Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day note for you -- and only you

"The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis" was painted in 1818 by Jacques Louis David. While not as well known as Cupid and Psyche or as Romeo and Juliet or as Paris and Helen of Troy, these absolute lovers also were forced to part. Eucharis was a daughter of the sea nymph Calypso, while Telemachus was the son of an ancient Greek mortal who is among the three or four most remembered today. If you do not know who that man might be, perhaps your curiosity will be stirred enough after reading this to do a bit of research. I might add that my initial thought for an illustration for this post was another painting by David (Paris and Helen of Troy), but, when I saw this piece, the woman's hairstyle and the presence of the man's second faithful companion won me over in an instant.

Happiness is being an absolute beginner

There probably have been five or six variations of this song I have posted since I entered this realm of mostly invisible individuals more than two years ago. This probably is the fourth or fifth time I have posted this particular version. I absolutely love it.

This song, without a doubt, is on my list of the five best songs ever in the era of rock and roll. I love the melody. I love the lyrics. I love the smiles and the happiness and the hopefulness that emanates from the music. I love the casual movements of the performers in this version that can only be accomplished by absolute professionals at their crafts.

Have you ever noticed that? The difference between amateurs and professionals, I mean? Experience has nothing to do with it. Age has nothing to do with it. Education has nothing to do with it. It is a god-given gift -- innate, inborn, instinctual -- which is a natural movement whether melodic or violent, whether known or unknown, whether artful or crass.

It is evident on a battlefield. Some people cannot die, and a few even realize that at some point along the way. Others know from the very beginning they cannot survive warfare no matter what they do or where they hide. It is visible on a stage. Some performers struggle and work their hearts out, but while they might achieve momentary popularity, genuine art is beyond their reach. Others open their mouths and voice of an angel emerges and their bodies move like a river flowing to the rhythm of Nature itself.

Psychiatrists might gaze within the minds of men, but they cannot understand them. Writers might describe events which have occurred, but they can only blindly speculate about what will happen tomorrow. Everyone knows that vanity is a sin, but knowing is not realization and does not slow it down.

Whether you see my point or not, or, if you do, whether you agree with me or not, is of no importance. Whether you read this or not does matter. Maybe, to you. For sure, to me.

There is a cliché to the effect that nothing is certain in life except death and taxes. It is not correct. There are a few things which are certain, like the absolute love Paris had for Helen; like the absolute perfection of Michelangelo's Pieta or David; even like the haunting, absolute truth of a rock and roll song like "Absolute Beginners."

I noticed the other day that at the site of one of David Bowie's songs, someone had written: "David Bowie is an alien." I think that possibly could be right. I think there might be a few others among us, too, but most of us are blind to their presence and are inclined to worship the momentary rather than to build upon the lasting.

Moses knew the score. And, when you have given up on mankind as I did long ago, there remains the consistency and the beauty of Nature in which to find a semblance of absolute truth.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful photo!!

andi€ have never heeard about Telemachus and Eucharis....hmmmmmmmmmmm..I must google them at once..and read your post one more time.about my post yesterday..hahhahaha..there you see..i can post shitty things aand be is good peopel are aware of what they shall comment on or not..not swallow everything as beautiful.. is 7.30 in the morning and Iam nearly awake..see you later!!!:))

Anonymous said...

one more thing..what do you think is the best cure are in love..and the love is not beeing returned?

and what is love?nothing but a dream or disaster makes one feel as a psychriatian person..hunting the love that only makes one me love is nothing but trouble..I prefer friendship.But then again can we really live without love for a beautiful person that atttracts us?

s said...

The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis...A picture is worth a thousand words.How true.The dilemma between the responsibilities of a son and the promises of a lover,expressed on the canvass with just a few strokes......

Absoluteness itself is a gift...

A memorable post

Fram Actual said...

Telemachus was the son of Odysseus and Penelope, Anita.

As for your questions, I do not know if there is such a cure. Not too long ago, I quoted Alexander Pope's line, "Hope springs eternal ...." from his "An Essay on Man." I suppose a person either hangs around and hopes, or walks away and looks elsewhere.

I know what you mean, though. Another line from Pope is, "For fools rush in where angels fear to tread ...." from his "An Essay on Criticism." Perhaps, those are the words that should be applied to the search for love.

In short, I do not know, Anita. Your questions cannot be answered in just a few sentences. Something to think about, I guess.

Fram Actual said...

So, what do we have here? Another student of the obscure? I am impressed, as the expression goes.

Yes, I suspect this dilemma is not at all uncommon, "s," and it absolutely would affect all those involved for the rest of their lives.

As for the painting. I think I am in absolute love with it. I see so much in it that reminds me of my own life. I think I will try to find a print of it so I can stare at it for hours at a time.

I also think Jacques Louis David is a marvelous painter. His type of work forms the paintings I appreciate the most.

And, yes, again: Absoluteness itself is an absolute gift.

Kaya said...

It's me again. Once you said that I can use everything what you write or say. Can I or can't?

I am going to post your thoughts about success. They are very inspirational for me because they are down to earth and right to the point.

I tried to write about myself and I found it was exceptionally boring. I like to read what others write probably more and reflect on it.

It's strange that your blog became an inspiration for me. I still don't know why....

Kaya said...

Ok, it let this comment to go through. Strange?.... I also posted another comment and it's waiting for approval. This morning promises to be "interesting" so far.....

Anonymous said...

hello Fram..I shall google that alexander popes.and read him .about love.yeah you have right.either one has to be in a dream that never will be true or just find another one.real dream.I quess..for me..not being in love.. sometimes very sad..because i need a cant just get a man just because to get a must have affection vice versa..and when you have been in love and it is not going anywhere..yeah t is quite a relief when you decide in your heart to end the feelings.But sometimes i think what we say and predict of life wisdom is hard to live up to.something in life is difficult to change.

I was to the mountain today.and took some pictures.Now i will sew and embrodiery and later watch 8 episode of pacific.May your evening and night be very good to you.Greetings from snowy and cold(Kirkenes has-40..!!)Bergen has -10

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Kaya. Pick and choose what you wish to use -- anything, anytime.

For some years, I wrote in newspapers, so I am used to being quoted and to having my writing picked up and published by other newspapers and/or individuals.

In respect to your "vanished" blogs, my primarily interest in life is observing people -- in what they do and why they do it; how they think; what they dream; who they believe themselves to be -- which is why I miss some of the things you were writing about.

Too few people express themselves openly and honestly, I think, and the blogs are an ideal place to do so because an individual is able to remain anonymous should that be his wish.

Yes, I noticed your comment on my earlier post, and I am thinking about how to respond. My system is set to require approval on posts which are more than ten days old, and that post dates back to January 31. It is a nice measure, which ensures people do not sneak comments in behind your back.

Fram Actual said...

Some of my work experience, as I assume you know, Anita, has been as a newspaper journalist.

There is much exactness to such work. An editor might say to give him a story to fit a specific space on a page -- say twelve inches. That means the story must be exactly twelve inches, not more and not less. Therefore, at times that means the writer must be creative to fill out the space. Or, at other times, he must decide what to leave out of the story to make it fit within the space.

If the editor needs the story by noon, that means the writer must complete it by noon at the latest -- not a minute after.

For better or for worse, I generally run my life that way, including my relationships with women. If things are not going the way I want them to go, at some point I will make the decision that the relationship must reach a certain level by a certain time. If it does not, then it is time for me to move along.

This might not be the best way to handle relationships (or any aspect of life), but, at least, I keep my own life under control that way.

Yes, I visited your page and saw your photographs of your journey to the mountain. Very good work, Anita.

Are you still enjoying "The Pacific?"

Anonymous said...

Goodmorning writer!!

Yes I do watch pacific but yesterday i was dissturbed by blogging ect ect..but it will come again today for those who missed it!!on tele..

What did you mean by jewelery on my post?i didnt understand that one..yes i like the jewelery from the museum..the green neclklace to have around with a nice dress--yes sir!!

Today this morning..god i am tired..was reading about the vikings Erik Den Raude and his son Leif Erikson exploring "Vinland".America((anse aux meadows ) in ca year 1200(the latest writings is from that period

God the Vikings went all over the world..Amazing!!

And did you know when one of them died what they actually did have in their grave vikingboats?wow..really amazing too..!!Especially that they did rape his woman(by 6 servants )at their tombs and then killed her with a knife and let her bury along with his large amont of horses hens dogs food ect et.They sure would not have any lack of anything on their journey to Valhall.Where Tor was waiting with his men and Valkyries.Interesting stuff and today i must read more..Have a nice day in the ice melting..Here is another day with cold uffffffff

Anonymous said...

Yes David Bowie music specially this one is very good.And.Sometimes you have interesting headlines to your posts..are you referring to someone or is it just something to go along with the reading post

Fram Actual said...

Yes, that was it. I was teasing, Anita.

I love woodlands and big water, and think mountains are beautiful, but inside any museum my interest quickly changes to gold, jewels, classical art and weaponry.

I would like to visit L'Anse aux Meadows someday. On that subject, did you know there are those who believe a party of Norwegians and Swedes reached inland America as far as present-day Minnesota in the year 1362? I mentioned it in a post I wrote a number of months ago. I, myself, own an ancient iron axe head that was found in Michigan, a few miles inland from Lake Superior, that some claim is of Viking origins.

As for the burial habits, the Viking culture existed for a few centuries and changed and evolved as time went on. The story you cite was told by an Arab who traveled with the Rus (Swedes), and who gave their name to Russia.

Chieftains have been known to have been placed in ships which were either set adrift and/or burned upon their deaths. Other chieftains were placed in burial mounds, including some mounds in which an entire ship was buried, such as the Gokstad ship in Norway.

Most of the "headlines" for my posts have more than one meaning. Many of my posts (or elements within them) do, as well. I enjoy watching, to see if anyone discovers these things and, if so, how they interpret them. It does not happen often than anyone actually does read between the lines.

Today, the melt continues for me. Good, good, good ....

Anonymous said... know very much about the vikings!!I shall read more about them from a book I rent from the library..very fascinating..they went soooooooo far..i also wonder if they came from german..ii mean the vikings..

Yes i have reflected on your headlines a long time ago but never dared to comment on them..your post is like a secret within a secret and very interesting stuff.all of it.
It is dark outside my home now.and i have to preper to go to work.thanx for interesting things you told me about the vikinhgs i will read your post once again.and copy the interesting

Anonymous said... is very special you have an ancient axe head from maybe the vikings.Think of all the things the axe had been are very lucky to have such a thing

Fram Actual said...

First, came Leif the Lucky; then, came Fram the Fortunate.

No matter what else I have been or might be or will be, Anita, I consider myself a historian before all else. A study of history provides the answers to all things. Well, almost everything.

The ancestors of the Vikings came from the south and the east of Europe. There is a credible theory they were survivors from the fall of Troy around 1200 BCE. Over the centuries, they migrated north and west. Some remained in what is modern-day Germany, others dropped off in Denmark, while still others crossed over to Sweden, and, lastly, some went into Norway. The German god, Wotan or Woden, and the Norse god, Odin, are one and the same.

I hope your night of work is going well for you.

Anonymous said... certainly know much about this..I was born norwegian but do not know half about the history..It is very interesting to learn how the world developed from the ancient times..(as from the point of view the people living in that period)it is also very fun to read what they where doing .how ,they lived they lifes at that point..Now I am reading about the secret of the Runes and how they thought about The world ,did rise as from in Ginnungap.From that empiness many creatures was born as the vikings did see it.It is a pity that when christianity came to europe most of the Vikings belivfs and treasures was destroyed.I also search for those great vikings graves here in my community..but it seems they are most in sogn or in the bryggen Museum.

I also went for a walk today,just to have some fresh cold air in my brain and later return to work again.
I hope your day will be a nice one :))

Fram Actual said...

From my point-of-view, Anita, the religion of the Old Norse contained more logic and even more science than does Christianity. I will let it go at that for now.

Here is a sort of unrelated footnote just for the fun of it. About forty miles or so from where I am is the town of Northfield. There are two reasons it is better known (in my opinion) than most small Minnesota communities. One is that it is the home of St. Olaf College and its superb choirs. The college, of course, is named for the king of Norway who forced his earls to accept Christianity under penalty of death. The other is that the bank was once held up by famous outlaws: Jesse and Frank James, the Younger brothers and a few other lesser associates. I think members of the James gang did less damage during their collective lives than King Olaf did during his life.

As for my day, it included a trip to the dentist, but the snow still melts.

Anonymous said...

what a nice place that city Northfield is..i googled it and it is just like my town Bergen!!also that Northfield Chateau is very beautiful castel..and the old guns from jesse and the gang ..wonderful..i watched their movie a long time a go..when i was a little girl..i was amazed by a woman therein the movie because she had a little brown nevi at her butt..and i do the same..Strange..nevwermind that was out of the record..but a good movie it was!!

Strange about the dentist..i was awakened by a telefphonecall early in the morning ..well early and early ,12 o clock is early when you have worked all night..Yes it was the dentist calling.".Lady we are waiting for you!!"" no dentist for me but for next week.

Well i have some hours left to work ,tonight,but after this i have free time a whole week,,and thats good..that means alot of good naps, walks, food,music, books, and ect ect..Hope you are enjoying your night!!:)

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita, Northfield is a beautiful little town, with two notable colleges, which are difficult to imagine in a place so small. The downtown shopping area is picturesque, and the Cannon River, which flows through it, is a sweet canoe stream. Yes, I have been on it.

Every year, there is a reenactment of the Jesse James bank robbery. One year, I saw it as a reporter. It was fun to witness, but difficult to photograph. Everyone rode off in different directions.

As you might have gathered, I am not a fan of St. Olaf, but the college bearing his name once was home to my favorite novelist, Ole Rolvaag, who wrote a number of masterpieces including "Giants in the Earth," about Norwegian settlers on the prairies of Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Whatever .... life is wandering in the present while dreaming of the past and planning for the future. That is a marvelous sentence, is it not? And accurate, too .... at least, for me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Ole Edvart Rølvaag..i think i has known and read something of his" Verdens Grøde" as we call it here in norway..i will look for his books on the library today..

yes the town Northfield is a little beauty..I think there are many such nice towns in america:))
About dreams.i dont dream of the past but may be the future i have some thoughs..i hope we both will have and find some happiness in it..By the way..where are you staing now?..well i have to begin my day ,that is grey and chilly here in my town.

Anonymous said...

I got the book today!!the..Giants in the Earth..!!:))

thanx for the link!Iam very happy!!

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita. In America, "Giants in the Earth" is considered Ole Rolvaag's greatest work. I began re-reading it at The Lake House last autumn, but have not returned to it since I left there.

I have read some of his other novels, and my next favorite among his works is "The Boat of Longing."

I guess I have not mentioned it publicly, but I will be staying in this townhouse in March and April and, probably, May. I received a message from the owner last Sunday simply stating I could stay here as long as I wished. He gave no explanation, and, simply, I do not care what the reason. My assumption is that staying here will make the next few months a bit easier for me.

Anonymous said...

hello!!today was very busy for know kids,,they want to go every where in their free time..

i took him with me to the lake just to let him view other things that computers..and tomorrow i will take him to the Rosenkrantztårn .a museum in this town..sorry about writing about him but he is a great deal of my life soo..soo it is..

So you can stay a little bit longerin the town house.?.that is nice..So you can relax a bit..since you have mentione that it is 4o miles from Northfield i quess it is beautiful place where you stay right now..I hope it will be a good time for you.

I have read 10 pages of the Giants..and will read more on the bed..It is a very big book.But nice.Very similar to the The Setllers could belive the movie is taken from that book..

Now.i will relax on the sofa with a movie.An old time movie.Fried Green tomatoes..and then strictly to bed afterwards. no internet.Only relax and have it nice.Thank you for responding .It means a great deal to me.Have a good evening:)

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita. A child is an integral part of a mother's life, and there is absolutely no reason not to mention him whenever you wish to do so. Speaking of family, I will be writing a post about my grandfather in a few days.

It seems your town has many museums.

Yes, I will stay here for two or three more months, but, no, I do not think this is beautiful country. It is mostly farm land, which, to my eyes, ruins the appearance of the land.

I think I will search for a film to watch during my evening, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi!!..the museum today was great!!God those prison holes where 10 poor people was closed in for about one year without light before they ewas executed was just horror..!!But it was a very good visit,,(and do you know the tourist really did shit on the toilet of King Lagabøte?Recently?God people are strange!!)although i am afraid of the hights aI did go out on the top of the tower..i will upload photoes after writing here.i also got exited about the book of Rolavaag..iam now there where all the cows has disapeared..and looking forward to continue..

also looking forward to your new posting..I will come back later .

About usa..i think it is a great land..and specially Minnesota..i could lived there in a small town..It is beautiful:))

Fram Actual said...

I have visited your presentation of your castle excursion, Anita, and think your photography is beautiful and your tower a wonderful place to explore.

As for the tourist's rather crude gesture made while visiting the castle, I would guess "it" must have been an American who falls into the category of being so dumb he does not realize he is dumb. An individual to be pitied, in other words -- then, thrown into the pit.

You make me feel guilty for not having continued reading "Giants" yet. Sooner or later.

The way things are shaping up, I probably will be residing in a house about twenty miles from downtown Minneapolis this summer, and it will become my "base camp" for the next year or two or three.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm hum..thT SOUNDS VERY GOOD,,spending time in Minneapolis..!!.Iam very eager to hear about that location and house..You are sooo lucky..and you probably know it..!!))

Thank you for visiting my blog ..yesterday was really fascinating..i really could feel those old soldieres with their swords coming up and down the stairs..

But today is a new day..kind of boring..think i will just sit in the sun and have a springtan)))

Hope yo do good today:)

Peggy said...

Greetings from Toronto, Fram.

Fram, spent a long time over several visits with this blog. It is a full meal blog for sure and it took me a long time to taste its many courses, especially considering all the commentary that accompanied it... Food for the eyes (I like the blissful state of mind depicted in the painting), food for the ears (I love Bowie and Absolute Beginners is a classic) and food for thought (Professionals not only require talent but almost always also have developed the discipline of practice to become really skilled).

I also read with interest Anita's comments relating to love = "not being in love.. sometimes very sad..because i need a cant just get a man just because to get a must have affection vice versa". Anita, I understand these thoughts entirely because that is exactly where I am mentally at the moment. *sigh* Valentine's Day after effects, no doubt.

Lastly, I enjoyed the bit of Viking history and some geography (L'Anse aux Meadows) as well! My Mother was born in Newfoundland and so it is a place of special interest for me.

Glad to hear that you are able to stay at your townhouse for a while longer. And you have scouted out a new spot as well to move to in the summer - very good, things are falling in place!



Fram Actual said...

Minneapolis and St. Paul are pretty boring from my point of view, Anita, but will do for the time being. I am interested in seeing new places and doing new things, not repeating the "same old." But, it is my destiny at the moment, I guess.

The story of today for me has been snow and more snow and still more snow. I would rather be working on a tan, too, like you.

Fram Actual said...

It is good to read that I scored a "hat trick" with the painting, the music and the words, Peggy. Your thoughts cause the sunshine to reach between and beyond the snow flakes.

I think I will refrain from commenting any more about love and Valentine's Day other than to say love is what makes life interesting, but also very, very complicated.

Ah, yes, the Vikings. I would not be surprised if a few did not sail on Lake Ontario right past the view that you have from your windows. A thousand years or so ago, that is. I really would like to tour Newfoundland.

It will be nice to be out of this townhouse, but better to make the move a couple of months from now rather than at the end of February, especially with the nasty weather which continues to cling to Minnesota.

Well, Peggy, it was nice to see you in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...


yes love is difficult..i dont understand it at all..!!..Glad you like the (L'Anse aux Meadows..New foundland must be a beautiful place!!

Something special ....