Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just hanging out here & there

Point 1: When people ask me what I do, my reply frequently is this: "Hang out." It is interesting, sometimes even fascinating, to see the expression that follows my answer, and occasionally someone will come back with a clever or a sly response.

Point 2: Occasionally, I play around with photographs of shadows. Sometimes, the result is not exactly what was expected, and is not realized until it is possible to actually view the finished photo. This photo is one such sort of a surprise.

Point 3: As brief, dull and obtuse as this piece is, it, too, is Part 1 of 2, the next to follow in a day or two or three ....

stanzas 138 & 139
from the "Poetic Edda"

I know that I hanged on a windy tree
nine long nights
wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin,
myself to myself,
on that tree of which no man knows
from where its roots run.

No bread did they give me nor a drink from a horn
downward I peered;
I took up the runes, screaming I took them,
then I fell back from there.

Send me an angel

Three reasons I like Gdansk, Poland:

It is by the sea.

The spark which ignited the explosion that brought an end to the Soviet Union originated here.

Its residents have excellent taste in music.


Anonymous said...

Hei Fram!!

it is a nice post you have.i like very much that from Havamål.The ancients Gods.They sure live in our hearts .

The photo!!!Very good heeh heeh!!It is actually 2 shadows of you right?!One large and one more little..

Scorpions are always the best in stormy hearts nights..I undestand why you like Polend now.When are you moving?

Iwas in the woods today in these terrible weather.and of course i got lost in there..Wandering around and around for hours..uffff..

We are expecting extremly high rainfall and bad weather tonight so best not stay on the computer..Have a good time..Looking forward to your next post.

Fram Actual said...

Well, two shadows of me? Maybe. It could be one is me and the other is Fram the First, although spirits are not known for casting a shadow. Or, it could be White Bear standing there, and it is his shadow you see. I guess I am just not certain.

I will visit Poland again, but not live there, it appears.

Thank you, Anita, for the visit and the comment. Life is strange, is it not?

Anonymous said...

Life is strange?Hmmm.

I think it is not.

It is like you want it to be.

Everything is there for a purpose.

and everything in the right time.

you needed this space of time

About love and friendship

i think

It need a good exposy glue mixed with other ingridents before it will harden into a lasting bound

Falling in love or romance(that is highly attractive in our lives..we want it, we need it..witout it we feel lost?)

I dont belive in romancing will last..it is a extreme passion.Based on fantasy,unattainable.It only leed to frustration.For me It is not a positive thing .

Good friendship and love based on mutal respect,compassion and understading the underlying effects of our personality .I like.

Why do you think life is strange?

Fram Actual said...

Your words reflect considerable wisdom, Anita.

To respond to your question, life is strange, I think, because, as the friendly neighborhood bard said after his first drink:

"The course of true love never did run smooth ...."

But, by his tenth drink, said this:

"As flies to wanton boys are we to th' gods,
"They kill us for their sport."

October always has been a cruel month for me. That, in itself, I think, makes (my) life strange because it defies the law of averages.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

I hope and wish October run easely for you.Dont look so much back.Think Fram.

May you have a good Wednesday .

Anonymous said...

As flies to wanton boys are we to th' gods,
"They kill us for their sport."

i like that one :)

Fram Actual said...

Think Fram. Yes, Anita. Think Forward. Very clever.

October once was my favorite month, but due to a series of misfortunes, I came to dread its arrival. Who knows, possibly the wheel has turned and it will be good to me and for me once again.

I suppose I should not mock the gods. Better to be invisible in their presence.

Anonymous said...

October is a beautiful month.Iwas born in October.

If you had misfortunes or pain.Try to accept the things that made you suffer.We people always seek happiness.We dont want to feel pain or dissatisfaction.But the most normal day to day is full of it.And the conditions that give rise to happiness and joy are comparatively rare.I think as long as we view suffering, bad luck, or whatever misfortune as an unatural state,an abnormal condition that we fear,avoid and reject,we will never uproot the causes of pain or suffering. And begin to live a happier life .

So if you see the bad things from different angels.And for the future be prepared for bad things do happen..it really will not give you such much headache and problems ,then you can fix.They will not be overwhelming.After all we are only a body soon becoming to dust..so why be so sorrow of life?(Yes I know it shows MY thinking)

I think your wheel of fortune is changing.One part of the travel is over.Another to begin.And the stream is turning.

Anonymous said...

Sorry long post.

wish you a good weekend :)

Fram Actual said...

October seems to be a month of births and of deaths among more than a few in my life and, because it also marks the death of the growing season in northern climes, it seems like the most frightening month of the year to me.

I probably would not dispute anything you wrote, Anita, but I am a superstitious man, which means I feel things in this sense probably more than most do. I also have a very long memory, so significant events in my life and when they happened never escape my thoughts.

No doubt, either, as you suggest, that I am entering into another stage of my life which is different from my past in some key respects. It will be interesting to see where this path leads.

Never apologize for a lengthy post. As I have said before, I like writing long and reading long, and I like comments which reveal a person's "thinking."

Anonymous said...

I argee that how the world is outside ,influence the way we are, has been and will be inside of us.How it forms us depends on our personality.From birth and childhood.And everything is in change..like the blood running in our vains,like the cells producing and producing every minute,never to stop before death.So i think life is to.Aways in a change.

I have many regrets in life.Many things i have done wrong or could be done better.But since i am a human and think in these life everything is an learning process to hopefully become a better person.I have learned that it is no use complaining about the past.What has happened has happened.Neither me or the dead people i never can do it good for again has benefit of it. Yes I have learned.

It is nice to see you viewing yourself from outside yourself.That is a very interesting process if you can hold into it.And it means you have come a long way in your thinking.

To be superstituious for me is only anxity,frightness.No good.But i understand you if you have experienced alot of things in the same month f.ex.You may think as Pavlov did to his dogs..it will happen again.But it really is a trick to disturb your mind.

Me to is interested in where your path leads.I see you writing, beeing with good friends.Love waits.Or love grows with friendship.Iam leaving you to find out for yourself where to go the next months..even the wisest of wisest can not see it.Only you.

Thank you for not beeing disturbed by long post...It is a time when darkness fills the days.Not evil darkness.But a warm one.One you can see when it is dark out and the lights are on in the little houses..The little homes and family.I love to watch it.Time for reflections .

I wish for you a good Friday.


Fram Actual said...

It seems like the end of August or early September all over again, Anita. You are the only one keeping me company every day. October must be a time of silence for many people.

Right now, I am looking out a window as I type here on the computer. Someone has bought the small house next door, and family members are busy acclimating themselves to a new home and to the lake. It appears to be a middle-aged couple with three children. It is both fun and funny to see them. Full of enthusiasm about their new life, they certainly are, but a bit strange, too.

One thing about spending five or six weeks (so far) at the Lake House is that I have started thinking once again about having my own house far away from any town, atop a hill and by water.

Yes, I do like long posts and long comments. I like it when people express their beliefs and opinions. I like it when people are honest and open up their hearts. That is the way I learn here and, if I did not learn here, I would not remain here for long.

I always like to view from the outside, even view myself that way when I am able. I am an observer by nature; a hunter looking for the perfect shot; a reporter looking for a unique story among endless tales of trivia; a lawman looking for the truth among lies; a lonely man looking for a woman he can trust and talk with about anything and everything.

I also enjoy being superstitious, and probably would not allow myself to be if I did not enjoy it. My sense of self-discipline is excellent, and I could put superstitions into the same box as I once put cigarettes and throw them away if I had a reason to do so.

From one of the remarks you made, I take it you do not believe the dead can see the living and witness their deeds or know their feelings. I have a sense that they do, and I am not certain if that sense came from the church I grew up in or from somewhere else. But, it is present in me. The dead among my family and those I have known walk beside me every day. It would be interesting to write a post about that, but unless others comment, it would serve no purpose.

Thank you, Anita, for following along this path among the blogs and for being interested enough to comment.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have noticed there is very calm at your blog..May be they are busy in their daily life.As you said before.October is a monthe when thing can happen.Not only in nature but in peoples life too.Iam sure they will come back to you..just wait and see..

Yesterday Iwas thinking about your blog.It has a red thread on it.Love.Looking for love.Sad love.Hoping for love.Where are you love..Ihave these feeling you are speaking to a woman you once knew and had a romance with.

I cant understand if she is not answering you about your desire for her..i dont understand why you not give her up and find another one..Love come from the same source and many are seeking it..Iam sure you would find someone who is perfect for you if you just turn the angel about the wish..

Why I like you and write to you ?

You have so many things similar to mine.Moving.Many different homes.Always wondering whats next in some months or a year..And I like your thinking..You seems good at forgive everything bad that happens to you.Or let it slightly go away as a mild brezze.It dont influenze the inner person of you.You know friendship and love can go away in just a little mistake..a wrong saying..a slight little change in the situation,something that makes you angry.Then i think human minds often changes into the concept of that he isnt good or is not longer my lover..I think love tingled with attachment to want to contol the other is no good.It is no love at all.But so are we humans..alot of feelings!!!

Anonymous said...

You are wrong about thinking I do not belive the dead can see our thinkig and feelings.Indeed i know alot about those things.But if it is not necessary, I leave the dead alone in their peace or their wandering.It is heir lifes and must be fulfilled even after death.You know death(as I see it)is just another stage in human developing.But that is my view,And where I was raised and the many religions I was grown up with has influenzed me and helps me in my daily life and to grow as human.

From your belives you where grown up with, i think ,you will belive if the deads are spaking to you or not.

For me.Yes.I talk with the nearest ones .If i need help or just feeling lost.All the bad thing I did or think I did,the sorrow of being such a bad person and can not do anything about it now(because they are dead)..Only try to fulfill the dead ones wish in life.

I could tell very much about this.But not here in the open blog of seas.I think you understand.Something are not made for all to see.

It could be very interesting to learn your view from it..and many others..So it is up to you publish or not..

About your little beautiful dream of a house on the hilltop by a lake.So beautiful dream.

I can smell the fresh air..the sunset..the long walks..the dogs are barking..No confusien only peace and daily life.Man and woman happy together.Good friends visiting.Good food..the list of my thinking of that dream is endless..I wish for you it will come true..

Good saturday :)

Fram Actual said...

Since the very beginning of this blog, Anita, I have said that while I did not necessarily expect it, it was entirely possible this page or my explorations among other pages on the sea of blogs might lead to a relationship and to the discovery of a companion.

I have said very clearly, very distinctly, that I do not like living alone, and that is especially true in the Winter. The last Winter I was at my "Sanctuary / Refuge," I was alone and it was a harsh, cold, snowy Winter. It could have been enjoyable to be snowed in with someone you love; it was no fun to be alone.

As for the "woman (I) once knew and had a romance with," I cannot provide an answer to that question, that thought, because my heart and my head do not always agree with one another. Time will reveal all answers.

I liked reading about what you feel are our similarities. I think you are pretty much right about them.

I do have a flash temper, but it also is gone in a flash. I will say words in anger. But, I usually do not mean them. I try not to attack anyone in a personal context by calling them insulting names, but I sometimes fail at that. I have a very long memory, but I cannot and do not hold on to anger. I can shun people who have hurt me, but I cannot hold a grudge or feel hatred.

Sometimes the absence of hatred in me causes me to wonder if I am mistaken when I believe that I am in love. Can there be one if the other does not exist in a person?

As for feeling the influence of family and friends who are gone from the Earth, I think I will leave that topic alone for now. Yes, maybe I will write about it in a post, maybe not.

I am glad I had the family that I did when I was a child. I also am glad that I had the religion I did then, even though I abandoned it when I grew older. It is not necessary to believe an idea or a concept or the words of another person in order to hold them in respect, and to take part of your life from them.

Anonymous said...

Hello Fram.

I really dont know about all those feelings hate and love one in same.

may be you should explain it to me..

right now i am very sleepy at work and only thinking to sleep at my own arm..

think it is very cute to spend or to be snowed in with the one you love..must be such a beautiful feeling of joy..I already see them playing..

Psss...what did i say?didnt your friends come back to you very quickly?? :):)

I was sitting here in the backroom watching you..and had a good time.

Friends is good to have :):)

Have a beautiful sunday))

Fram Actual said...

Love & Hate.

What I said, Anita, (or, at least, was trying to say) is that I have never hated anyone in my life. All right. Now, love is the direct opposite emotion/whatever of hate. So, what I asked in my last comment was this: If I am not capable of hating, am I capable of actually loving? Do they not balance each other on some manner of scale?

I assume most people would say, yes, it is possible to love even if you are incapable of hating. But, thinking about it, I wonder. That is all.

I suppose it is cute to be snowed in with the one you love until it is time to go outside and start shoveling. Girls usually do not like to shovel snow.

Yes, friends are good to have .... and, I hope you are able to enjoy a happy, pleasant Sunday, too.

Anonymous said...

The philosofy of love and hate,

I think the born of those emotions comes from long ago.Way back to childhood and so on as we grew up.It is natural feelings in humans.They try very much to cope with it..specially anger and hate..that is the most destructives and buildings emotions we have.

I think everybody has hated.It has to do how you understand anger and hate..How can we feel love and be ggod if we havent experienced those feelings?

In life i think we have to cope with all those things every day..No one is perfect.It is to understand all this that can help us..i think..and discuss it with others with an open mind.We have alot to learn!!

As for you and your question you ask.."how can i love when i never have experienced hate" have to ask yourself about what is love?What is hate ?anger?(i have a strange feeling they belongs together)

Many think a romance is love.And when sex and passion goes away..they think..Heiii..love is gone..but if they only try to be in that state of confusion a bit they will see love has many states and forms..and becomes more deeply and very very good.

About the wintertime and catching snow from the ground.I think the couple will find out of it,,they do it togetehr yes?

I am very tired still. Have to go to work again these night..May be it is a piece of shit i wrote now..but who cares..i only like to discuss things and learn learn learn..to be stupid sometimes is a good thing too.

Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Hello!!hihihihi..this still is open.!!!!

Ok..i have said goodbye to you many times..but this time i think will be the last one..wasnt there a song like that..this will be the last time i dont know why??

I hope it is not me tiptoing on your feet..i never ment so..but i dont think so..because we had fun sometimes didnt we..

Goodbye Framboy It was nice to meet you..take care..

Fram Actual said...

I am not certain whether to laugh or to cry. I came to write a return comment, and see you have left two for me to respond to, Anita. The second one makes me sad.

Anger, yes, I would acknowledge that, and jealousy and love and sorrow and many other emotions, and that they do stem back to childhood, and that people either gain control of them or they do not as they are growing up.

However, I would deny that everyone knows how to hate, and I would insist that I do not. Perhaps, I would come to it if a particular tragedy struck someone in my family or someone who I otherwise love. In any case, I do not believe I ever have hated anyone or anything to this point of my life.

I also believe good and evil exist in the world, both inside some individual humans and outside them as a non-corporal force or entity. Some people, I believe, simply are born evil, while some few others are born with a sort of grace or goodness within them. In my particular case, neither applies, but I also know what I am capable of doing in a sense of my own judgment and/or belief of right and wrong.
I never have confused romance and sex and love. Of course, there still is time for me to do so, I suppose. Depending upon what day of the week it is (trying to be funny there), I might define love as a willingness to die for another person. I have felt that, and romance and sex had nothing to do with it.

I am not certain what you meant with your remark about snow and, yes, to be stupid sometimes is a good thing. I just hope it is not catchy.

Fram Actual said...

Now, for your second comment last night, Anita.

The world does not revolve around you, and not everything I say or do necessarily has anything to do with you. I was not blocking you or locking down my blog. I just want to minimize my time with it for a while, and not think about what other people think.

Say goodbye, if you wish, but make up your mind. Yes, we had fun. Sometimes you were the only one who visited me here, and I never forget things like that. You have earned a place within me forever. Just do not be sad or make me sad in the process. You take care of yourself, and do not think about me. I have a right arm than can handle anything and everything in this world, and, maybe, in the next.

Now, this is my last comment on this particular post, so let it go ...

Anonymous said...
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Something special ....