Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The season of my continuing confusion & my contradiction: Will Summer bring to me what Winter did not?

Claude Monet Painting on His Studio Boat (1874) by Edouard Manet


By Amy Lowell (1912)

Some men there are who find in nature all
Their inspiration, hers the sympathy
Which spurs them on to any great endeavor,
To them the fields and woods are closest friends,
And they hold dear communion with the hills;
The voice of waters soothes them with its fall,
And the great winds bring healing in their sound.
To them a city is a prison house
Where pent up human forces labour and strive,
Where beauty dwells not, driven forth by man;
But where in winter they must live until
Summer gives back the spaces of the hills.
To me it is not so. I love the earth
And all the gifts of her so lavish hand:
Sunshine and flowers, rivers and rushing winds,
Thick branches swaying in a winter storm,
And moonlight playing in a boat’s wide wake;
But more than these, and much, ah, how much more,
I love the very human heart of man.
Above me spreads the hot, blue mid-day sky,
Far down the hillside lies the sleeping lake
Lazily reflecting back the sun,
And scarcely ruffled by the little breeze
Which wanders idly through the nodding ferns.
The blue crest of the distant mountain, tops
The green crest of the hill on which I sit;
And it is summer, glorious, deep-toned summer,
The very crown of nature’s changing year
When all her surging life is at its full.
To me alone it is a time of pause,
A void and silent space between two worlds,
When inspiration lags, and feeling sleeps,
Gathering strength for efforts yet to come.
For life alone is creator of life,
And closest contact with the human world
Is like a lantern shining in the night
To light me to a knowledge of myself.
I love the vivid life of winter months
In constant intercourse with human minds,
When every new experience is gain
And on all sides we feel the great world’s heart;
The pulse and throb of life which makes us men!


Anonymous said...

My Visonary friend!!!your back!!!
thanx for lovely posts!!!
A hug and a kiss from norway!!:))))))

Katy said...

Ah Fram. Or Fram the Psychic, as I may have to dub you from now on.

How bizarre that you should leave a message on my blog today - what with me having made up my mind this very morning to re-start my adventures in blog-land today (after almost a year away - goodness!!), and also the day on which I have started a new job.

There is much catching up to be done, and I will beging again this evening.

Lovely to hear from you, hope all is well with you, wherever you are!


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