, he would not have been able to shoot as many people as he did in Norway.

It is the laws that are flawed in Norway, in my opinion. They are inadequate in light of the reality of the world as it exists around us.

So, have a good journey in your homeland tomorrow, Anita. My advice is never to forget evil exists and to live with caution, but not in fear.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Kaya, I think words like wonderful and great are good words to describe the song "Street of Dreams."

We go through our lives with our dreams changing and evolving as we gain in experience and (hopefully) wisdom. It is when we are walking down the middle of the "street of dreams" and everything around us is hidden in shadows and even in complete darkness that our world ceases to serve a purpose for our lives.

If, after some time, there are no lanterns beckoning us to round a corner away from this street, then it is time to turn back and to look for the point at which we lost our way. It is either that, or continue on in the darkened street until it abruptly vanishes beneath us and we fall into an endless void.

I understand what you mean because I have been walking on a darkened street for a year, and I do not wish to fall into the endless void just yet.

So, keep your eyes open for a lantern, Kaya, or, possibly, backtrack and look for lights in the distant past to show you another street onto which to revitalize your journey.

Fram Actual said...

I am very much flattered and touched and pleased, Wind, that a breeze emanating through and from my patio is among the reasons a glimmer of light might be visible in a world swirling with "pressure, terrorism, poverty, insolence ...."

And, the street .... yes, and as I was trying to express my belief in my remark to Kaya, without the "street of dreams" in our lives, our days will disintegrate into an all-enveloping darkness from which we, as individuals, will disappear into an empty, dark, bottomless void.

It would be interesting -- possibly even fascinating -- to see the photographs that you would select to accompany this song, if you should choose to use it. Would they be similar or diametrically opposed to the photographs you used for layouts such as your "Life for Sale" series. I wonder.

My own thought is that the song, "Street of Dreams," is a song of hope and optimism, a melody which beckons, lyrics which suggest an awakening. The song leads to a place of refuge, if not of to actual sanctuary.

Life is a tangle, a maze, I think, and we each need a clear and bright "street of dreams."

Anonymous said...

Goodmorning from Norway all of you!

Wind.I agree that a gun under ou
r pillows is not enough to make a better world.It takes alot of experience and wise people.And good thinking!When the terror did attack us..we immediatly thought Al Qaida or something like that was behind it and we was very very aggresive.We soon become silent when we did know he was one of our ones.

I dare not speak out loud what many was thinking.

but however it will change our course in education politics war ect ect...As they say..we will show more democaticy!More Humanity..but never never again Nayvity(be innocent)

Still .we discuss.Why so many did get killed?Where was the defence?On a summer holiday?We didnt have money to keep those terror soldiers to protect our country?the army only 5 minutes away?Why did they wait?

Well as i think they are know only consider their pension and who of the primeministers that has to go.They know what was going on at the island but dint get there before after a hour and then those 90 was killed.they could have shoot him they say..when they saw him..but they didnt becusa from the investigationIt is real terro histories what they tell us he did!
the worst movie ever done to a human.

You know he went to usa to have his beauty operation before he did it..also went to the barber shop and had makeup done..and while he did it he was listening to loud music and was full of anabole sterorids.Nine years did he plan the attack!

He sais in 2083 peopel will be happy he did as he did..but i dont know anyting about his crusad history.I am beginning to be tired of the whole man.Wish he only will be haunted the rest of his life.

I do understand know what people do suffer in dicature states.

I agree with Fram.So much as we do the peacework we should had known this was coming sooner or later.We are or HAS BEEN to innocent a country.

ok that was alooong speak!!heehe..thanx for responding and i wish you a beautiful day in Romania!

Anonymous said...

Dear Fram.You get me away from those awful thoughts and happening!you are very relaxing and wise man.

I should like to know your education or where do you get all that wisdom from.

Thanx very much for the comment!I have only one love again in my life and i give everything of me to him.I hope he will remember a time when we are all gone to the Fólkvangr..

Yes..i will be waiting there for you when that day comes..who ever of us goes first..A Freya or Odin will always be there!

Well i sit here with my morning cofee(a must)and considering travel to voss and those old churches and son says ohh we have to??It is boring!!hahahaha..He rather wants to see the new Terminator movie.

So he turns me around his little fingers and i do whatever he wants.

Yesterday i saw this movie called Young Austin.A very sad romantic movie of two persons that loved each other soo much..but because of the time they lived in,the money ,the distance, the people..they went on the rest ot their lives alone.A sad love storie.But however they experienced real love one time and that was enough to live a whole Life for!

I wish you of all of my heart a beautiful day!Best greetings from Norway!

Fram Actual said...

I have been out of sorts and distracted today, Anita, and I am a bit overwhelmed with all the ideas you have presented here.

In fact, I should have been on a short trip either yesterday or today, but I have put it off -- until tomorrow? Until next week? I am not even sure what to do about it. Forget about it, maybe?

You see my mood now?

Anyway, my mind is drifting away from the tragedy in Norway. To be realistic, many men like this creature -- evil, cowardly, egocentric, sociopathic -- exist in the world around us. Some of them surface, as your man did, and cause their meaningless, purposeless destruction.

The public, meanwhile, ooohhhs and aaahhhs and declare how shocked and sorrowful they are, and then retreat back into their ticky-tack houses and watch "unreality" television shows.

The politicians find someone -- anyone, other than themselves -- to blame so, in the end, there is no responsibility and no accountability.

Life goes on for all but those families harmed by the madman. The public reaction is almost as pathetic as the destructive act itself.

As for tales of love and unrequited love, my mood these days is more one of a man ready to begin searching for a desert island and to spend every day diving in a blue lagoon. "Robinson Crusoe" was one of my favorite books as a boy.

Whatever .... I am in a hibernation mood this evening and feeling rather like "Bitter Bierce" -- ready to disappear into time and space. So, I apologize if I am a bit abrupt and not particularly responsive.

But, in the end, I offer many thanks for your thoughts here, Anita.

Anonymous said...

Good.Iam not
t in a very good mood masself.I dont know why!I was up to 4.30 a clock watching Jane Eyre.Me..?watching those teardripping sad love movies.??Well am into a sad love stata of mind..feeling I got love but is invisble ,not for me to reach..uff what ashit thinking!!

I like that Robinson Crusoe.Strange because me to dreamed about living as him.(who hasnt?)
But i think i would like to have a soulmate with me.Like Friday!(i mean a man with me..not a woman !uff what am i into..)

Where where you going to go these weekend?Work ,friend Family?

imust write later..Iam not awake yet and must have my morning coffe..see you later and thanx for that nice comment.

Fram Actual said...

Well, Anita, I tried writing today and my disposition darkened, so I switched to physical labor and sweated myself into a better mood. There is a distinct difference between being mentally tired and physically tired. I do not know about you, but I need to keep the two in balance.

Once upon a time, I was a pretty decent drummer. Maybe, I will take it up again to wear myself out when I begin getting overly serious about life and the world around me.

So, now, I am going to disappear from here for the weekend. Take care of yourself and stay out of mischief.

Anonymous said...


you are a very very good man!!

I adore you.

Big wishes for a good weekend my friend!!

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Anita.

The weekend was different, not so good for a while, but it ends very well. I had one Saturday and two Sundays. Life is a mystery.

Something special ....