Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It is time now for autumn's song

It is not a castle and it is not by Lake Superior, but it is a very nice house and it is across a country lane from a very nice lake, and it will have to do for me for September and, probably, for October. As you can see, it was a bright, sunny day here.

Maybe, eyes shall see a path from the lake house

I lied. Not intentionally. But, I said there would be no house at a lake for me this autumn. That was Friday, after I had decided against one I had looked at in the afternoon. Saturday evening, I spotted another one for lease for the winter. I wrote an email: "Do you want to make some money during September and, maybe, October. If so, rent it to me, and you have two months to find a winter renter and guaranteed cash in the meanwhile." He went for it. Most people do, when a few dollars are at work.

As for me, at the risk of being labeled indecisive, Sunday afternoon I rented this house by a lake in southern Minnesota. I now have it leased through the end of October and, in all likelihood, will be there for the duration.

It is as I said a few days ago. Neither my heart nor my mind is in the mood for traveling right now. Four months ago, I had hopes and expectations that, by the end of August, I would have a plan. Now, I am hoping that this will be the case by the end of October.

This will be the fifth apartment, townhouse or house I have lived in this year, and since November and December will come around after my lease here expires, who can say how many will form the year-end total?

One negative feature about my new, temporary home is that neither cable television (it does have a dish antenna) nor cable, high-speed internet is available. Therefore, I am going to be aground and unable to sail upon the sea of blogs for at least a few days, which probably is a good thing for me.

Neither is there a landline telephone. I am thinking about having one installed for these two months and utilizing either the old-style landline modem or DSL. If anyone has any suggestions or comments or thoughts about these techniques, or some specific form of WiFi system, I would appreciate hearing them.

Add to this that I have not found the time to sit down with my recently-acquired Blackberry to learn how to utilize email with it. I suppose I should move that toward the top of my to-do list. It seems I am fated to revisit life and times as it existed in the stone age of communications -- a mere thirty years ago.

Finally, I suppose I might as well say it. Most importantly, the house will have no woman within it.

Anyway, sometime around 9:30 a.m. Central Daylight Time, USA, on Tuesday, August 31, 2010, I expect to become invisible for a day or two or more. Perhaps, all eyes shall see all things by the time September and October have come and gone.


TheChicGeek said...

Quick, find your local chapter of Internet Anonymous! You are going to need help! LOL
You can write pretty letters like the days of old. Letter writing is a lost art form, isn't it?

The cottage is sooooooooo pretty! I believe you will be happy there :)
Enjoy, Fram!
Love from the West Wind,

TheChicGeek said...

Oooo, such a beautiful song. It reminds me of a restaurant I go to here in L.A. They actually play this song there. It is a beautiful place with an outdoor patio. Very romantic :)
Good Luck, Fram!
Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Soooo..beautiful..!!!i think you will have alot of nice things on that place..It really ..says.."come into my house..i will give you peace love laugh and life!!."

.Iam very curious to what there is to be there(because I have experienced houses--look very nice..but the f..it was terrible to live there..and when i did some resurch it was terrible things that had happened there in earlier times..)..But this one seems to have sunshine on it..and thats good for you..i could have lived in such a house that for sure!!Very romantic!!!I wonder what Ben & Benny says now?

About internett.you must learn the blacburry!!!It is easy!!..When i was in Cypros..many times in isolated places..I still had the internet on the phone..i went to read news every day.,blogs,Fb..whatever.. ..very nice!!

If we dont see you in a while ..you must have good luck and remebere we all are thinking of you..

Nice song too..I steal it as always the best from you!!Bye Bye Fram!!:))

Kaya said...

Fram , it is a nice and beautiful place. I double-clicked on the picture and I liked this house even more. And it is so green there and a beautiful tree in front of the house. I hope you and Benny will have a good time in this place.

I also hope that you will not disappear for a long time. Day or two is good but no longer.... I don't know anything about Blackburry, but it sounds good. I hope you soon will be connected to the world.

Ok, I have to be honest and say that I am learning how to steal your videos. They are so good as usual. Andrea Boccelli is one of my favorite singers. I have a few CDs at home with his records.

Fram, I will be patiently waiting for your reappearance on Internet.

Anonymous said...

hi a Kays..wherever you go i go..hahah..you write soo funny!!Great!..i just woke up from a very good nap..I love good naps..and was dreaming alot nice dreams..and when in the middle of awaking and dream there was this man again looking at me..wow I said..not again?!..but iam not afraid of him anymore and ask him if he wanted a cup of tea or something ..he always then disappears hahahaha..God i feel waco waco!!!but laughing!!..you know kays you are soo nice a woman..and i totally agree with you Horray for Fram..and we all wish him to come back soon,,very soon.Ok!time for me for my daily walk in the woods!!..wonder what Fram is doing?

Peggy said...

I like it. What a charming looking place! It looks very warm and inviting. Lucky you!

Thank you for the wonderfully romantic song. I have listened to it a couple times now. So many have done that song so well, but this one with Andrea Bocelli and his Fiancee is perfect.

Fram Actual said...

Greetings, all, from
Mr. Blackberry.

This is slow-w-w-w.

Later ....

TheChicGeek said...

Mr. Blackberry, I'm laughing so much right now! Your comment popped up on my Blackberry...I knew you couldn't make it!!! LOL :)

Go out and have some fun!!! :))

You make me laugh so much :)
Love You,

A Cuban In London said...

It's a great place in which to hide your fur now that autumn's approaching.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

Kelly ....

Give me a few days to adjust to these "new (to me) systems" -- pretty please? By the way, I have christened my Blackberry as WhiteBearRee, and it still is Greek to me.

I now have VZAccess (Verizon) for internet access. In theory, I should be able to find a signal anywhere my cell phone is able to find one. We shall see. The salesman was right about one thing, though. It is not nearly as fast as cable high-speed.

Yes, the place is nice, very nice -- even beyond nice.

Fram Actual said...

Anita ....

Sooner or later (maybe), I will expand my knowledge and my use of my WhiteBearRee (Blackberry), but give me time.

This place is really nice, and all the feelings which emanate from it are good. I began to start falling in love with the house last night. While it has an old look to it in style and construction, the house actually is only four years old, so it is still new and young and happy.

Fram has mostly been working, in answer to your comment -- moving out and moving in ....

Fram Actual said...

Kaya ....

Everything is green around here. It has been a very wet summer, and August especially has been hot and humid and good for plants to grow.

Yes, it is a very nice house and easy to like/love. It also is a very expensive house, at least in my eyes.

My disappearance was only a matter of procrastination on my part trying to decide what means I should use to connect with the internet since high-speed cable is not available out here by the lake. It takes me forever plus infinity to type a sentence on a Blackberry, so I need a "real computer" with a keyboard to do my "talking."

Fram Actual said...

Peggy ....

I guess I can only repeat what I have said earlier about his house. It has everything (except television reception until Friday), is beautiful and is located in a quiet, peaceful, unhurried setting.

Just a while ago, I sat out on the front porch and had a mini-picnic: Blue Nun wine, a beef sandwich and potato salad. Then, I went in the backyard, and sat in the sun with a tomato beer and read for a while. What a life, hah?

Fram Actual said...

CiL ....

I have been hiding from you this summer, in a sense. I visit your page periodically, but I have not left any comments. My mind has not been working well enough to think of witty remarks to make, and I have been very distracted.

Yes, it is a great hideout here, but I think I might find another about the time the snow begins to fall in earnest. Do not be a stranger, and I will not be, either.

TheChicGeek said...

Fram, no worries and no response necessary...I know you Ancients have trouble with modern technology...LOL
I just laughed so much when your comment popped up. We cannot keep Fram away from his computer :)
I couldn't resist playing with you... :)

Awwww, the place sounds terrific!!! I am so happy you love it :)
I am sooooooooooooo jealous!!! You are truly a blessed man! You know, I bet that place is so cozy and wonderful covered in snow too :)
Enjoy your time, follow your dreams and you will find the key to all things! Actually, I believe you already have :)
Love and Hugs,

Fram Actual said...

Hey, blondie. I am proud of the fact that I was the first kid on my block to have a personal computer. I also am proud of the fact that I was the last kid on my block to have a cell phone. Times change, people change, beliefs change. So, what am I trying to say? I have no idea.

Anyway, maybe I will pick up a few "apps" (what a gross word); maybe I will not. All right. I will be quiet for a while now. But first, have you seen any good films recently?

Also, I am going through all my keys to see if I have the one marked "all things."

TheChicGeek said...

Shall I break into song? "Call me, Call me any time...lalala, or maybe Rapture...." LOL I am sure she sang those in her recent concert :)

No movies that have knocked by socks off....I could use a little knocking off of the socks :)

And as for the keys, "all things" is a very precious key...almost an invisible key. You must be diligent in your search for that magic...

Love from The Blonde Keymaster :))

Something special ....